The Loverboys Episode 24


Jeanne’s Pov:

Molly and I dressed up and got ready for the function.

I took a lot of extra clothes,shoes,water,snacks and other important things for Molly;in case she’d want to make use of any of them.

Alex had made use of a different car while molly and I made use of the same car.I guess he didn’t want to stay close to me by staying in the same car.

Well,let’s see how he’s going to act at the function.

Molly was such a talkative and she went ahead talking nonstop about the function.

She gave me a hint on the game we were expected to play.It was a needle and thread game.

The children were to stand a far off with their parents facing them at a distance.

The children would be the ones with the needle,while their parents,the thread.

Then when the whistle goes off,it becomes like a race.

The children would run to their parents and both of them would try fixing the thread into the needle.

And the fastest child to fix hers and run back to the stating point,becomes the winner.


This sounds really tasky.And Molly’s putting all her hopes on me.I hope I can do this.

She also gave me some highlights on the speech she was going to present,but didn’t read it out to me.

After a while,we finally got to her school and…oops!The whole place was filled with lots of people.

Molly and I came out of the car and went to Alex who also came out of his.

But I stood behind Molly so there could be some gap between Alex and I.I wouldn’t want to do anything that’d upset him.

All eyes darted to our direction as we walked in with Alex’s guards behind us.

Oh,my God!It’s loverboy Alex!


They were all screaming and gasping and the press men around turned their cameras to us.

I suddenly felt so proud.

So this is what it feels like being around a celebrity?

Molly made Alex hold her hand and she could’ve stop smiling as the other kids kept staring at her like she was a goddess.

I guess she’s really proud having someone like him for a brother.

Alex didn’t even react to the people dying for him.He just kept a straight face as he walked along.

The school building was very big and wide and lots of canopies were planted everywhere.

“Hi Molly”the kids around waved at her and she smiled and waved back at them.

I could overhear people talking about us:

Oh,my!Alex’s so cute.Look at his all-white appearance…

I wish I was in Molly’s shoes.It’d have been nice having a brother like him…

Who’s that lady with him?

Could she be Alex’s girlfriend?

She’s so pretty…

I felt my head becoming two at once.Are these ladies kidding me?Alex’s girlfriend?

If only they knew I’m not even allowed to touch his cup.

And I wonder if Alex can hear them as well.

Shortly,two women came up to us,smiling.

“Good day,sir Alex.And welcome to our annual function.I’m Nina Myers”one of the women said and brought out her hand for a handshake.

But Alex just sighed and touched his forehead.

“Can you get us a place to sit?”He asked,ignoring the handshake.

Ouch!That was so embarrassing.

“Uh…of…of course,sir.Please,come with me”the woman said and it was obvious she felt embarrassed.

We followed her to a canopy and there we were given special seats to make use of.

Molly was sitting between Alex and I and I think it was better that way else,I might just get nervous and hug him.

“Do you need some water?”I asked Molly and she shook her head.

Not long after,four girls,all brightly garbed,came to us.

“Hi Molly”they greeted happily and she smiled at them.

“What re you doing here,Sophie?”She asked one of them with a frown.

“Have you forgotten you called me a snub?”

“Molly,I’m so sorry.I was just in a bad mood.Please,forgive me”the Sophie said and Molly rolled her eyes.

Hm.It seems this girl’s going to be grumpier than her brother.

It runs in their blood.

“Fine.How’re you girls anyway?”She said with a beaming smile.

“We’re fine,Molly.

“Good day,sir Alex.

“Good day,miss”

They greeted Molly and I and just then,a young pretty lady came up to us,dressed in suit.

“Good day,sir Alex”she said with a smile.

“It’s a pleasure having you in our function today.I’m Susan Tyler and I’m Molly’s form mistress”

“Okay”Alex said simply and touched his hair,then took his eyes back to his phone.

I looked at the lady and noticed she was embarrassed since Alex didn’t pay attention to her.

“Uhm…Molly,come on;let’s get ready for your presentations”she said to Molly and Molly got on her feet.

“Bye,nanny”nanny”she told me and I waved at her and she left with the woman and the other girls. I took in a deep breath.

Now,it was just an empty seat separating Alex and I.

The people around kept stealing glances at us and couldn’t stop talking.

I suddenly felt like a celebrity.

Feeling bored,I brought out my phone and started playing games with it.

But after some time,the main event started.

First,there was an opening speech.Then the entertainments began and they were so interesting.

But Alex didn’t pay attention to them as he just kept himself busy with his phone.

After a while,it was time for the game and the pupils participating all lined out.

There were ten of them and Molly was among.

Then,the participating parents were asked to come out and since I was representing Mrs Tristan,I went out as well.

The pupils stood on a straight line with needles,while we the parents stood at a far end facing them,with threads.

The rules of the game was read out to us and I was so nervous.

Molly waved at me and gave me a thumbs up and I waved back at her.

Oh,God!I hope I get to win this game and make her happy.

The whistle went off and the pupils ran to us with their needles.

Molly ran to me and I tried fixing the thread into the needle in the fastest way I could.

“Hurry up,nanny”she said impatiently as she looked at the other competitors.

Trying to be careful and fast at the same time,I slipped the thread into the needle and gave it back to her and she started running to the line.


Someone else was ahead of her.

Oh,my!Don’t tell me she’s gonna lose.

I placed my hand on my chest and watched curiously.

The other kids started running behind as well,but Molly was still ahead of them and the only person in her way was the girl in front of her.

