The Mystery Of Love Episode 33


Linda Pov.
I was home expecting my mom since they had agreed to let her go whiles Lucas was gonna drop the document, they left earlier that morning while i and Andrew were home, I didn’t stop praying that God should bring them safely, though I never expected anything bad, but i knew the woman can be unpredictable, what if she changes her mind after getting the document , this was what was going through my mind

I kept praying for their safety, I didn’t want to see anyone hurt, they were only risking their lives for my mom, I have missed her so much, I can’t wait to see her again after all this, she had nothing to do with it she has been a wonderful woman to me, I will forever love her I said.

I picked my phone to call Lucas but the number wasn’t going through, since i really didn’t want to disturb him, I dropped the phone, after two and half hours, Andrew came to tell me about their arrival, i guess he must have seen their car coming from the window, with excitement, I quickly jumped up, we both rushed outside the gate, they drove in, I noticed Lucas eyes were red, you could see that he must have been crying for a while, then i saw Henry who was also bleeding too, he was injured in his right arm.

Andrew quickly rushed to meet him since he was weak to walk. I went ahead to see him and at least talk to Lucas, then i saw her, my mom she was sitting lifeless , blood was all over her body, I couldn’t imagine that she was dead.

“Mom” I called her severally but she wasn’t saying anything, I was about touching her when Andrew stopped me, i guess he knew she was dead.

“What happened to my mom”, I asked them, they were silent and none of them seemed ready to answer, i screamed.

“She’s dead”, Lucas manage to tell me whiles crying. What, I almost went crazy it’s not possible, she can’t be dead. No no I said. Andrew held me to prevent me from hurting myself

I cried and after awhile we got inside, Andrew called a nearby Doctor who later came to treat Henry in the house.

Lucas told me about everything that happened, how the guy Betrayed them , and how they planned to shoot my mom after which their calculations failed.

“Their plan was to kill her after they have gotten the document” he concluded, “but thanks to Henry who took the bullet on his arm. They came after us shooting at the car, seriously i have never experienced this in my life before, but it’s so painful that she couldn’t make it one of their bullet hit her on her chest” he said.

I couldn’t stop crying, does that mean I won’t see my mom again. This was all that i was thinking, before i realize Lucas was already beside me consoling me.

Seriously the pain i felt wasn’t to be compared to anything because i loved my mom so much, she was my life and everything, she had suffered enough for me, why will she die now, I started crying again.

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Andrew Pov.
The atmosphere was enough to tell that someone was dead, I was really hurt to hear about her death, that wicked woman can’t go with this, she must not live too, she’s wicked to have kept her with all this while, so i don’t see any reason wh she should live, she has to die.

I picked my phone to call a doctor who later came to treat him, Linda has not been herself since she heard about her mother’s death, Lucas on the other hand was traumatized due to the death of the woman but from the story I heard she didn’t deserve to die but there’s nothing we can do.

According to Henry and what i had heard from Lucas, her estate was close to IP park aventi, a company that deals in sliding machines but according to Henry who once said that the house is the biggest house in that estate so I planned to go there and meet the wicked woman myself.
The following morning i picked my car key as i drove to the to her Estate, Mrs Williams like Henry calls her. I got to one big mansion, the house was big enough to be compared to other flats and duplex in that estate my instinct couldn’t tell me lies. this must be the house. I parked at a corner opposite the house, after waiting for about an hour or two, a car came outside from the compound, it was tinted black, I couldn’t see anyone, but with how the security was greeting, it was very clear she was the one that just came out of the compound, guess she was going out, after some talking, I saw her drove off, i followed the car.

After series of turning on the highway, we entered another estate which i also did, but one thing i could tell is i didn’t give any traces for them to know about me following them .I was an expert in that I was very good at spying as well and no trace will be left.

She got to a gate where the securities greeted, seeing from afar i could ltell how important she’s. I parked at a corner close to the road and got down to get some information about her. I plugged in my electric listening earpod. At least to get their conversation from afar, just like i did, it got connected to the room and i could hear her clearly, according to what I heard l she will be going for a breakfast party with her family friend tomorrow morning, the time and location was said as well. , I disconnected the earpod while i went to where i parked. After an hour I got home.
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