The Game Changer Episode 8


Getting to his place i looked around the two bedroom house he lived in. “No wonder the man would do anything for money. The kind of home he had was enough to tell me he was a poverty stricken man. Not that what he got from his pay as a warden was so meagre, but the guy was good at spending more than he earned more on drinking than taking care of his family.

Recalling how i met him, i had gotten out of the jungle with Queen. After hearing her story of how she was betrayed by the man she had trusted and loved, he hooked up another lady after promising her marriage.

She told me people had told her to be careful with that man but she had insisted on giving him a million chances. According to her, she had decided to look at his good side which cost her.

” i trusted him and he went for another woman. When i confronted him at a shopping mall as he walked around with the same woman, the lady raised her voice at me throwing all sorts of insults on me whilst he watched in silence.

The worst happened when the lady decided to fight me” she spoke her voice hoarse, she was almost bursting out in tears i could see her fight them back.

” that woman with everything in her pulled my dress leaving me completely nude in that public place whilst everyone watched in awe. I was so ashamed as people flashed their phones taking some pics of my naked body, others shouting at me naming me a prostitute. I have never been that embarrassed in my life Steven, it was the worst day of my life and i decided to quit the sales personnel job for a known supermarket and ran away to this place, away from the shame and embarrassment i had seen on the social medias. Thats how come i have stayed out here with my grand father for almost a year now” she told me and i felt bad for her.

I knew i was not so gentle with women, in fact i never had one so close as to have a defined relationship, but to treat someone like that was not appealing at all.

A few days later, i decided to leave the jungle and i convinced her to go with me.

” you can not hide from the world for good Queen. You better go back to the city and start living a normal life” i told her.

” but how? It’s not like am so educated, i only went up to grade 12 and with no papers to push for a job, i will not easily start over. My parents are late and i dont have any relatives i can rely on to keep me. My grandfather catches fish and we farm together. Life is cheaper here” she refused my offer.

” lets get to the city and i will help you start over, its the least i can do for what you and your grand father has done for me” i begged her.

She finally agreed and that’s how come we both got to the city. My home was as deserted as i left it. Luckily i kept a spare key hidden under the small stones around the house as the entire yard was green with grass.

The following day i gave her money to start some business and rent her own house away from my home. I never wanted her anywhere near. Knowing i might engage in a dangerous mission. Having her in the way of danger was something i didnt want.

A week after i talked to a few people and thats how i started finding out about my friends plot to eliminate me.

Through some guys i managed to get contact with a guy they called Chanje who worked as a warder at a prison Makasa was. I was told there were some money laundering case for the guys and to escape the blame, they decided to make it look like Makasa was in the wrong and agreed for him to get a 1 year imprisonment of course on false pretence.

Finding it difficult to get closer to Jacob and Mberere, i decided to approach him first

I spent the first 6 months of my coming back working on a plan to get to him. Hiring some guys to help me out and Chanje was one of them.

I paid him off to help with the security details of the prison. He was the guy that turned off the power to allow me passage across the fence and placed the warden uniform inside the buildings for me.

Now that i noticed how much i was being followed, it clicked that he was the one that sold me out cause i had given him my phone with him claiming he had to plant a chip to help communicate and warn me from inside the cells where i was seeing Makasa without having to call.

He did well giving me directions in and out of the prison. But if my suspicions were right, he was the guy that gave the tracking device away to the guys after me, was what i was thinking at that moment. I had no other logic explanation other than that.

So here i was watching his house in silence trying to imagine what i would do to him if he was the one playing me. With his love for money, i now knew i couldn’t trust him.

” okey time to wake up b******!” I screamed in my head as i got out of my newly acquired vehicle, a black jeep with tinted windows.

I knocked at the door three times ensuring my knock was loud enough to wake a sleeping child.

I waited looking at my wrist watch, a minute past and i was almost kicking the door open when i heard foot steps approaching.

” who is there? ” i heard Chanje’ s voice call out.

I smiled knowing he was sobber. The right condition to be dealt with.

” its me Steve” i announced and heard him sign. It was quiet for a moment.

” what do you want at this hour Steve. Come back tomorrow ” he responded

” well, i can’t, i need to ask you something and trust me, either you open this door for me in a normal way or i break it open myself ” i told him.

It was silent again and the next thing i heard was the turning of the key the door lock.

” what….” he almost spoke but i gave him no chance, i pulled him out in a grip closing back the door with one hand.

” son of a bi*ch !” i yelled angrily, ” who paid you off to track my phone?” I asked shaking his shirtless body.

” oh calm down man, i helped you in and you paid me so whats this? I have no idea what you are talking about” he stammered trying to raise his hands but i held him down.

” oh you have no idea what am talking about huh? Where is the tracking device you used to monitor my phone?” I asked him hitting him in his face the darkness of the night prevented me from seeing the impact of my blow on his face but i heard him spit, i knew given a little light, i would see the blood from his mouth and probably nose.

” i destroyed it the other day, i swear i didnt give it to anyone else” he winced in pain but i was not convinced.

” well lets see maybe this will refresh your memory” i raised my fist ready to hit him and he screamed aloud.

” okey okey please don’t hit me again. Please i was just afraid of losing my job. I have kids and a wife to look after.” He pleaded crying like a child.

” don’t lie to me dammit! I know you like money and you probably sold me out to make more than i gave you. ” i scolded him pulling him away from his yard lest the family inside woke up .

” so start telling me the truth before i finish you off” i told him placing him down besides the jeep.

” i was rooted out by my friend, I told him about our deal but he betrayed me after the internal interrogation they conducted hours after you broke in on the very day.

” i was tortured and made to speak and when i mentioned your name they asked how i got you in and they decided to get the tracker instead, to get to you” he explained and i shook my head continuously.

” so it was easier to sell me out after chewing my money you coward. Now tell me who got that device ” i held his neck

” i don’t know” he shivered, ” someone from the high ranks in the military. they said you have some issues with high intelligence operations and were on the wanted list. I had no option Steve, don’t kill me” he cried kneeling down as i cocked the gun pointing at his head.

” okey stand up” i placed the gun in by belt.

” here is what we shall do” i told him making sure he was paying attention.

” do you love your family Chanje?” I asked him after i was done giving him my fresh orders.

” yes sir” he responded

” good, cause when you cross me again i will make sure i cut off their throats as you watch.” I said pointing at his house, he knew who i meant. ” Just know that am watching your every move” i warned and left him there a few minutes later.

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The time i was getting to the second lodge it was almost dawn. The twilight sky was coming up and in a long time, i sat outside sitting on the car boot laying my head down and watched in silence.

I felt the fresh breeze of the morning touch my face and i allowed myself to relax. I realised i felt tired and needed to rest. I had not slept in almost 5 days and the effect of not sleeping was catching up.

I looked around when the sun was just coming up and decided to get inside the room i had booked. I had thrown away my stained vest and wore a lose tshirt i found in the back of the car i assumed belonged to one of the hit men that had sent to me.

I had made up my mind to posses the jeep as a repayment for the truck they had burnt down. My intention was to get a new number plate when i got the chance.

Looking from side to side and i got to my room, i entered and locked the doors, afterwards i went in the bathroom taking a long warm bath cleaning out all the blood stains on my skin.

” hey Queen how is it going there?” I called queen after laying down on my bed before falling asleep.

” hey its you finally, you decide to call. Whats going on Steven, you have not come to visit me since you found me this house, you don’t want to check on the progress of this business you helped me start. Tell me whats going on please am worried ” she whispered i could tell she was still in bed.

” am okey, was just busy with some things and when everything is okey i promise i will come over. For now i cant okey? Just trust me i can take care of myself” i sighed

” well the more reason am worried. Everyone needs to be taken care of sometimes and for the time i have come to know you, you think you have it under control. Let that pain and bitterness go already. You are alive thats what ma……..” she couldn’t continue as i cut her off.

” listen, i got to go now. Will talk to you some other time and probably using a different line” i quickly spoke and cut the line before she could go on her lectures of letting go and forgiveness.

All i needed was some good rest and i planned to kick off my plan after some hours. I placed my phone close to my hand and let sleep take me out.

I woke up with a start as there was a loud knock from the door. Without hesitation i held my gun in my hands walking my nude self to the door. I never slept with clothes on whenever i wanted to have a good rest.

” who is there?” I asked standing behind the door.

” room service! We are worried about you sir, you have been in there for over hours and its almost getting dark. We thought you might want to order some food or something” the voice of a woman spoke.

I looked at my phone.. ” oh s***!, i have slept for over 10 hours” i whispered to myself.

” what was that?” The woman asked, i could tell she had her eyes to the door.

” um am okey and i can use some food. Give me the best you have here and a pack of cigarettes i told her without opening the door and walked back to bed after hearing her foot steps walking away.

I took another bath, cold this time and clad myself in dark jeans and a black v necked tshirt.

A few minutes later, i had my meal and called in some guy with some building plans.

I met him by the road away from the lodge and paid him off. Good i could have someone organise some things remotely thanks to Ackim.

I pulĺed out a small bag and started sketching the map of the offices i was heading to.

” well lets see what you do when i get to your well furnished office Sir..” i spoke to myself drawing a pencil around the plans planning my way in and out.

…to be continued