The Bus Trip part 1 – 18+

The wait was simply getting too long and I was visibly knackered. They had told us that we would be leaving in the coming half-hour but then we had spent another 2 hours with no signs of leaving. The bus was already full and passengers were all seated apart from the few who were still outside, probably waiting for the driver to show up before coming in. I was tucked at the extreme left on the back row and my own row of seats wasn’t completely occupied even as two more persons were expected to join me, making us three.

“They obviously should be part of those waiting outside”, I had thought to myself. My concern was that it was already getting late. I brought out my phone and checked for time and it said past 6:00pm. And being a near-three hour journey, I was bound to arrive late.

I was making a trip to Calabar. I had some steel profiles to move to a client. I had supplied 3 bundles of it the previous week but realized later that he asked for 3bundles and a half. So I was heading back to supply the rest and they were carefully lined up under our seats. Being a sudden trip, I was barely dressed. I just had my combat shots and a sleeved shirt on. All that mattered to me was arriving Calabar soon and it wasn’t until I heard my name that I even remembered I was yet to begin the journey.

“You be Daniel Chuks?” the conductor asked. His face looked like it hadn’t seen water in a decade.

“Yea. Any problems oga?”, I enquirer
“Abeg show me your ticket”, he was splashing a great load of saliva all over my right arm.
I dipped my hand into my pocket and presented him my ticket. He looked at it, marked it with a pen and gave it back to me. I roughly shoved it back in.
“Who dey here?” he asked again aggressively, pointing to the seat to my right.
“Na him we dey wait for na” someone said from the crowd
“He never return? Abeg make una enter motto. We no go fit wait again”. The passengers outside started climbing into the bus. I never knew we were waiting for someone all along.

“This place nko?” he was asking again, pointing to the third seat

“I am there”, a tiny female voice said. She was speaking from outside the bus and was looking in through the window.
I stretched my neck to see her clearly but could only make out her face and the start of the swell of her obviously hefty boobs. For a moment, our eyes met but I quickly looked away.

“If you dey this seat, make you enter bus!” the aggrieved thug fumed! His saliva was still a heavy downpour on me.

The girl paid little attention and instead began to stroll away, seeming to be more interested in the song she was listening to through the head-phone connected to her mobile. That gave me a better opportunity to see her fully.
She was quite pretty and very light-skinned. You would suspect she was regular in bleaching. And certainly, her boobs were conspicuously large! The push-up bra she was wearing didn’t even make it any simpler. They made the two melons look like they were going to spill out from the low-cut neck of her blouse!
Moreover, she was on shorts. In fact very short shorts. Which were really tight on her. Displaying her curvy hips and thighs in the course. I was quick to conclude that she wasn’t my caliber at all. She looked like one of those city girls that only flocked with the rich Baba’s and Alhaji’s. My humble self was only a mere steel trader and could barely feed myself and my two brothers under my care. When I thought I had had enough of her flamboyance, I quickly looked away.

It wasn’t until she stepped into the bus that I had any reason to remember I had met her a few minutes ago. As she meandered her way to the back of the bus where I was seated, I was presented with an amazing view of her sprawling boobs! They even looked in more danger of spilling out now, given that she was leaning into me.

“Help me with this bag please.” She suddenly said just after approaching our row of seats
I collected the purple sling bag and kept it on my thigh. She sat and then arranged the other bags she was carrying on the other seat where the yet-to-be-seen passenger was going to stay.

“Are we leaving without that passenger?” I asked, with all the guts I could muster

“I guess”, she said, making for the bag she gave me. I handed it back to her

“Thanks. You’re a darling” she was smiling

“You welcome.” I said, doing my best to smile back without exposing my not so white teeth. I quickly moved my attention to the window, engaging myself with the events from outside the bus and in no time, I fell asleep as we embarked on the journey to Calabar.
The next time I opened my eyes, my phone said 7:17pm. We were now about an hour into the journey. I had a strong feeling that something had woken me but I wasn’t sure what it was. Even the girl beside me was completely motionless. I couldn’t tell if she was awake or asleep as the pitch darkness which had enveloped the bus but occasionally lit up by lamp-lights from passing cars, made it so difficult to tell out a thing. The bus was equally very noisy at this point as most of the passengers were chit-chatting at the top of their voices! But I was convinced from within that they were not responsible for the interruption of my rather brief sleep.

I soon found out though, because just moments after gaining full attentiveness, I felt something move under my lap. It was suddenly clear that my lap had been lying on that same thing all this while but I didn’t notice until this recent activity. When I read into the movement after a moment of calmness, I realized it was a human thigh, given how warm it felt. And since the girl sitting next to me was the only person in relative touching distance, she was certainly the one.

Our thighs were crossed. Not completely crossed though but with a greater part of hers under mine. And being on shorts meant it was bare skin to bare skin. Instantly, my manhood twitched. Even though I still was suspecting she was asleep, I couldn’t help the needful urge to imagine things. the story has just began
watch out for part 2 in an hour