The Loverboys Episode 8


Jeanne’s Pov:

We finally arrived at the lover boys mansion and my lips were open the whole time, finding it hard to believe the ineffable building in front of me.

What the hell?

Is this a mansion or a paradise?

It was so huge and round and was painted in a silver white color and  a water spring was right at the center.

The floors were german floored and there were about two garages in the compound with different classic cars filled in them.

Those were just the little parts of the building I could see at the facade.

I came out of the car and stood like a statue, looking around.

It was said the loverboys mansion was the third most expensive building in the country and it was indeed true.

Seriously, it looked like half heaven to me. I can’t believe l will be staying here.

I was still standing confoundedly when a boy came upto me from the house.

“Hey, are you miss Jeanne?” He asked and I nodded, wondering whom he might be.

“Okay. Please come in. Mrs Tristan already told me about you” he said warmly and collected my bag from me and started walking into the house.

I followed.

He was young and neartly dressed and I figured he was probably a worker there since all the workers were males.

I followed him into the breath taking sitting room but couldn’t admire it for long because Molly came in immediately.

“Jeanne!” She called and ran to me, embracing me.

She was putting on a jeans short and a blue top and held a teddy bear.

“Hey, good to see you again” I told her and she smiled.

The boy with my bag had made use of the staircase.

I looked around and noticed they actually had two different staircase – one at the right and one at the left.

“Oh! You’re here” I heard someone say and turned to see Mrs Tristan climbing down the right staircase.

She was putting on a short black gown and set of blue heels and looked really pretty.  No wonder Molly and Alex also had such good looks.

“Good evening Mrs Tristan”  I greeted with a little bow.

“Good evening dear. And  Welcome to the mansion. I’m really happy to know you accepted my proposal.

As for the Alpha Records, I’m already on it and you can start training tomorrow”.

She paused and checked her time.

“I’m off to a meeting now. So maybe we’ll talk better when I get back. Molly, get Evans to show her to her room, okay?” She said a and headed for the door and Molly followed her behind.

“Get me some chocolates on your way back, mum” she said as she followed her to the door and I smiled and watched them.

“Are you the new nanny?” I heard a soft voice spoke firm behind and I turned and saw a young, handsome boy standing in front of me.

I looked at him from head to toe and noticed he was putting on an apron.

“Uhm…yes” I replied, trying to get myself together.

“Wow! I never expected to see a female worker here again. I hope yours will be different.

Anyway, I’m Evans and I’m the chef” he said and brought out his hand for a handshake.

“I’m Jeanne” I replied with a smile and received the handshake.

Molly had joined us.

“Welcome to the mansion, Jeanne. Please come with me” he said and started walking away and Molly and I followed him.

We took the left staircase and came out to a big place with different rooms.

“We do have the servants quarters” he said. “But since you’re Molly’s nanny, Mrs Tristan had suggested you stayed here in the main building”.

I nodded and followed him to a room which he upended and we all walked in.

“This will be your room, Jeanne” he said as we walked in and my eyes deamed.


Is this really going to be my room? It was fabulous!

“Don’t worry Evans. I’ll take it from here. You can go” molly said to him and he chuckled and looked at me.

“You’re lucky she likes you, Jeanne” he said. “At least there’s a 40% possibility of you staying here”.

I cleared my throat and sighed.

It seems Alex is going to be the only problem I’ll be having here.

“Okay, Molly; ill be leaving you to your new nanny. Don’t get her into trouble, okay?”

“Sure Evans” molly replied and he left the room.

“So, what do you think about your new room, nanny?” She asked and I nodded repeatedly.

“it’s okay. I love it” I replied and paused to look at her.

“Uhm…your brother isn’t at home, is he?” I asked.

“Nope. But he’ll be back soon”.

“Oh! Is he aware you’re having a new nanny?”

“Huh? Who would dare tell him? It’s better he sees it for himself”.


so they haven’t even told him yet? What would his reaction be when he finds out?

“Come with me nanny; let me show you to my room” molly said she held my hand and we left my room together.

She took me back to the sitting room and climbed the right staircase and I followed her.


