The Candle In The Wind ~ Episode 1


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Story by Oyekunle Izzy Oyebola
Why is this Sunday service taking so long oh Lord? My tummy was rumbling so loudly that I had to sneak a peep at Bro. Paul sitting close to me to ensure that he wasn’t listening to the rhythmical sounds from my inside!
I woke up this morning just like any other days when I felt the sticky thing in- between my legs. Oh not again Lord! I knew from that moment that I was going to have to battle with dysmenorrhea menstrual pain for the rest of the day and I really hated the thought.
I racked my wardrobe for drugs and gosh! My fervin was exhausted. I angrily threw the empty sachet away and had a warm bath, getting set for the Sunday service. I had just concluded a three-day fast and I was looking rather lean- but it was worth it.
It bordered on issues concerning my life and I had to take it seriously. I didn’t know how to hear God! Well, most times after praying fervently, I would just tell God to talk to someone or reveal something to someone else if he didn’t want to talk to me personally and that was what he had always done.Probably I was just too filthy!
I had told him that in the service of today, if he wanted to talk to me, he should do so through all the ministrations in the church- the choir ministration, the drama ministration, the message itself and all.
I was however shocked when the title of the song the choir sang was ‘Holiness unto the Lord’! I knew about holiness so well and that was not my prayer point at all. I am on the way to perfection and I am carefully watching my steps lest I stray.
I didn’t want this choir ministration. So as they ministered, it was just as if they were pumping LaCasera drink into my body system that made the body fluid escaping my body to gush out as if being pursued vehemently.
‘Let us jam our hands as our dear father in the Lord, Pastor Idile takes up the mic’ He announced in his usually affecting tone. He was the reason for my prayer- Tony! I sighed deeply.
‘God, are you just going to talk to me? Are you going to speak to me through this man of God? I really need your touch oh Lord’ I uttered silently as my faith got revived again.
‘Touch me one more time oh Lord, yes dear Lord, touch me one more time oh Lord, I need the touch of the Father, I need the touch of the Lord, touch me one more time oh Lord!’ the pastor sang in his baritone voice and the awesomeness of the whole thing pushed me down to my knees.
I just mentioned His touch right now and the pastor is singing about His touch too. ‘The service is definitely for me’ I said so loudly that I noticed Bro. Paul looking towards me but I wasn’t moved. Who says this God isn’t real and I would love to tell him to experiment. He is good abeg!
The message snowballed and I listened with rapt attention, slapping my laps together so the pain in my tummy would ‘gerrarahere’. The topic was ‘Confused?’ -So apt, touching and just like that.
Oh yes I was confused. Madly confused! I said yes to Jean’s proposal last month and the relationship had started to bloom greatly until this Tony came around that same week. He was a serving corps member and he was deployed to my area, so he worshiped with us at the central church.
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Since I set my eyes on him, my mind had been in a real state of chaos. I was just so confused that I decide to step away from the choir group where he was very vibrant so I could get things straight.
I was going to the church that very day and as I always did, I was dressed gorgeously for the service in my opened toes high-heeled shoes. As I locked my car, I started walking as if being pursued. Just then, Sis. Jane called my name and as I tried to turn back in order to answer her call, I never knew a canal was before me. My shoe nose-dived into the canal but just like the slow motion in any Korean movie, a strong hand-held me and pulled me up with a force.
“Sorry ma” he said and I looked into his small, milky face. I blinked severally, trying to get my voice. Who is this boy? He bowed slightly before me and off he went- but my eyes went with him! I slapped my head to order that very day to no avail especially when my research told me he was just an ordinary corps member.
‘He is just a small boy’ I thought to myself but the turmoil in my heart continued. Whenever I went to the church, I would take a spot in the choir room where I would have the opportunity to get a good look at him without being noticed by anybody.
Whatever he did appealed to me. There was a day that I saw him blowing his nose. The way he held the tissue paper was skilled! Funny me! Immediately I realized that I wasn’t getting things straight again, I had to sit down, fast and pray well so that God would speak to me. So, he would clear my head and put the right thing in there.
‘Most time, we think we have arrived and that it is time to settle down because we have the job, beautiful accommodation, money and all but God is saying no! And you’ve got to wait on him’ My pastor killed it. As I jotted the point down, my body shook violently. Pastor was stupendously right!