The New Girl Prologue


{ She’s a trouble maker}

Written by Muhammed Mulikat Munay Berry


Have you come across a trouble maker before? Nah I don’t think you have met Skyler.

She’s a crazy trouble maker who has a thing for mischief.

Folks call her beautiful trouble.

Skyler Cortez is pretty trouble who derive joy in making trouble with everyone.

She is an award-winning boxer.

She has gone to juvenile like countless times for making trouble. her parents are tired of her.

Transferred from one school to another. Well, south Korea became her last bus stop.

Things changed when she got into trouble with Kim Taehyung school most handsome dude.

He never speaks to anyone, cold hearted not moved by anything he’s introverted yet feared by everyone except one person. SKYLER CORTEZ

She was the first person that got into his bad book. What will happen between this two.

Meet jungkook, Taehyung younger brother, he’s the biggest womanizer in school.

Second most handsome dude after tae first meeting with Skyler was trouble.

He suddenly wanted to have her by all means..

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