The Game Of Love And Obsession Episode 5


Jesse was snobbish outwardly, but needed fellowship inwardly. To him, the re-appearance of Jasmine was a miracle. Perhaps, that was God’s solution to heal his broken emotions. He had loved Jasmine in the past. Jasmine was way hotter than Theodora although Theodora had more character than her.

She was known for her promiscuity back in their school days. Maybe she had changed and become a better person due to life’s experience. The lingering affection for Jasmine began to resurface in Jesse’s heart. Upon this assumption, he decided to give Jasmine another chance. Jasmine could be the chosen one for him. Maybe, it was divinely calculated that Jasmine was the chosen one. If not so, then why had their paths intersected again in his greatest moment of despair.


Meanwhile, Desmond had not seen Sandra for days and he was getting worried. The last time he heard from her was when he called her in the office. He was hoping to spend some time with her, but that didn’t happen. Since then, Sandra had not been picking his calls. The only thing he had was just the passport-size photograph in his wallet. He looked at it day and night.

“What is wrong with Sandra these days? Is she sick or something? I have been trying to reach her, but all to no avail. I think I have to pay her a visit in the house. Today is Saturday and I think she will be in the house,” Desmond said and got up to dress. He was getting worried.

Sandra was in the house  thinking. She had been hoping to see Jesse after the along incident at her workplace, but it seems that wasn’t happening. She sometimes intentionally waited for him at the bus stop, but he never showed up. She was worried something had happened to him.

“I would have paid him a visit if I knew his house. But, as it stands now, I have no choice than to wait till I see him again. Wait!! What is happening to me? Am I having feelings for this guy? Hell no! I am just concerned I guess. I hardly fall in love. I am just worried for him. He seemed so disturbed. But, wait a minute, why is it that I can’t wait to see him? He is all I have been thinking about these past few days. What is happening to me!?” Sandra brooded over these thoughts as she laid in the sofa.

Sandra was startled when she heard a knock on her door. She was surprised because she wasn’t expecting any visitor.

“Who might this be? I am not expecting anyone,” she said as she ambled to the door to see who it was. She was surprised to see Desmond in her house.

“Hello, Sandra. How are you doing?” Desmond asked with a smile.

“I am well, Desmond. But, you didn’t tell me you were coming here,” Sandra said.

“Seriously! I have called you severally, but you weren’t picking my calls. Not to even talk about the tons of messages I have sent you. What is going on? Are you trying to avoid me?” Desmond asked with desperation and anguish in his voice.

“No, Desmond. That is not it. I hardly have time for my phone these days because of the meager. My phone is always on silent mode,” Sandra lied to Desmond.

“It is okay, Sandra. But, wait! You look worried. Like there is something on your mind. What is it?” Desmond asked.

“You are always a darling and the best friend I will ever have. You always know when something is wrong with me. Actually, I have been thinking a lot about something lately and I need advice,” said Sandra.

“What is it? You know I am always there for you,” Desmond asked.

“We can’t talk about it here. Let us go inside,” Sandra suggested. With that, Sandra led Desmond to the hall.

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“Am all ears, Sandra. What is it that you wanted to discuss with me? “ Desmond blurted out as soon as he sat down.

“Hmm.. Desmond. It looks like I am having a crush on someone,” Sandra confessed.

“Really!! That is nice! Who is this person?” Desmond asked and smiled. To him, he knew he was the one Sandra was referring to, but was shy to say it head-on.

“There is nothing to be shy of, Sandra. I have been waiting for this day for a long time,” said Desmond to Sandra.

“What if it is another person? No! That can’t be possible! I haven’t seen any guy around Sandra. I am the only male friend she has —”

“Desmond! Desmond!! Are you listening to me?” Sandra’s question brought Desmond back to reality. He has been thinking of all those things while Sandra was talking to him.

“Yes… No… Wait… What were you saying?” Desmond asked with a confused gesture. Sandra squinted at him, sighed and spoke again.

“ I was talking about my crush,” said Sandra.

“Oh, yes. Please continue,” Desmond said happily.

“I met this person, you know. Initially, I wasn’t attracted to him. But, he started being kind to me although in a strange way. I have been thinking about him throughout the week. To an extent, I can’t even concentrate on anything. All I think about is how he is always there for me when I needed help badly. Do you understand what I am trying to say?” Sandra asked.

“Of course!” Desmond responded.

“So what do you think? Do you think it is okay to let him know how I feel about him?” Sandra asked again.

“Why not, Sandra. You should let him know exactly how you feel. Who knows, he might be dying to be with you. You just need to come out of those walls you have built around yourself,” Desmond answered with the perception that Sandra was referring to him.

“That is a wonderful suggestion, Desmond. I think i will do just that! Thank you very much. You are a darling,” Said Sandra thankfully.

“You are welcome, dear. But, I think you should tell him now. Who knows, he might be dying to hear those words from your mouth now. Maybe, he can’t wait to be with you,” Desmond said passionately as he looked into Sandra’s eyes.

“Okay, I will do that,” Sandra said and picked her phone to make a call.

“Wait!! What are you doing?” Desmond asked.

“What does it look like I am doing? I am doing what you advised! I am calling my crush!” Sandra replied sharply and continued to look for Jesse’s contact number on her phone

“Sandra, wait a minute! So all this was about another guy!?” Desmond asked desperately.

“Another guy? What do you mean by that?” Sandra asked in shock.

“I thought you were talking about me!” Desmond said in exasperation.

“You!? Why would you think that!!?” Sandra responded still confused.

“What a question! You know I love you. And you know I have been trying my best all these years to impress you. I don’t understand why you always put other guys above me? Am I not good enough for you?” Desmond asked feeling very disappointed.

“Not that, Desmond. The problem is that, I see you as a brother and i don’t want to hurt or lose you. You are too good for me to lose over a break up,” Sandra said almost in tears.

“Don’t cry, Sandra. I hate to see you cry. That is why I want you to be mine so that I can protect you from all the hurts. I love you very much and I know you will understand this one day,” Desmond said.

“I am sorry, Desmond for hurting you. Please don’t abandon me,” Sandra pleaded.

“Come on! Why would I do that? I am with you. I wish you all the best with your new found love. I will be happy if he keeps you happy. Your happiness is my happiness,” Desmond said and faked a smile.

“Thank you very much, Desmond for your understanding. You are so understanding,” Sandra said and hugged Desmond.

“I think I will be taking my leave now. I will see you some other time,” Desmond said and took his leave.

Desmond was very disappointed on hearing the new development. He thought that he might be lucky this time to win the love of Sandra. But, that didn’t happen. He had tried everything in his power to make Sandra his own. He had put his life on hold for almost four years all to wait for that moment Sandra will accept him.

He left Sandra’s house very heartbroken although he told her he was okay. He was far from being okay. His hope had been deferred and he felt like he had wasted four years of his life.

…to be continued