The Mystery Of Love Episode 34


Lucas Pov
I noticed Linda, she has been feeling sick ever since we told her about her Mom’s death. So that morning i took her to the hospital, Henry’s injury was getting better, we all drove to the hospital.

Andrew left earlier that morning, Henry asked him where he was heading to, but he only told everyone that he will soon be back, so he left on his own . i drove to the hospital.
Andrew Pov
That morning i was fully prepared for the operation, I woked up around 5am. I knew the operation will be difficult though i had my plans and i never intended to give any traces, I believed i could do anything by myself, this has been my motivation ever since i lost my family, I have killed many so i didn’t see why i should be scared of her, I have dealt with people like her when i was still in Denmark and till date, no traces was given out. she’s deserves to die, she killed Linda’s Mom all because of her self interest.

I couldn’t tell anyone about the operation because i didn’t wanna see anyone get hurt again,. I met Henry during an operation that almost killed me, but thank goodness, he came to rescue me, since then we have been good friends, so i can’t afford to watch him die by this wicked woman called Mrs Williams.

My investigation made me know that her real name is Vivian. I wasn’t going to let her hurt anyone again. I’m going to end this today i said. Henry saw me dressing up, he asked where I was heading to, but thank God he believed my lies. I told him I was going to go see my Mom, he never knrw anything about my family, despite the fact that she’s dead.

Lucas later came in to inform us about Linda’s condition which he said they will be leaving for the hospital, jokingly i told Henry to go with them since he got an injury and since i won’t be home too, he accepted. We all drove out of the house, they went on their way while i followed the direction that leads to Vivian’s house.

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Nice timing, after waiting for about 5mins she drove out, but this time she was coming with lots of guards.

WTF! They took three cars. After greeting they drove out, just like i have planned, I followed them, I knew the securities are many and i doubt if i can do this alone, this was the type i did in Switzerland which led me to Denmark where i first met with Henry.

I followed them till we moved to the high way, cars were speeding up both left and right, after about an hour, we got to a traffic lane, this time vehicles aren’t moving anymore due to the high traffic, after waiting for about 30mins without moving i was really feeling uneasy, then something caught my attention. I noticed one of the guard talking to someone inside the car, i guess he was talking to Vivian, , I saw him open the door, then Vivian came out of the car, i guess she was bored of sitting inside the car, maybe she needs some fresh air.

I looked around the place then i Saw about ten guards, they were carrying guns, I knew it was very risky for me, but this people don’t know me. i said while i opened my door. My intention was to kill her, she deserves to die, but the plan was at the party , after she looses her guard, but this is another opportunity for me, I opened the car as i took a knife which i hid at one corner of my hand. I walked down to where their car was, their car was about five cars ahead of mine, I got to her. I noticed all the guards,attention wasn’t on me, I guess they were not expecting something like that to happen.

Immediately i got close to her, before she could looked at me, I quickly stabbed in her neck. I was about running when series of bullets hit me down, I couldn’t make it, I’m happy anyway, atleast I stabbed her in the neck before she can be rushed to the nearest hospital, she will be dead by then. This was the end of my life.

*Andrew Peirera*

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Mrs Williams Pov
I woke up around 6am that morning, i was invited to have breakfast with a family friend, I quickly dressed up as soon as possible. But i suggested i go with lots of guards, we left the house exactly 7am that morning , after series of turning we got to a high way, seriously i love the atmosphere of the city, San Francisco has been my best city in the United States.

After 30mins we got to a lane where all vehicles weren’t moving, I had asked a guard outside to inquire about the traffic holding the vehicles, he told me he couldn’t get the details himself, so i opened the car to see what was going on outside, I opened the door then I saw a guy in his 20s maybe, he was wearing a jacket, he didn’t look familiar, and since i didn’t have any problem with him, he took me unaware and before i could look at him, blood was all over me, this time i couldn’t breath again, but then i heard sounds of gun Gboooaaahhhhh. That’s how i lost the battle my , this was the end of my life.

*Vivian Williams*
?someone is gone again. Thanks for reading guys.