The Loverboys 2 – Episode 16


Jeanne’s Pov:

A tear escaped my eyes as I heard him speak on the phone.He’s still looking for me;I knew it.

I quickly ended the call and turned off the phone.I felt so scared.What if he finds me?Or hurt Alex?

I have a feeling he might do something crazy if he gets me.

I sniffed and wiped my eyes.I couldn’t help it.

I dropped the phone on the bed and left the room,going back to the dining.

Molly and I continued eating and I tried not to let her notice my sober mood.

When we were done,we watched some movies in the sitting room.But not long after,I heard the sound of a car driving in and I suddenly felt scared.

I sprang on my feet and starred through the windows and I discovered it was a strange car.


I kept staring anxiously until the door opened and the driver came out.

Hah!It was Hetty!


I placed my hand on my chest and took a deep breath.I had been so scared to the guts.

I left the window and went to the door so I could welcome her in.

I opened the door and came face to face with her,about knocking.

“Heyyyy”she called in excitement when she saw me and I smiled and embraced her.

She had some polythene bags with her.

“Hi,Hetty”I reciprocated as we hugged.

“I was just about Knocking,you know?I missed you,Jeanne”she said with a playful frown as we disentangled from the hug.

“Awwn.And I missed you too.Please,come in”.

I led her into the house and ushered her to a sit.

“Hi,Hetty”Molly said with a smile.

“Wow!Look whom we have here.Little princess;how’re you?”Hetty asked while taking a seat.

“I’m fine”.

She touched her cheek and I sat next to her-Molly.

“Welcome,Hetty.By the way,how did you get to know this place?”I asked.

“Oh!Alex showed it to me before he um…you know?Adopted you”she replied and I chuckled.

“Yeah.Adopted.”I repeated and she laughed.

“So,how’re you,Jeanne?How have you been faring?”She asked after a brief pause.

“Well,I’m fine,I guess”.

“Um Molly,”she called and Molly looked at her.

“Can you get me a cold bottle of water from the fridge?”

“Okay”Molly replied and stood up,walking out of the room.

Then,Hetty adjusted to face me.

“How’s the baby?”She asked and I sighed.

“Hopefully,it’s fine.”I replied.

“So…you’re really keeping it,huh?”

“Of course!I don’t really have a choice”.

She paused and didn’t say anything for a while.

“When did it even happen,jen?I mean,the intercourse.I never thought someone like you and Alex could…you know?”She asked and I bent my head.

“It happened in Korea.It’s a long story”I replied,batting my lashes.

“Oh!But,why didn’t you take some pills after that?It could’ve prevented this”she said and I sighed.

“i know.It…It just didn’t occur to me at that time”.

“Yeah…you were still a newbie”she said with a smile.

“Well,at least,it’s a good thing it’s for someone like Alex.A million girls are out there praying to be in your shoes-including me”.

I looked at her in surprise and she laughed.

“What I’m saying is this;you’re really really lucky it’s someone like Alex.Even if you don’t continue with the lover girls,he can make you greater than us.He has the power to and we’ll all be bowing to you”she expounded and I smiled.

Is that for real?

“But,Theo…I must admit,that guy’s something else”she said and my fears resumed.

Oh,God!Why did she have to mention his name?

“Have you tried asking Alex what really transpired between him and Theo?”She asked.

“Y…Yeah.but,the last time I did,he got really angry and warned me not to bring it up again”I replied,fear beginning to eat me up already.

“Wow!That sounds serious”she said and paused.

“Anyway,don’t worry,it’ll all be over soon.And I trust Alex;as long as you’re carrying his baby,he’ll do anything to keep you safe”she added and I sighed with despondency.

Can that be of help?

Molly came in immediately with the bottle of water.

“Oh!Thanks dear”Hetty said as she collected the water from her.

“Um…by the way,Jeanne;I got you some gifts.”She said and handed the polythene bags she was holding to me and I collected it and had a look.

Wow!They were clothes and jewelries.

“Thanks”I beamed,still looking into the bag.

She opened the water and sipped from it.

“Um…I’m sorry,Jeanne,I won’t be able to stay long.I need to get ready for the party.But,I promise to be back by tomorrow”she said and I was about saying something when a call suddenly came into her phone.

“Seriously?”She scoffed and rolled her eyes before picking the call.

“Come on,Mark;I’ve told you to stop calling me.

“Yeah and I said I’m not interested.

“Seriously,don’t ever call me again.

I’m damn serious”she said and ended the call,slipping it into her bag.

I was watching in amusement.

“Who’s that?”I asked,folding my hands and she rolled her eyes and replied:


“Hold on;like,Mark Tiffany?”I asked and she nodded.

“What?You mean that model?Oh,my gee;are you kidding me?Why are you speaking that way to him?”I asked,surprised.

I mean,he was a popular model and I’m kind of surprised Hetty’s avoiding his calls.

