The Loverboys 2 – Episode 15


Jeanne’s Pov:

My sound sleep was disrupted by the sound of someone knocking on the door.

I sluggishly opened my eyes and found Alex still lying beside me on the bed and I think he was also been awoken by the knock.

Huh?But,who’s knocking?

“Nanny?”I heard Molly call.

She was the one knocking.

“Can I come in?”She asked and started pushing the door open and Alex and I gasped.


We were still naked!


“No,Molly;don’t come in”Alex said immediately and she stopped opening the door.

“Huh?Why?”She asked,still holding the door.

“Um…because we’re praying”Alex replied and I covered my mouth so I don’t end up laughing.

“Praying?”She repeated.

“Then,let me join you”she said and started pushing the door again and I almost screamed.

“Stop it,Molly;the prayer isn’t for kids,okay?It’s just for adults”Alex said and I chucked.

“What are you talking about,Alex?My teacher told me it’s good to pray together as a family”Molly said but didn’t open the door.

“And your teacher’s a lair!Now,just go to the sitting room and wait.We’ll join you shortly.Okay?”Alex said and we didn’t hear anything from her as she hurt closed the door and Probably left.

Geez!I can’t believe I almost had a heart attack.

Alex laughed and I also did.

“That was crazy”I said.

“Yeah”he muttered and held my cheeks,kissing me.

“Good morning”I said when he broke the kiss.

“yeah.How was your night?”


He smiled and looked at the floor where his phone was broken.

“Damn.I can’t believe I did this”he groused as he took his trouser from the floor and started putting it on.

I just chuckled.

Well,I guess you were possessed by the spirit that takes over you when you’re horny.

Since I wasn’t putting on clothes before the intercourse;I couldn’t get any of my clothes around to put on.

The duvet was just the only thing covering my body.

Alex wore his trousers and went to where the phone was,picking it up from the floor.

Wow!The screen was really damaged.I guess thousands of people would’ve tried to reach him yesterday.

He shook his head and opened the phone,bringing out his simcard.And after doing that,he slided the phone on the floor,making it more damaged.

“What are you doing?”I asked,feeling surprised.

“What do you think?It’s condemned”he replied,opening a drawer in the room and bringing out a smaller phone.

Although,it was beautiful,but the previous one was far more classic and beautiful.

“Huh?But,you could’ve easily taken it for repair”I said with a grouch

“And what’s the need for a repair?I’ll just get a new one later in the day”he shrugged and replied and I scoffed.

Well,I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.His type are fond of spending money excessively.

He inserted the sim into the smaller phone he took and immediately,tons of messages started flashing in.

Bing!I knew it.

“Oh”he mouthed,going through the phone.

“I almost forgot.Today’s the anniversary party of Alpha Records.I’m supposed to meet up with the rest of the loverboys for a quick rehearsal”he said and I rolled my eyes.

I can’t believe he’s going to leave the house again.

“Come on”he dropped the phone and said.

“You need to take a bath”.

He stood and came to where I was,and tried carrying me up from the bed.

What?When I’m naked?

He chuckled when I resisted.

“Seriously,Jeanne?”He asked.

“Last night,you were screaming my name when I was riding you to heaven.Were you putting on a garment back then?”He asked and I gasped,opening my mouth in shock.


He laughed and tried carrying me again and already feeling helpless,I allowed him to.

He carried me in a bridal style while I wrapped my hand around his shoulders for support.

I stared at his tattoo chest and felt like kissing them.But,awwn.I’m not upto that stage yet.

He adjusted me in his arms and it made my bre*st touch his chest.Oh,God!

Then,we entered into the bathroom and got to the bathtub,but before putting me in,he paused and su*ked from my left bre*st.


I closed my eyes and tightened my grip around his shoulders as he tickled and bit my nip*le

The sensation became might that I had to scream-a light scream,though.

Then,he stopped and I opened my eyes and looked into his face to see him smiling.

Oh,God!Where did this guy come from?

He laid me in the bathtub and filled it up with soapy water and finally,the water was able to cover up my nak*dness.

He pecked my hair before walking out and I sighed when he did.

Oh,my God!Seriously,Alex just turned me on with what he did.

I stayed in the water for some time and took a proper bath.

My legs actually hurt,but not as much as the first time.

We’ll,I guess pretty soon,I’ll be used to it.


When I was done bathing,I came out of the tub and took another towel,tying it round my body.

Then,I proceeded to the bedroom and luckily-if I might to say-Alex wasn’t in.

Well,I’m pretty sure something else might happen if he sees me trying to undress again.

