The Book of Dumteronomy: The king who enjoyed free uninterrupted power supply



he parable of the king who enjoyed free uninterrupted power supply while his people suffered in dumsor.

1. And on the morning after the twenty sixth day of the second month in the year of our worse dumsor, the reclusive prophet gathered the people of Ogyakrom to tell them a parable.

And he begun the parable:

2. There was a certain king who lived many light years away from his people in a mighty castle.

3. King John enjoyed free uninterrupted power supply in his castle. He could charge his phone all day if he wanted and the akonfem in his cold store never went bad.

4. But in Ogyakrom his people were afflicted by dumsor.

5. Many lost their jobs, the fish in their cold stores went bad and their children were forced to read under the moonlight.

6. They cried out but John rebuked them calling them cynics.

7. But after many moons, their frustration swelled and so the people cried out saying: “How can we not be cynical when all we have is promise after promise.”

8. “How can we trust a man who knows no dumsor.

9. “How can he save us from this affliction when his children have not had to read under the moonlight.

10. “How can he know how we feel when he has never lost a loved one because of dumsor.”

11. And when the people could no longer hide their frustration, they begun to riot.

12. