The Coffin Maker Episode 41



After listening to both parties carefully and having a short discussion with my able elders, we have come to a conclusion which will bring peace to both parties. First I would like to throw light on these important things to both of you, we have to note that anything that you come across which is not yours, you must first send the thing to the appropriate quarters for the rightful owner to come and claim ownership for the thing with a perfect description.

Two, we should learn to be our brother’s keeper and have compassion for our fellow man and not treat others like they are outcast. Lastly, let’s learn to always live in peace and harmony with each other. If your neighbour treats you in a way you don’t like, first go to him in a submissive way and talk to him or her. If there’s no understanding, the door to this palace is always opened to handle such matters.

Now my verdict: clearly the story that was narrated to us by both parties shows that the lotto coupon doesn’t belong to the woman, but for her to have taken good care of the coupon she will be rewarded handsomely. I, together with my elders came up with the idea that the woman should be given a portion of the money from the lotto since she was unfairly ejected by her landlord. Mr Commander, I leave the sharing part to you since you are the reason we are all gathered here.

In addition, for the woman, my elders and I have decided to give her a small plot of land close to the government school so that she can build for herself a small house and move in with her family later for free. With the powers given to me by my forefathers and elders here, I have spoken and so shall it be.


Well said, your highness.


Thank you so much, your highness, you have indeed proven to me that domestic wisdom is not for sale anywhere. I’m satisfied with your judgement and anything the commander says from now will be accepted by me and my family. May you live long your highness, and may your reign continue to blossom every rising day. My wise elders, I salute you and pray for strength and divine wisdom over your lives, I am very grateful.

Eno Bruwaa

My lord even though I don’t fully agree to your judgement, I accept your final verdict and I promise to abide by it. May our forefathers bless you with more wisdom and life for you to continue to be our great chief. It is a privilege to come before you and thank you for the land you promised to give to me.


I’m glad everyone is happy with my judgement. From here, I will let one of the elders go with you and allocate your land to you for you to start your building project with the money you get from here since you don’t have any place to stay for now.


I’m overwhelmed, your highness with the way you settled this serious issue so easily! You have made both parties very happy and everyone has accepted the verdict without any further complaint. Madam, I hereby give you 15% of the total amount and the rest goes to you, sir. On this note, I will ask permission to take leave my elders, since I have to deal with some other matters also at the station.

Opana and his family went back home very excited. Opana and his wife went into their bedroom and had a little conversation and as they came back from the bedroom, Akua Yankey started making merry for the victory that came to their side. She gave money to Bernice to rush to the market to get some foodstuffs so she prepares a wonderful meal for the family. Opana also remembered what Skido told him before he fled and he sat Kwaku Mike down to have a man to man talk with his mother seated in the talk.

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My son, time wasted can never be regained. Day in and day out, you are growing and you need to settle down. Sometimes in our lives we need to move out from our comfort zone to a zone we are not okay with, that is what we call life. Limes and smile have the same words but with a different arrangement.

The sun has a time that it shines during the day and the moon also has its time for glowing during the night, it is time for you to start glowing because it is no longer day time. You might be asking yourself why is your father saying all these things at this particular time; my reason is very simple, I want you to wake up and face the future because you have no business and life in this town.

I have been making a little enquiry on the course you read at the university and I realise that this place has nothing to do with you and your future, the best and better place for you is the city where chances and opportunities are easy to come by. So at this very moment, I have decided to give you money to start your life with it.

The money I’m giving you is my life savings at the bank, because I don’t want you to ever say somewhere that your father or parent didn’t help you in life. Use the money judiciously and make yourself proud but not us your parents. Remember this always that “you can lose money when chasing women but you can’t lose women when chasing money” because women don’t like misery and discomfort.

Learn to urinate at one place so that it foams for you, I never had any university education but you can attest to what I have been able to achieve in my life.

Son, in my hand, is a cheque of twenty-five thousand Cedis seventy-eight pesewas, go and pay it into your account and before you withdraw it, make sure the money is going to be used for something useful and meaningful that anytime you turn your back, you will be proud of.

Akua Yankey

My son, I went also but didn’t say a word, is not accepted by our elders. So to add to what your father has said, I want you to learn how to face your troubles and problems squarely and don’t find excuses to back out, alcohol is for the fool who wants to procrastinate says the bible, beautiful women will come when you have been able to establish yourself well because you are addressed the way you dress.

I am stressing on this because I know your weakness with women, without women the world would have been a very boring place to be, and with women in the world, the world is a very difficult place to be.

Know the friends you are going to affiliate yourself with since our elders say “show me your friend and I will show you who you are”. Remember, you will be leaving this house alone without anything, but it is your responsibility for you to come back with something. That something should be something you worked for with your sweat, and not what you cheated or deceived someone to get.

On this note, I bless you with the blessings of a mother to a son, and I pray that the God I serve will protect and guide your steps as you step out from this compound. I will miss you but don’t be running back to us so soon, don’t forget God in all you do and come back home when you have been able to establish yourself well. You are my only son and the eldest of my children, be a mentor and role model for them to always look up to you. Go, and get rich out there.


Before I forget, make sure you don’t ever pull that chain you have on your neck off, anytime you feel it is strangling you then it means there is a looming danger approaching. So it’s either you move from where you are or you stop what you are doing. Listen to your instincts anytime they prompt you of something and I know God will see you through in this life.

You are my only heir and my lineage depends on you, so don’t forget to make me proud. Now leave the house before your sister comes because if she comes to meet you here, you might be delayed…