I quickly rushed to the wardrobe and took out something light and simple to wear-a blue short and black off shoulder top.

I applied a little cream and without touching my hair,I left the room so I could look for Molly.

I went into the sitting room and luckily found her there,watching a movie.

“Baby”I called,catching her attention.

She turned and her eyes beamed on seeing me.

“Nanny!”She called and ran to me,embracing me.

“Are you done praying?”She asked and I laughed and replied yes.

Oh!She couldn’t even go to school today because she slept yet.I guess she’d have to be leaving today.

Just then,I saw Alex coming out of a corner with a tray in his hands.

On the tray was a big jar of hot tea and loaf of bread together with a plate of fried eggs.And surprisingly,his phone was there as well.

“Yeah,yeah,I know and I’m so sorry”he said and I understood he was on a call.


“Okay,fine;I’ll be there in ten minutes”he said as he got to the dining and placed the tray on the table.

He said some other things and finally ended the call.

He took in a deep breath

“Come on,Jeanne;hurry up and have breakfast.You can’t go hungry”he said and even before I reacted,Molly left me and went to the dinning.

“Wow!This looks good”she said as she picked at the eggs.

I smiled.

But,hold on;when did Alex learn to prepare eggs?

His phone started ringing immediately and he scuttled off,going to the bedroom.

I shook my head and joined Molly in the dining.

I wonder why they’re always calling and stressing him this way.

I mean;I realise he’s the leader of the most popular band in the world,but they should know he’s also my boyfriend.

Molly and I began eating and after a while,he came out of the room,fully dressed up.

Gosh!This guy’s just too handsome.

He was putting on a white pair of trousers and a white shirt which had the first two buttons opened,exposing a little of his tattoo chest.

Then,he wore a long gold chain that fell into the open space of the shirt,making it soooo.

God!I didn’t even realise I had been staring dreamily at him the whole time.

“is there something wrong?”He asked when he got to the dining and I shrugged out of my thoughts;taking my eyes away from him to the food.

“Uh…nothing”I replied and gulped in a little quantity of tea.

What am I even doing?He’s all mine.

“I’m so sorry,I have to leave;but I promise to be back before going for the party in the evening.”He said hurriedly.

“Won’t you be having breakfast?”I asked and he touched his forehead.

“Don’t worry,I’ll definitely eat at the institute.The most important thing is getting there first”he replied and I nodded and faced my food.

“Don’t worry,Hetty will be here soon and she’ll be keeping you company.

“And Molly;make sure you take very good care of her,okay?Don’t stress her out and avoid jumping on her tummy”he said and Molly pulled a confused face and looked at him.

“And why shouldn’t I jump on her tummy?”She asked with a crumpled look.

“Well,that’s because there’s something in it;okay?And jumping on it might damage it”Alex replied,making my cheeks turn red.

“Something?Something like what?I thought food was the only thing in a person’s tummy?”She asked.

Gosh!This girl’s too inquisitive.

“Well,it is food,Molly;but it’s a special kind of food because only a man gets to prepare it”.

“Huh?How can a man get to prepare food in a woman’s tummy?”She asked curiously,dropping her cutleries.


“Um…its a very interesting process,actually.At first,the man makes the woman happy;then later on,he starts going in and out,making her scream.”


“he makes her scream?”Molly asked and I gasped immediately.

“He’s just lieing;baby.Forget about him”I told her and gave Alex an’I’ll kill you’look and he laughed.

“Don’t worry,Molly,when you grow up,a boy’s also gonna prepare a food in your tummy.Alex said as he hurried ti where I was,kissed me and ran out of the house before I’d scold him.

“Nanny,is that true?”Molly asked immediately and I laughed.

“Don’t think about it,baby;he’s just pulling your legs”I told her as I brushed her hair behind her ears and she nodded and continued and eating.

Gosh!Alex’s such a spoilt brat.I hope he doesn’t transfer that attitude to me baby.

I shook my head and smiled,recalling all that’s happened between us.

Aren’t I just lucky to have someone like him?

Not long after,I heard my phone ringing from the room and quickly went to check it out.

Oh!Alex’s sim was still in it,so it might probably be his call.

I checked the caller and discovered it wasn’t saved on the phone.So,it was a strange call.

I didn’t feel like answering it;but it called for the third time and I decided to receive it.

But,I didn’t say anything.

“Alex”the caller said from the other line and my jaws dropped at once.


My hands shook with the phone in it as I narrowed my eyes around.

That voice;I could recognise it from anywhere!

“You son of a b***h!Say something.Where the hell is Jeanne?!”He yelled on the phone and a tear escaped my eyes.