“Well,he’s been pestering me for some time,telling me sh*t about liking me;but I can’t be stupid enough to go for someone like him.He’s a flirt.”She said with a grimace and I scoffed.

“Wow!Seriously?Well,I thought he was someone great”I said.

“Yeah,you thought.

“Anyway,since you’re hiding from Theo,I guess you won’t be able to attend the party;but don’t worry;it’s gonna be aired live,so,you can still watch it from home.Okay?”She said with a smile and I nod.

then,she stood up with her bag.

“Gotta leave.Make sure you take good care of yourself,okay?”She said as I stood up with her.

“Bye Hetty”Molly said with a wave and Hetty went close and pecked her on the hair.

“Bye,pretty.See you later”.

I followed her out of the house and she hugged me before going into the car.

I smiled and watched as she drove away.

Oh,Hetty;I’ve really missed her.

I shook my head and went into the house,feeling really really dizzy.

So,I left Molly to watch some movies while I went into the bedroom to get some sleep.

I slept for hours and when I finally woke up,I discovered Alex was back and was already getting ready for the party.

“Hello,sleeping beauty”he called when he noticed I was awake.

He was standing in front of the mirror,brushing his hair.

I itched my eyes and sat up.

“when did you get back?”I asked,feeling surprised and he laughed.

“I guess you don’t know how long you’ve been sleeping.You were actually sleeping like a log of wood”he replied and I rolled my eyes.

Well,it isn’t really my fault.

“So…you’re leaving already?”I asked and he nodded,still looking into the mirror.

“Don’t worry,I promise not to stay long.As soon as we’re done with our presentations,I’ll leave right away”he replied and I sighed.

This is crazy.I can’t even have enough of his time anymore.

I stood up from the bed and went to stand very close to him.

“Alex”I called and he turned from the mirror to look at me.

“Um…While you were away,.Theo called”I said and his eyes drooped.

“What?H…How?”He inquired.

“Through the phone you had given me.He was initially calling you and had no idea I was the one with the phone.He…He sounded very angry,Alex;and he was asking you to tell him where I was.It seems he’s suspecting you already”I said with a worried look.

Just talking about it makes me scared to the guts.

Alex groaned and touched his forehead.

“That son of a b***h”he muttered angrily.

“Alex”I called and held his hand.

“I’m…I’m really scared.Don’t you think you should avoid going to the party?”I asked and he scoffed.

“Noway.I can’t miss it and definitely not for that son of a b***h”he said angrily and I sighed.

“Please Alex,I just want you to be careful.I wouldn’t know what to do if…”

He cut me off by placing his index finger on my lips.

“Don’t think about it,Jeanne;I promise I’ll be fine.And everything will be okay.Just stay strong for me,okay?”He said and I nodded perfunctorily.

But I was still so scared.

Then,he kissed me and I reciprocated and it kind of eased me a little.

He made our foreheads touch as he kissed me again and this time around,he sent his hands to my buttocks,pressing them lightly.

“Don’t you have anything for me?”He asked in a sweet smile and I chucked and pushed him.away.

“No,I don’t.And don’t come close to me”I told him and hurried out the door.

Gosh!This guy’s such a jerk.

Hetty’s Pov:

I walked into my car,fully prepared for the party already.

Mia and Lea were on their way as well and we had all agreed to meet there.

I sat at the backseat while the driver took off.

I suddenly thought of Jeanne.She’s really lucky to have someone like Alex and I hope everything works out fine for her.

I know Alex;he’s going to make her the envy of all the ladies in the country.I’m pretty sure Theo’s the only thing obstructing him.

To be sincere,I’ve been crushing and dreaming on Alex for a long time,but since he’s with Jeanne,I equally have no problem with it.They’re right for each other.

I smiled,staring through the window and a text came into my phone not long after.

Geez!It was from Mark.

This guy’s damn so annoying.

*I really like you,Hetty,and I want to have to myself.I don’t know why you’re proving repulsive,but I promise you,sooner than you think,you’ll be mine.See you at the party*

I rolled my eyes after reading the message.

So,he’s gonna come to the party?Well,I thought as much.

He’s a popular dreamy model,but the problem is,he’s a flirt.He always wants to sleep with anything under a skirt and I can’t believe he actually found interest in me.He must be crazy to think he can use and dump me like the other girls.

Suddenly,the car stopped moving and I took my eyes from the phone to look at the driver.Why did he stop?

And…I noticed we were in a different place.

“Josh”I called his name.

“What’s wrong?Why did you stop the car?”I asked and noticed his hands were shaking on the sterling.

Then,he slowly turned and looked at me and I could see fear in his eyes.

“I’m sorry,ma’am Hetty;they…they took me my little girl”he stuttered and I became confused.

What’s he talking about?

Immediately,he brought out something that looked like a gun and pointed it at me.

It brought out a green light,pointing at me.

Conniption gripped me immediately.

“Josh!”I called in fear,and he pulled what looked like the trigger at me and I passed out.