The Devil Who Loved Me ~Episode 12


Chibuzor kept saying incoherent words at the back of the vehicle. His girlfriend was still crying while Toun laughed and drove. I was not happy about the Volvo tailing us. So I texted Jafar. “Oga tell your boys to stop following me” I wondered if weed was indeed this powerful. I had never smoked one before.
Chibuzor: I want to swim We all acted like we didn’t hear. I wondered what Timi was doing when I called him. I wondered if my calling him was just an excuse to see him. My phone beeped, signaling a message. “Night Ma’am”, Jafar’s message said. I looked at the side mirror to see if the Volvo was still following us, there it was..all big and Ugly. I was cursing Jafar under my breathe when I noticed the Volvo slow down to take a right turn. “thanks”, I texted Jafar. “lol”, he texted back
Chibuzor : I believe I can fly
Once again we ignored him. Getting to the hospital, we held Chibuzor and forcefully took him into the reception where some members of staff checked him in. while Toun and I remained in the reception, Timi and Chibuzor’s girlfriend followed him inside. As they led him in he shouted “PDP”, the people around the hospital laughed in return. I saw a figure limp toward me, I felt bad for whoever it was that had the broken leg. Until I noticed it was Acho. Beside him was Yewande, holding him as he limped on. I felt very bad, the normally proud Acho that walked with swag looked pitiful.As soon as he saw me, he looked in the other direction, but Yewande looked at me and hissed. She left her boyfriend and came to me.
Yewande: have you seen what you have caused? When I am finished with you, you will regret ever being in this school. I kept quiet but Toun was having none of it.
Toun: You cannot do more than a hanging pant! Sometimes I wondered if Toun’s father was a judge or she was adopted.
Yewande: Mrs PA, na bottle we go use tear your mouth
Toun: Razzo! Bottles aint for fighting dear,its for drinks. Stooping to your level is pretty ridiculous mehn.. Chai, if they beat me because of Toun’s mouth, our friendship is over.
Yewande: Ehen, because your people get money, you think you are all that?
Toun: f–k off jor! You and your messed up boyfriend. Yewande smiled, informing us we would hear from her soon.
Timi came out some minutes later, informing us that Chibuzor had been admitted and his chic would be spending the night with him in the hospital. Timi got a call.
Timi: Hey Annie…. …..sure, I am on my way … problem. He hung up.
Timi: Nkem…I have to leave you guys..Annie needs a lift
Me: No problem , thanks for coming at such short notice.
Toun: thanks dear Toun hugged him, he came to me for a hug too, I blanked the heart robber.
Timi: I can give you guys tfare thou
Me: don’t worry, we have enough with us.
Toun: my regards to Annie.
I might just end up poisoning Toun, I thought to myself. Now, the truth was that we didn’t have tfare back to the house. We left our purses in the room. Toun called Abayomi to come pick us up at Bele. So we walked to Bele to chill for him. As usual, the place was filled with students drinking different brands of beers. Toun spotted kofo and told me that we should walk up to her.
Kofo: hey Toun, Tana, babes howfar?
Toun: we dey o
Me: Kofo howfar. Are you here alone or you came with a friend?
Kofo: I came with a group of friends. It’s a friend of mine’s birthday
Toun: oh, so how is the campaign going?
Kofo: It is going well, I think Timi is doing a good job
Toun: what of Abayomi, you think he will be a good president? Kofo stammered abit, like her, I didn’t know what Toun was up to.
Kofo: I think so, but I should be asking you, you be him babe na..
Toun: but we are both straffing him na? I wished the floor would swallow me. Something told me she knew I was aware of the ‘fuckage’.
Kofo: what do you mean, what kind of accusation is that? We are just friends o.. Toun smiled and turned to me.
Toun: Tee lets leave here, she disgusts me. I quietly followed Toun. I wanted to apologize for keeping it from her but I kept my mouth shut.
Me: isn’t Abayomi supposed to pick us up here?