This looks just like a different house on its own.

She took me to a room which we opened and immediately we stepped in, I figured it was her room because there were lots of toys around.

There was a laptop on the bed and I saw two big phones as well.

“This is my room, nanny” she said excitedly and spread her hands around.

“it’s uhm. .its beautiful’ I said with a nod.

She smiled and further took me to her dressing room and I gasped.

How can a kid have such clothes and jewelries?

Wow! They really spoil her a lot.

She went on showing me her favorite clothes, shoes, bags and jewelries and I was bemused.

Then she took me out of the room, probably to show me around. But when we got outside her room, she paused.

“That’s my brother’s room” she said and pointed to the room facing hers.


“T…That’s Alex’s room?” I asked and she nodded.


So his room is actually close to hers?

On the door was a gold lettered inscription – Loverboy.

I smiled as I looked at it.

“Come on nanny; let me show you to the rest of the room” she said and took my hand and we left the passage.

She took me to another part of the staircase and showed me to the room of the remaining three idols – Carl, Daniel and Malcolm.

Then she took me outside and showed me round the house.

They had two swimming pools, a big beautiful garden, a leisure place and so much more.

The building was just too magnificent.

“How old are you, Molly?” I suddenly asked.

‘Five” she replied and I sighed.

She probably wouldn’t have any idea about Theo.

We talked about other things and I got to know more about her.

She was in pre school and her school was actually close to mine.

We went back to the sitting room and I admired the decorations there.

The Loverboys pictures were pinned on the wall and they all looked cute in them. But Alex was outstanding as usual.

Just then, I heard a dog barking and I quickly turned and saw a puppy coming towards me

What? There was a dog In the house?

it kept coming to me with full speed and I became scared. Does it want to attack me or something?

Luckily, molly got in the way.

“Hey, Ambrose; calm down” she said and squatted on the floor and it stopped in front of her.

She rubbed his head but it still looked at me and barked.

“Come on Ambrose; don’t be mean to the newbie” Molly said and immediately, he barked loudly at her and she shrieked and stood up.

Then he ran outside.

“Gosh! That dogs so stubborn. Just like his owner” she said with an irritated look.

“Who owns it?” I asked.

“Well, it’s Alex’s. It’s his pet. He’s so stubborn and the only person it’s friendly with is Alex.

He’s so annoying” she replied with a huff and I scoffed.

“By the way, nanny, why don’t you sing me more barbie songs? She asked in an appealing tone.

‘You promised me remember?”

“Uhm…Molly, I…I know, but. ..”

“But what?” She cut in and I sighed.

Just then, we heard the sounds of cars driving in and she rushed to the window to check it out.

She gasped and covered her mouth with her palm.

“Oh, my God, nanny; the Loverboys are back! Alex’s back!” She exclaimed and my eyes widened and I sprang on my feet.

Oh, Jesus!

I also rushed to the window and confirmed it. It was really them!

Numerous cars had driven in and parked in the garage and the Loverboys came out from four of the cars with securities around them.

But the securities stopped at the garage while they started approaching the house.

Oh, my gee! The Loverboys are here! They’re going to see me. What’s going to happen now?

“I…I think you should hide, nanny” Molly said and I looked at her.

Does she expect me to keep hiding the whole time?

“Oh! What do we do?” She said with a grouch.

“Alex might be really mad when he sees you. Maybe you should just run away”.

Gosh; this girl’s only adding to my problems. Does she think this is a  barbie game?

I stood confused and thought of what to do and just then, the door opened and the loverboys walked in.


This has really happened.

They were all putting on the Loverboys cardigan and Alex was in their middle.

They stopped the moment they saw me.

“What the…” one of them – Carl – tried speaking, but didn’t complete it.

“A female in the house?” Malcolm asked.

I just stood confoundedly; gulping nervously.

Then finally, Alex took off his specs and gave me a look id never forget.

“What the hell are you doing here?” He asked and I felt my breath seizing.

Oh, God!

Maybe I should’ve taken Molly’s advice.

Maybe, I should’ve ran away.