The Loverboys 2 – Episode 23


Jeanne’s Pov:

I became very weak as I continued crying on the floor the whole time.My head ached a lot and I felt so much pains on my backbone and legs.

My whole thoughts were occupied with Alex.

Where could he be?

Was he able to get to a hospital?How’s he?What if he’s there alone with no one to help?

Oh,God!I just needed to see him.

The door opened and a boy walked in with a tray of food.That was when I actually realised I hadn’t eaten a thing since morning.

I bent my head and sniffle as he came to me with the tray of food and placed it on the floor in front of me.

Then,he brought out a pocket knife and loosened the ropes that bounded my hands and I was now able to move them.

“Go on and eat”he said coldly and turned around to leave.

Then,I quickly got on my feet.

“Please,let me out of here”I whimpered.

He turned and looked at me with disbelieve like I had said something funny.

“Please,I beg of you;I promise to come back.I just want to see Alex.I need to make sure he’s safe.Please,I’m begging you”I said ruefully,placing my palms together.

“if you attempt leaving this building again,you should know Theo’s going to kill you.”He replied and I busted into.More tears.

“Alex is fine;you don’t have to worry about him.He was taken to the hospital and a succesful surgery was carried out on him.So,he’s fine”he added and left the room again.

I fell on my knees in tears.


Why does this have to happen to you?What have you done to Theo that makes him find it difficult to forgive you?

Why’s all these happening?

I cried more and pushed the food away.

Why won’t Theo let go of the past so I can live my life with Alex?

What’s gonna happen to me now?And my baby?Is he going to end up killing me as well?The same way he killed the other girls?

I really love Alex and don’t want to lose him.

I remember how caring he was during my stay with him.How he’d get me everything I need and treat me like a baby.I love him and don’t want to lose him.

Why’s Theo being such an obstacle.

I hate you,Theo,for every pains you’ve made Alex go through.

Why are you so bent on frustrating him?And why do you have to involve me and my baby?

With Theo around,there’s no way Alex and I can be happy.He’s done enough already.

I need to get rid of him.

Kim’s Pov:

I sat by the pool with my crew as we drank and talked leisurely.

Wow!Today’s such a good day for me.I mean,the competition for a new leader of the band was supposed to commence today,but it had to be post poned because according to them,Jeanne and Hetty were missing.

Like I care.

“But,I seriously don’t get why they had to cancel the contest.Simply because Jeanne and Hetty aren’t around doesn’t mean we can move forward.They should’ve gone ahead with it.”Caroline groused.

She’s just been bittered since the news got to her.

“Well,I think it’s for the best.I mean,what’s the need for holding a contest,anyway?I’m the perfect leader”I replied brashly,placing my hand on my chest.And Caroline scoffed.

“I never knew the rest of us were just meant to be under your role forever,Kim”she said with an eye roll.

“If you have a problem with it,Caro;you can as well quit”I told her blatantly and she huffed.

I don’t know what her problem is anymore.She’s just getting on my nerves.

“But where could Jeanne and Hetty be?”Joyce asked.

“How come they’re missing?”

“Well,they can go to hell for all I care.They’re better off.gone”I replied and Alina chuckled.

Eva was just busy with her phone.

“Oh,my God!”She suddenly shrieked.

“Have you seen the news?”

“What news?”Joyce and Alina asked at the same time.

“What news,Eva?”I added curiously.

“Alex was shot!”She replied and I sprang on my Feet.


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Alex’s Pov:

I stood,gobsmacked,staring at Pen face to face.

Is this for real?Pen Williams in front of me?

“M…Mum?”Megan called in surprise as she stuttered back.

“You”I called faintly and looked at her.

Fear was large writ on her face.

Immediately,she turned around and started running away

“Mum!”Megan shrieked.

I took to my heels and ran after her but couldn’t catch up with her as she entered into her car and started driving away.

“Sir!What’s wrong?”Oscar asked in an alarming tone as he came running to me.

I held the side of my stomach and ran to our own car,getting into the driver’s seat and scorching off immediately.

“Sir!”I heard Oscar call from behind,but I didn’t stop to look at him as I took off on a high speed,going after Pen.

That b***h!I can’t believe she’s been around all these while.And she was even the mother to someone I knew.

I’m going to skin her alive.

Going overly fast,I was able to catch up with her and she noticed me and increased the speed of her car.

We started driving like people who were involved in car racing.We broke every traffic signs and rules and I felt pains on the operated side of my tummy.

But,no;I can’t afford to lose Pen;not again.I’m going to make sure I get her.

