The Loverboys 2 – Episode 10


Jeanne’s Pov:
I felt so scared as I entered into the house; like, my entire body was vibrating. I couldn’t get over the shock of being pregnant, yet, I still had Theo to worry about. I knew Alex would definitely been angry if he gets to know Theo was maltreating me. But, now he ended up pouring out his anger on Theo, I wonder what his reaction would be. I’m so scared. I don’t know how much pains I’d be able to endure under this condition. I entered into the sitting room and found him there, drinking and operating his phone. I gulped nervously as I walked in and he turned to look at me and that increased my fears.

“Where have you been?” He asked in that cold voice of his. I swallowed hard and sniffed.

“I…” I paused and coughed a little.
“I slumped and…Hetty helped me to the hospital. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to take long. I…I just woke up now and…started hurrying home immediately” I replied nervously, wishing he’d be convinced. He scoffed and stood up and I knew what was going to happen.
Oh, God!

“Really?” He asked and I nodded tearfully.
“Do you really think I’m a fool? Huh!” He rasped and came towards me and immediately, I started running away.
Yes, I had to.
I took the stairs and he followed me and I increased my pace until I got to my room and successfully ran in, locking the door immediately.
I leaned on th door and wept as I felt his presence outside the door as well.
“Jeanne!” He roared and hit the door and I shivered.
“Are you stupid? Open up immediately!”
I sat on the floor and cried out my eyes. Life’s really unfair to me. Isn’t it best if I just give up already? But, my baby…why am I so stranded?
How did this happen to me?

Theo’s Pov:
I groaned as I stood outside Jeanne’s door. This lady’s really a b***h. I can’t believe she had the guts to lock herself in the room. And I don’t have a spare key; damn it!
Alex is a fool for laying his hands on me and I want him to see the repercussions on Jeanne.
I stood angrily for a while and not long after, my phone vibrated with a ring.
I brought it out from my pocket and discovered it was Carl calling.

Alex’s Pov:
I sat at the bar, staring at Carl, Daniel and Malcolm who were also staring at me.
We were the only ones there.
I seriously have no idea why they called me here.
Carl had pleaded with me to come, telling me it was of great importance and I had to accept.
But, we’ve been here for close to thirty minutes, yet they still hadn’t said a word.

“Okay, what the heck is this meeting all about? Cause, I have more important things to do”: I said impatiently and Carl sighed.

“Just hold on, Alex. Please…”
He was still speaking when someone else entered and I turned to see who it as.
I sprang on my feet immediately.
“What the hell is this?” I snapped at Carl and the rest.
“Alex, please; just calm down, okay…” Malcolm tried speaking.
“What do you mean calm down? Did you really call me here for this?”
Theo scoffed as he stood in front of us.
“When you told me you wanted to see me, you didn’t tell me Alex was involved”:he said to Carl who was also on his feet.
“Please guys, try to be matured, okay? Let’s just sit and talk” Daniel said in an appealing tone, but I couldn’t be satisfied.
Why the hell would they make me meet with Theo?
Carl placed his hand on my shoulder and signalled me to sit and after taking in a deep breath, I swallowed down my anger and returned to my seat.
Theo remained standing, but Carl also signalled him to sit and he did.
Now what?
“Alex, Theo” Daniel started.
“We need to talk”.
“Well, I’d suggest you’re fast about that, because I have somewhere else to go” Theo said derogatorily and it angered me to the guts.
“What ever happened, Theo?” Carl cut in and the whole place became silent.
“I mean, we were so perfect together. We were not even friends, but brothers.
“I remember how we’d sing together, dance together, eat together, share the same bed, have fun. You were the kindest person I knew back then. Everything was so perfect. So, what happened?”
There was a short silence, then Theo broke it up.
“Yeah, you’re right” he said unruffedly, looking at me.
“It was so perfect, before he ruined it”.
“I didn’t ruin a thing, okay? So, I’d suggest you point your dirty accusing finger elsewhere” I said angrily.
“Alex, please…”
“Damn it! I’m done trying to convince this son of a b***h. He crossed the limits the very day he laid his filthy hands on Jeanne” I vibrated and thumped my hand on on the table.
The whole thing was just too annoying.
“we didn’t call for this meeting so we could go on with further arguments. We called so we could resurrect peace in the band” Malcolm said.
“The only way to resurrect peace is to bring back my girlfriend, but that’s impossible because the animal already killed her” Theo rasped and I got on my feet.
“I didn’t fu*king killed her. And she wasn’t your girlfriend!” I snarled and he also stood on his feet.
“Yeah, but you know I had plans for her…”
“And you also knew i didn’t have a problem with that, Theo! I supported you in every possible way, but you’ve been stupid enough not to realise the circumstances changed and it wasn’t my fault!”
“Of course, it was! You took her away!”
“Well, that’s because they wanted her and I had no other choice. I had to give her away!”
“But, you should have thought about my feelings! You should’ve listened to my pleas and considered my tears. I begged you, Alex! You knew I loved her!”
“And I loved my mum as well!”
We both went silent and I sank my fingers into my hair. The loverboys were stunned, watching speechless. My heart was burning up and so was Theo’s.
“Listen to me, Theo” I said, going closer to him.
“I’m sorry for what happened to Olivia, I swear, if there had been any other option, I’d have taken it, even if it meant my life because I cared about your happiness.
“You’ve taken two lives for it already and I endured, but this time around…Jeanne…she’s different. And if you do anything crazy to her, I swear with my father’s grave, I’ll never forgive you and I wouldn’t mind spending a lifetime in jail just to make sure you die by my hands”.
And after saying that, I grabbed my car keys from the table and scurried off. The loverboys were probably too shocked to even call me back and I didn’t care. I left the building and went out to where my cars were parked. My guards hurriedly opened the door for me, but I went to the driver’s seat instead and told them I wanted to drive alone. I just didn’t want anyone around me. I turned on the ignition and scorched off on a high speed. I was so furious and felt driving at that moment might help.

Why did they have to make me see Theo tonight? It only brought up the anger in me again.
I know what I did was wrong; I know he was hurt, but it wasn’t also my fault. Besides, haven’t he had enough vengeance already? He killed Natalie, then Crystal. Isn’t that enough already?
I’m done trying to convince him. I’m done begging him. Now, it’s man to man and I’m gonna play the game the way he wants it to go.
I won’t let him ride over me again.

My phone began ringing and guessing it was probably one of the loverboys, I ignored it.
But, it kept ringing and being frustrated, I brought it out from my pocket and discovered it was Hetty. What? Why the hell is she calling me?
I picked the call just when it was about ringing to an end.

“Alex” she called when I didn’t say anything after picking the call.

“What’s it?” I asked, impatiently.

“Alex, where re you? We need to talk” she replied.

“I’m listening”. I was still driving.

“We need to meet up Alex, please. It’s important”
“I’m sorry, Hetty, but I don’t have time for that right now.” I replied huskily. I really didn’t want to see anyone at this moment.


“Bye” I cut her off and was about ending the call when she suddenly called Jeanne’s name.

“Its about Jeanne” she said and I fixed the phone back on my ear.

“What about her?” I asked, suddenly picking interest. She dallied a little before speaking up.

“Jeanne…She um…she’s pregnant, Alex” she said and I screeched the car to a halt immediately, right in the middle of the road; my eyes glistening.