The Mistake of My Life Episode 5


“what do i do now?” i sobbed uncontrollably, “nothing my dear, absolutely nothing” Mama Joy calmly replied and held me. “where do i lay my head tonight? Where do i go from here?” i asked unhappily, “my dear, do trust in God he alone has control over our destiny, don’t give up” she calmly advised. But i really was very heart broken and scared,
because i knew i was lost in an unfriendly world where my own family rejected me.
“my husband really won’t tolerate you staying with us, but i hope you can manage my store {storage room}, it’s very spacious and there is an old mattress in it” she said to me as i sobbed. I instantly looked at her hopefully, i never expected her to help me further, thus my delight and happiness as little hope fell on me.
“you can stay there till you get a better accommodation, you can also come work for
me in my restaurant and make small money for yourself, at least with it you can make better plans for your future. I just wish i’m a rich woman, i would have helped you more” she murmured. “oh don’t bother ma” you have done more than enough for me, something my own mum couldn’t do” i answered gratefully.
That was how i found myself under Mama Joy’s care. I slept in her store at night and worked in her restaurant during the day. I worked tirelessly as i tried to discard my sorrows and earn something decent for myself. Nnamdi never for a day lifted a finger to help me nor ask of his daughter’s welfare, even though we do see each other everyday, Instead he continued making me jealous by bringing different girls to his room. His actions hurts me a lot but i pretended as if i didn’t care. I held my pride, suffered silently and never begged.
Three months i suffered and toiled under Mama Joy’s care, until September when a good looking middle aged woman who patronized her restaurant came into my life, offering to
help me raise my child. Her sweet tongue and behavior really convinced me of her good intentions that without second thoughts, i accepted her help against Mama Joy’s reservations. A week later I moved into the woman’s house without giving it a second thought. Little did i know that misfortune awaited me.