The Game Of Love And Obsession Episode 4


Sandra stood and watched him enter the car. She stared until she could no longer see the tail light of the car.


Back at Jesse’s house, he was going through his things and realized he was running out of groceries.

“I need to go to the supermarket to get a few groceries. Today is Saturday, and I think I have the time. Next week is going to be busy because of the meager,” he said and took his wallet. Jesse went out of his house to the supermarket.

When Jesse got the supermarket, the place was packed with people. He quickly got his shopping cart to shop.

“Hey, Jesse!! Is that you!? Oh my God, I can’t believe this!! I thought I wouldn’t see you again!!” Said a lady in the supermarket, shouting at the top of her voice.

“Jasmine!! What are you doing here!!? I thought you have traveled overseas. Wow!! Really nice to see you!” said Jesse still surprised.

“Me too, Jesse. I am also happy to see you! I wasn’t able to go to Germany. I couldn’t get the scholarship I applied for. I am doing my masters degree here. Anyway, how is Theodora? I am sure by now you guys are married,” Jasmine asked teasingly.

Jesse’s countenance fell on hearing the name of Theodora. He was almost at the brink of shedding tears right in front of Jasmine. He had to control himself not to, least he disgraced himself.

“Jesse, why are you sad all of a sudden? What is it? Hey, you know you can tell me anything. Hey, Jesse, come on,” Jasmine said trying to convince Jesse to open up to her.

Jesse looked up into the eyes of Jasmine. She took the items he was holding in his hands, and led him out of the supermarket.

“Dear, let’s sit in my car and talk,” she said and opened the door of the car for Jesse to enter. She used the door on the other side.

“Now, no one is here. Can you tell me what is wrong with you? I never knew you to be like this! You were the most free-spirited and happy person I knew back in school. You always had smiles on your face. Please tell me what is bothering you. Who knows? I might be of help,” Jasmine said still trying to convince Jesse. Finally, Jesse sighed and started to speak.

“Jasmine, I have been through a lot of bad experiences in these past months. Something I never thought or dreamt could happen to me happened. You were aware of my relationship with Theodora. You know how we came together. That was after you bounced me for that sugar daddy. I was so brokenhearted that I couldn’t even concentrate on my studies. I couldn’t even eat. Theodora came through for me. She came as a divine compensation to the pain you caused me.

Although, “Dor” was ahead of me two years in school, she was always humble and respected my decision as a man. She was all I could’ve ever ask for in a future wife. Her sense of humor, kindness and her caring tendencies made me love her the more. I completely forgot about the pain. I always thanked my stars that you didn’t accept my proposal at the time. She was always patient with me. She always said she would wait for me to finish school and get a job so we could together prepare for our marriage.

Our nice relationship began to deteriorate when her boss started making advances towards her. Initially, she talked to me about it and we could laugh over it sometimes. We could tease the boss together when the issue came up. But, it got to a time she stopped talking about him. I thought that meant he had stopped making those advances towards her. I didn’t make an issue out of it. In fact, I forgot about it entirely since it wasn’t necessary and was a trivial issue..

Theodora’s attitude towards me changed completely as the days went by. I suddenly became an enemy to her. She stopped calling me and even stopped sending me night messages. The sad aspect of the whole issue was that, she stopped picking my calls. I even remember an incident she threw me out of her house. In fact, i was devastated. I was very confused and sad. I didn’t know what had caused this change of attitude overnight.

I heard rumors of her always moving around with her boss. I didn’t take them serious because i hadn’t seen them with my eyes.

I was in the house one day when Theodora came to visit. I was so happy to see her around because i hadn’t set my eyes on her for almost two months. But, my happiness was shattered into pieces when she handed her wedding invitation card to me. I was so shocked and terrified at the same time. I became speechless as I looked into her eyes. Tears welled up in my eyes and began to stream down my cheeks on their own accord.

There was no remorsefulness in her countenance. She rather looked excited.

“I will be expecting you at the wedding, Jesse. Please, don’t disappoint me by not coming. I will be hurt if you do that,” she said that and joyfully stormed out of my house, Jasmine! I have not been the same again. I always think about her and her betrayal. I have lost interest in love, Jasmine,” Jesse explained and started to cry.

“Jesse… Jesse… It is okay! There is no need in killing yourself over this issue. Please calm down,” she said as she took out a handkerchief from her bag and began to wipe the tears off his face. “I am here for you now, Jesse. I caused all these troubles in your life and I am back to fix them if you will give me another chance. I regret ever bouncing you for that old fool! He destroyed me! I have been looking for you everywhere to make amends and I am glad I have found you today. Don’t cry over Theodora again!! I will do everything in my power to make you forget her, I promise you that!!” Jasmine said with confidence.

“Let me drive you to your house, dear. We could catch up on old times, watch an interesting movie together or maybe I can cook for you,” said Jasmine.

“I would have loved the cooking aspect, but my groceries are finished. That was why i came to the supermarket to get some. I am really famished,”Jesse lamented.

“That is not a problem at all. Stay in the car and let me get them. I will be back soon,” Jasmine said and left the car with her handbag. She came back in ten minutes with the groceries, entered the car and left with Jesse to his house

Jesse was snobbish outwardly, but needed fellowship inwardly. To him, the re-appearance of Jasmine was a miracle. Perhaps, that was God’s solution to heal his broken emotions. He had loved Jasmine in the past. Jasmine was way hotter than Theodora although Theodora had more character than her. She was known for her promiscuity back in their school days. Maybe she had changed and become a better person due to life’s experience.

The lingering affection for Jasmine began to resurface in Jesse’s heart. Upon this assumption, he decided to give Jasmine another chance. Jasmine could be the chosen one for him. Maybe, it was divinely calculated that Jasmine was the chosen one. If not so, then why had their paths intersected again in his greatest moment of despair.

…to be continued