I drove on a crazy speed and soon;my car was right behind hers.

I added more force and wanted to overtake her and luckily,I did.

I got in front of her suddenly cornered the car,screeching it to an abrupt halt right in front of hers and making hers hit mine.

It was more like a clash,but I wasn’t really affected,just the side of my car that was clashed.

I quickly opened the door and rushed out,going to hers.

She was coughing when I got there and I opened her door and dragged her out.

At last!

“You animal”I growled and threw her on the floor.

It was a deserted area with no buildings around and just very few cars drove by.

I went to hit her on the floor and surprisingly,she aimed for my knee and kicked me.

I almost fell,but quickly gained my balance and she used that opportunity to get on her feet.

She was a trained criminal and was definitely good in fighting.But,I was ready for her.

She threw a punch at me,but I missed it and grabbed her hand instead.

I drew her close and she punched my tummy which made me groan in pains,but I didn’t let it weigh me down.

I hit her hard on the cheek and kicked her to the floor.

Then,I went ahead to kick her again-twice-and blood oozed from her mouth.

I dragged her up by the hair and took her to her car,slamming her face hard against the surface.She deserves worst than this.

“Alex!Stop”she yelped in pains but I ignored her and slammed her face hard against it again.

“You still remember my name,huh?”I spoke into her face and threw her to the floor.

She fell weakly and coughed out blood.

I checked her car and saw a bottle of wine and quickly took it out.

I hit the bottle on and it broke into two with the drink splashing on the floor.

You…”she said faintly and tried sitting up but I kicked her on the chest,making her fall back on the floor.

“Where’s she?”I asked impatiently,pointing the half bottle at her.

She coughed and brushed her finger over her lips,cleaning off a little bloodstain from.

“Trust me,Alex,you don’t wanna do this”she said,trying to control her hype.

I scoffed.

“I’ve been looking for you for years,b***h.I guess you don’t know what you did to me.You ruined my life and I swear,I’m ready to do anything right now!!

“So,you better start talking.Where’s she?”I asked raucously and she shook her head negatively.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”she replied and immediately,I went to her on the floor and tore her knee with the bottle.

She screamed in pains.

“Stop it,Alex!”She groaned and I stood up,breathing heavily.

“If you don’t talk to me,Pen,the next thing I’d be tearing up is your throat.Now,spill it out!”I said angrily,pointing the bottle at her.

“I don’t work with them anymore.So I know nothing about it!”She replied rather exasperated and I fisted my hand.

“I don’t care if you work with them or not.Just tell me where the heck she is cause I know she’s not dead”I said and she suddenly laughed.

“Really?”She asked.

“You sound so sure.You think she’s really alive?”

I brushed my fingers into her my hair,losing my temper.

I went to her again and this time around,I aimed at her hips,stabbing it with the edge of the bottle.

She screamed in excruciating pains as blood flowed out,but at that moment,I didn’t care.I was running out of patience.

“Where’s she?What the hell did you do to her?!”I yelled into her face and pulled out the bottle.

“Stop it,please”:she said in tears and I stood on my feet.

“Right now,your daughter’s with my guard and if you don’t spill out the truth in the next ten seconds,I’m going to leave.And pieces of your daughter’s body will be sent to you bit by bit”I told her and her eyes gleamed.

“You…you won’t do that,Alex”she said forlornly.

“You don’t know what you’ve turned me into Penelope.You don’t know what you’ve made me go through.I need to know the truth.Where’s she?”I asked,trying not to yell.

She bent her head and sniffed.

“Just promise me,Alex;”she said.

“Promise me you won’t get the police involved.If I tell you the truth,you’ll let me go and never pester me again”.

I kept mute for a while,staring at her.

“Is she still alive?”I asked and she nodded.


My heart skipped immediately as a string of hope ran across it.

Olivia’s alive!

Theo’s Olivia!

She’s alive.

I’ve always felt so.

There’s still hope!

My eyes shun brightly as curiosity suddenly filled me up.

“Where’s she,Pen?Please,talk to me”I said,this time around in a pleading tone.

She lifted her head to look at me and I couldn’t explain the look in her eyes.

“She’s always been around you,Alex”she said and I furrowed my brows at her,getting be fogged.

What’s she talking about?

“What…What do you mean,Pen?Who’s she?”I asked,anxious for a reply.

she didn’t say anything and it ate me up.

“Who the hell is she?”I blustered and she took in a deep breath and took her eyes to the floor.

Why’s she acting this way?

Then,in one cold cheerless voice,I heard her say:

“She’s Jeanne”.