The Jailbird Prologue


A story by Aaron Ansah Agyeman


All the characters in this story is the same as 45 days, and Wedding Of My Ex, but different story line, so don’t be confused

Chris Bawa, an incredibly handsome and strong thirty year old man is pardoned by the President for being of good behavior and released from the Grand Castle Prison after serving five years out of his ten year sentence. During his years in prison, he was not visited by any of family members and even the love of his life, Effe neglected him all through his imprisonment.

His release comes as a shock to everyone and nobody is willing to accept him; a criminal who dealt with drugs, gruesomely paralyzed an innocent young girl and raped his wife’s bestfriend.

The love of his life – his wife Effe welcomes him from prison with the divorce papers which he had been avoiding while he was in prison. She plans to get married to his best friend after the divorce.

Inspector Danso Cuger is still mad at Chris for blinding one of his eyes and is desperate to make him return to prison and rot there.

Only two people welcomed him from prison, Eyram his ex-wife’s twin and Junior his son who both showed love to him.

He tries to get back on track with his life, but with Miss Brooks and other crime temptation in his way, prison is calling again. Inspector Danso Cuger and other enemies are still desperate to make him return to jail, Chris finds it very difficult to stand.

And when everything seemed to fall back in place, when his life seemed to be going smoothly again, the life of the one who showed him true love is threatened. It makes him go wild and uncontrollable and whenever he does, he falls into big trouble.

Would the Jailbird return to jail?

This story is full of suspense, thrilling and romantic in every way. It keeps you at the edge of your seat until you get to the last word of the last episode. It is one of the best stories I’ve come across in recent times. Sit back, relax and enjoy it tomorrow


  1. Must you use the same characters all the time Dearly Beloved Author?

    The names those characters made for themselves in the 45 Days Story are still fresh on our minds please.

  2. I think using the same characters is very displeasing I didn’t even read wedding of my ex because of that and now a new story with the same characters ,dear writer do something about this it really not pleasant for me .Thank you

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