The Game Of Love And Obsession Episode 12

“I will deal with you, Jasmine. Watch out!! And I mean it,” Sheila threatened. “There is nothing you can do, my friend. Go to hell!!” Jasmine retorted, entered her car and drove off.

Jesse went straight to Sandra’s bed when he got to the hospital. He was really shocked that it was real that Sandra was hit by a car.

“Jesse, you are here,” said Sandra indistinctly when she opened her eyes and saw Jesse sitting beside her bed.

“Go back to sleep, Sandra. You need rest. I will be here when you wake up,” said Jesse to Sandra. He held her other unaffected hand and waited for her to go back to sleep. He got up and went straight to the doctor’s office. He knocked on the door of the doctor’s office and was asked to enter.

“Please, have a seat,” said the doctor to Jesse. Jesse sat on the chair opposite the doctor. “What can I do for you, gentleman?” asked the doctor.

“Please, I am a friend of Sandra’s. The lady who was hit by a car. I came to inquire if there is anything I need to do,” responded Jesse.

“Finally! Someone who knows her in person has shown up. What about her family? Are any of them reachable?” the doctor asked again.

“None I know of, doctor. We recently got acquainted. I don’t really know about that part of her life yet. But, her family is not in this town. She relocated to this place because of work. That is why I am here. I want the bills so that I can settle them,” responded Jesse.

“Alright, young man. You can go to the cashier with this folder. He will tell you how much you are to pay,” said the doctor as he gave Sandra’s hospital folder to Jesse. Jesse thanked him and went to the Cashier.


Jasmine got to the house very bored. She was really angry at Sheila for trying to disgrace her at the nightclub.

“Just imagine!! Sheila coming to fight with me over that broke guy. If not for the fact that I needed something to do to occupy my mind, how on earth would I have stoop so low to his standard. I regret allowing myself to be patronize by that customer. I didn’t even know he was Sheila’s customer. Anyway, that is how the game is. We fight today and laugh tomorrow. I guess we all had stuffs to deal with. Everything will be fine by tomorrow,” said Jasmine to herself as she laid down to sleep. She was asleep in no time because she was weary.


Sandra woke up the next day to find Jesse sleeping in the chair beside her. She tried to move and touch him, but wasn’t able to do that because of the pain she was feeling. She just smiled and watched him for a long time. Jesse finally woke up and saw Sandra staring at him.

“Good morning, sleeping handsome,” Sandra teased while Jesse rubbed his eyes.

“You are awake, Sandra. That is very good. I am happy to see you smile,” Jesse confessed.

“Aren’t you going to work? It is past 8:00am,”Sandra asked.

“Don’t worry about work, Sandra. Your life is more important. I called the office to inform them of the situation. I told them you had no relative around, so I was given a day off to attend to you. I will go to work tomorrow,” said Jesse.

“That is very nice of you, Jesse, ”Sandra said with lots of emotions. They became quiet for sometime. Jesse held her hand again and spoke.

“Sandra, I didn’t realized I have grown fond of you until I thought I lost you. You are a nice person and please don’t scare me again. I don’t want to lose you. You have been such a wonderful person in my life, Jesse said. Sandra’s face gleamed as she heard those words from Jesse. She was about to talk when they were interrupted by a phone call. Apparently, someone was calling Jesse. Jesse looked on his phone and realized it was Jasmine calling.

“Hello, Jesse, my dear. How are you this morning,” Jasmine said when Jesse picked the call.

“I am doing well, Jasmine,” Jesse replied. Sandra’s countenance changed when she realized Jesse was speaking to Jasmine. She became jealous.

“I want to apologize for yesterday. I wasn’t myself. I had been stressed lately. I am sorry for the outburst, Jesse. Please forgive me,” said Jasmine .

”Don’t worry, Jasmine. I understand and I am not mad at you either, Jesse said to the relief of Jasmine.

“I am glad to hear that sweetheart. How is work?” Jasmine asked.

“Oh, I wasn’t able to go to work today,” Jesse answered.

Jasmine smiled when she heard that. That meant she could have some alone time with Jesse. She thought that after all, Sandra was out of the way now.

“What is wrong, Jesse? Are you not feeling well? I could come over to your place,” said Jasmine.

“I am fine, dear. I am at the hospital at the moment,” Jesse replied.

“Hospital? Why would you be in the hospital if you are well?” Jasmine asked curiously.

“It is Sandra, my dear. She had an accident yesterday. That was why she couldn’t come to my place yesterday,” Jesse explained.

“Is she dead!!” Jasmine asked with a lot of anticipation.

“No! She is not dead. She sustained some injures, but the doctor said she will be fine,” said Jesse.

“I see. That is good news,” Jasmine said indistinctly.

“But, why has your voice gone down all of a sudden?” Jesse asked.

“Nothing, it is just that I am sad,” said Jasmine.

“Me too, Jasmine, but I am happy she didn’t die as a result of the accident,” Jesse said.

“Same here. You know what Jesse? I have to attend to something right now. I will call you back later,” Jasmine lied.

“Oh, sure,” Jesse said. With that Jasmine ended the call, Jasmine was confused. She paced her room for several minutes in confusion.

“How could this girl survive the accident. I intentionally hit her hard because I wanted her dead. Now this is worse. Jesse will now be spending more time with her because she is in the hospital. I know him. He is always drawn to weakness. I have to do something. But, what should I do? Should I go to the hospital and finish what I started? No! that is a bad idea. I might get caught. Most hospitals have surveillance cameras and my face will be captured. What should I do now? I think I should call the girls to discuss this with them. Friendly Tigress and Sheila always have solutions to issues like this. Yes! I will call and go to them for more ideas. Sheila can help me. Come to think of it. Would she? Considering what happened yesterday. Oh, that is nothing. I know Sheila. She had a lot to drink yesterday. I think she won’t even remember what happened yesterday and even if she does, it is no big deal. Stuffs like this happen all the time. She will forgive me,” Jasmine brooded over these thoughts as she paced in her room.

What do you think Sheila will do? Is it true she had forgotten about the fight?

…to be continued