The Coffin Maker Episode 42


As Kwaku Mike went into his room to pack his things after the brief meeting with his mum and dad, he packs only some few things of his so that his sister won’t come and see him before he leaves the house. Inside him, he was already missing her sister and wanted to tell her how much he loved her even though they fight a lot in the house.

Akua Yankey, on the other hand, packs a little food(beans stew and riped plantain) into a little bag and hands it over to his son as he was about leaving the house.

Opana said a short prayer with his son and before leaving he added an extra seven hundred and fifty cedis to the cheque he had already given to his son.

Kwaku Mike left the house very happy and picks a taxi to the bank and makes a deposit of the cheque into his account. When he got out of the bank, he quickly made a call to his friend to alert him of his coming to the city and the friend was so happy to hear the coming of his friend over to the city. He rushed to the lorry station which was not far from the bank. As he walked to the man selling the ticket, a woman outsmarted him and got to the man selling the ticket first and bought the last ticket the man had for the very bus loading. Unfortunately for Kwaku Mike, the bus was full so he had to wait for the next bus which was even bigger than the one that was about leaving, he went back to the man who was selling the tickets to buy one for himself but the man told him that for this bus the conductor will collect the money when the bus was in motion so he can take a seat in the bus. He walked to the big bus biting his lips because he felt that woman had not been fair to him by outsmarting him to get the last ticket. He took a seat next to the window behind the driver and since no one was in the bus he decided to eat the food his mother had packed for him and after taking the food, he decided to sleep a little because he wanted to stay awake all throughout the journey.

After a while, Kwaku Mike wakes up to see that the bus is half full and he starts getting some funny movement in his stomach which makes him pass some gas out which was unpleasant. Quickly he gets down from the bus and goes to the man who was selling the tickets and asked if he could get a place of convenience to ease himself.

After he was done easing himself he walked back to the bus to meet the bus filled up and his seat occupied by another man, he told the man that he was the one sitting there but the man refused to relinquish the seat. Some people who were already in the bus before Kwaku Mike got down, tried to talk to the man for him to just give the seat to Kwaku Mike but he was adamant saying to them that he was also in a hurry.

Moreover, no one on the bus had bought a ticket like him so no one should bother him or else, he will beat anyone who talks against him. The driver came to sit behind his steering but came to meet confusion in his bus, he tried to settle the problem but his efforts proved futile, all of a sudden Kwaku Mike started feeling the strangling on his neck and immediately he remembered what his father said to him and he got down from the bus, some people were against his motive of getting down from the bus but he told them not to worry and that he will wait for the next bus.

After the long wait, Kwaku Mike hears someone screaming Accra, Accra, Accra, last one going. Immediately, he jumped on his feet and run to where the sound was coming from. When he got there he saw a black 4×4 land cruiser packed there, he enquired and the driver told him that he is from an NGO and that he brought some white people to run a survey. As he was driving back to Accra alone, he had a problem with his car so he had to use his fuel money to repair the car so picking up people as passengers will help him buy fuel back to Accra,

Kwaku Mike smiled and told him he was willing to journey with him all the way to the capital city of Ghana. He called his friend to update him on what had taken place and that his battery was running low so in case he calls him and his phone is off he should know that he is on his way coming.

The journey was smooth from the start as the driver made his passengers comfortable by putting on the car air conditioner. All of a sudden, it started raining heavily on the way accompanied by thunder. The driver told everyone in the car to fasten their seatbelt because the journey was going to be tough and rough.

After driving about twenty-three miles, there was this heavy thunder strike and lighting and we heard a loud explosive sound ahead of us and then we later saw thick smoke pushing its way to the sky through the rain.

The 4×4 driver stepped on the accelerator so he could get to the place the sound and smoke was coming from. In no time we got to the place and to my greatest surprise, the bus that I was fighting my way to get a seat in but didn’t get because of that rude man was involved in a very fatal accident.

The bus had run into a ditch and caught fire so we got down from the land cruiser after the driver parked at a reasonable distance to see if there were some people we could save. In the process of going to the burning bus I stepped on something and when I checked, it was a new Samsung 6edge phone in a nice leather case so I picked it up and placed it in my pocket before going closer to the bus but the bus exploded again and the flame that met us nearly burnt us, we run back to the land cruiser and looking back I saw a huge tree lying at the side of the road.

Using my mind to calculate what led to the accident, I came with the view that the tree fell on the road and the driver of the bus possibly tried to dodge the tree which made him lose control and run into the ditch. As we sat in the car, I took my mind back and tried remembering some of the pretty faces I saw in the bus and there was this beautiful lady I spotted and had plans to take her number when we get to the capital city, I was thankful to God in my head but sad I couldn’t get the lady of that very bus.

I took my phone out of my bag to check the time and I saw 24missed calls and 4messages on my screen. Apparently my phone had moved to the silent mode so I didn’t hear when the calls were coming through. As I checked those who had tried to get in touch with me, I saw that 11 came from my mum, 3 from my dad, 6 from a foreign number and 4 from my friend in the city.

The messages also came from my bank, the foreign number and my friend. My bank had sent me my account balance, my friend wanted to know where I had gotten to so that he could come and pick me up at the lorry station and the foreign number was also from Juliana Ohenewaa Dotse.

The content was for me to call her back the moment I got the message. I decided to call my father first then later call my mum because I knew they were trying to get to know if possibly I had gotten to the capital city or I was getting closer but the news I got was unpleasant.

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On Phone:

Michael Ansah

Hello papa, sorry my phone went to silent mood so I didn’t hear you were calling, I just brought my phone out from the bag and saw your missed calls together with mommy’s own. Eeeeiiiii papa, you can’t believe the miracle the necklace did this afternoon at the lorry park this afternoon. Hello, papa, are you there?


(in a dull and calm voice) Hmmmm my son I’m here ooo, your mum and I were calling you for an emergency reason, we wanted to know if you were still in town or you are in the bus going to the city.

Michael Ansah

Papa, I’m in a car going to the city, so papa because I left the house for just some hours and you are missing me already? Your voice is even shaking as you are talking or is there a problem?


My son. there is a big problem back here, after you left someone brought news that your younger sister has been knocked down by a toilet car and truly as we rushed there, she was been conveyed to the hospital so that was why we were calling you to alert you of it.