People were clapping and cheering.

Close to the line,the girl fell on the floor and everyone gasped.


That makes Molly the one ahead.

“Go,baby!Go!”I said to myself and she finally got to the line.

Yes!She did it!

Oh,my baby won!


The teachers at the line embraced her and everyone began clapping and cheering.

I also went to her and carried her up and she pecked my cheek.

“We did it nanny”she said happily and I laughed and dropped her back on the floor.

Then,the medal was given to her as the first runner up and we took a picture together.

“Congratulations,baby”I told her and she smiled.

Then,I returned to my seat,close to Alex.

I rubbed my palms together and sighed.


I had been so nervous.

Other entertainments came in and they were so beautiful–especially the ballet dancers.I had really enjoyed it.

Other performances like dance,drama,artery competition,and the rest also took place.

Then it was time for Molly’s speeches nd she came out,putting on a black pretty gown.

She looked so beautiful.

She began speaking on“attitude”.

She was so smart and brilliant and I admired her.Even Alex was staring at her and I think he was the one who had asked one of his guards to video her with his phone.

The press men were all over her and when she was done,the whole crowd stood up and applauded her.

I also stood up and clapped.But Alex didn’t.

All he just did was smile.

Hmm.That heavenly smile.

She left the stage after that and other programmes came up.

Gosh!I’m really having a nice time over here.

After a while,Molly came to us with some of her friends.

“How was my performance,Alex?’She asked and Alex touched her hair.

“You were great”he told her and she smiled and came to me.

“Nanny?”She called,also waiting for my compliment.

“It was incredible,baby.You were great”I told her and she chuckled and hugged me.

She was so happy.

“You’re done with your presentations,right?Can we start going?”Alex asked and she sighed.

“Fine.I’ll be right back”she said and turned to leave.

“And where are you going?”He asked.

“Uhm…I just wanna take some pictures with my friends.But don’t worry,it’ll only take a second”she replied quickly and ran off with the girls she came with.

I looked at her as she went and smiled.

She was so adorable.

A call came into my phone and I checked to see it was dad.


“Dad?”I called on the phone,but the whole place was too noisy and I couldn’t hear him clearly.

“Jeanne.How’re you doing?”

“I’m fine dad”.

‘Where are you?Why’s it so noisy over there?”

“Uhm…I’m at Molly’s school.Can I call you back,dad?”

“Okay sure.Do take care of yourself”.

And the call ended.

Immediately,gunshots filled the air and the entire place became double noisy.


What the hell is going on?

The whole place became on fire as people started running hectar sectar.

Conniption gripped me immediately and I looked at Alex as we both sprang on our feet.

“Sir,we need to head to the car now.It seems a riot is taking place”one of the guards said and still confused,we all started running to the car.

Screams of people filled the air as the gunshots continued.


Why’s this happening now?What if someone gets hurt?

Hold on;where’s Molly?

We got to the car and stopped as the same thought suddenly flashed into our minds.

Where’s Molly?.


What if she get hurt?

“My sister”Alex said to the guards.

“We need to find her”.

“Just wait in the car,sir.We’ll search for her”the guards said and left immediately.

I was expecting Alex to go into the car,but he didn’t and still looked restless.

Well,I was also scared and concerned.

Where could Molly be?

People were already running away and the whole place had become super crowded.

Surprisingly,Alex started running away,going in search of Molly.


“Sir…”I tried calling,but stopped myself since he’s warned me not to talk to him.

But how can he go out alone in this dangerous place?

What if he gets hurt?

My whole body was shaking.I was so scared.

Why do I have a bad feeling about all these?

And why does this fight have to ensue now?

I was about going into the car to seek refuge when Molly suddenly showed up.

“Nanny!”she called in a frightened voice as she ran to me.

I gasped and held her.

“Baby!Oh,my God.Thank God you’re okay.Where have you been?Y…Your brother’s gone to look for you”I said she looked at the direction Alex had taken.

I could still spot him among the crowd.

“Uhm…baby,get in here and don’t come out.I’ll be right back”I told her and helped her into the car.

“Just lie low,okay?I’ll be back in a second”I told her and she nodded.

Then,I left,running after Alex.

I needed to tell him Molly was back so he could stop looking for her before something dangerous happens to him.

I ran as fast as I could,jostling my way through the crowd.

Bullets were flying in the air and the screams persisted.

Finally,I got to Alex.

“Sir!”I called,but he couldn’t hear me and I drew closer and tapped him on the back.


I touched him!

He turned and looked at me,shooting me a surprised stare.

“Sir,Uhm…Molly’s back.She waiting In the car”I said,almost shouting so he could hear me.
Immediately,someone threw a bottle to my direction and I tried missing it,but ended up falling in a hole.


Oh my God!

My leg!

It hurts so bad.

I had fallen on my knees and a piece of broken glass was stuck into it.

Blood was gushing out and it almost made me scream.

“Aarggh!”I shirked in pains and looked up at Alex.

He was panting and also looked worried.

The people fighting were now making use of dangerous weapons.

I was stuck in the hole and couldn’t move.My leg was hurting like hell.

How do I get out of here?

“Sir,Please help me”I said ruefully to Alex and he huffed and sank his fingers into his hair.

Oh,God!Will he ever agree to help?

He’s avoided touching me.

How can I be sure he’d want to help this time around?

The pains were becoming much and my fear was increasing.

“Sir Alex,help me,please”I cried.

To be continued