Toun: I will text him to meet us at bebe
Me: how did you find out about Kofo?
Toun: I found out a while ago, and I know u knew about it
Me: Abayomi has ended it
Toun: I know that too, remember those geeks that came requesting you drop kofo as the campaign manager?
Me: yes
Toun: I told them to put it in the contract.
Me: you are dangerous o
Toun: I am not dangerous; I am just protecting what’s mine
Me: why didn’t you break up with him?
Toun: whats the probability that I would find someone better who wouldn’t cheat? Atleast when I deprive him of s-x sometimes, I don’t feel guilty.
Me: oh
We were lost in our talk that we didn’t see a car pull over beside us. Before I could say jack, Toun and I were bundled inside the car. There was two guys at opposite sides of the door guiding Toun and I, the glasses of the car was tinted while the stereo was at full blast.
Guy in front : Na you wan be vice-president abi? We were driven around blind-folded for a long time before the car stopped. When my eyes were opened, I realized we were in an incomplete building. Toun and I were tied down to a chair on sitting position. I started thinking of my parents and my sister. Is it worth to lose my life just because of University presidency? The person I was doing it for was probably enjoying himself somewhere now.
The guys that brought us in left us alone for about fifteen minutes before another guy came in. he was an albino…a scary looking albino.
Albino guy: Tana, Toun welcome
Me: what are we doing here, people will realize we are missing and you will be in trouble
Toun: serious trouble o, do you know the daughter of whom I am?
Albino guy: my name is Skanty.. He smiled exposing very ugly yellow looking teeth.
Skanty: what are you looking for in SUG?
Me: what is the big deal that you are kidnapping us?
Skanty: its not a game for people like you and Abayomi, why not face your studies and graduate?
Toun: why not release us before you get into trouble?
Skanty smiled again, this time he brought out a metallic object that looked like a gun…it was a gun
Toun: Jesu….
Me: what do you want from us?
Skanty: You will call Abayomi and tell him to step down, tell him u and Toun’s lives are on the line. If he tells the police, you are in trouble.As soon as we verified that he has stepped down, you are free..its that easy
Me: you can’t be serious His eyebrow shut up like I just said the most stupid thing possible. He got our phones and left the compartment.
Me: Toun are you scared
Toun: not really. Abayomi will step down and we will be free
Me: but I dnt like blackmail. It’s not fair
Toun: I am just tired, its trouble every time since he declared for this position Twisting my neck, I looked at town as she looked helpless sitting on the chair.
Toun: I want to pee
Me: me too
We kept quiet for a while, and then I started laughing for no reason. Toun looked at me like I was mad, then she started laughing too. After a while my laughter turned to crying, as expected..Toun started crying too. It just dawned on us that we might be killed. I didn’t know the time it was, but it was morning when the Albino came around. He brought us slices of bread and tea.
Me: we want to Pee
Toun: and take our bath
Skanty: to pee is okay, but taking your bath?… not possible.. Skanty scratched his head like he was wondering how he was gonna make us pee. He brought out his gun and told loosened Toun from the chair. He did same with me.
Skanty: now pull your clothes, everything…
Toun: we just wanna pee…no need to pull all our clothes He started shouting..
Skanty: pull all your clothes now! I started pulling mine; it took Toun a few minutes to join me. When we were stark naked, he told us to pee.
Me: we should pee here?…isn’t there any toilet Skanty’s attention was on my boobs and shaved V. he didn’t bother answering me. Toun faced the wall, squatted and peed. The sound of her pee triggered mine. I spread my legs and peed standing…I noticed Skanty’s erection..p—–t !
Me: give me the phone let me call Abayomi
Skanty: so soon? I was just enjoying myself… When he gave me the phone, I made the call..
Me: hello.. …Toun and I have been kidnapped.. ….you are to step down so they can release us… …please hurry.. He didn’t say anything as I spoke..all I heard was a hmmmm…then Jafar hung up.
To be continued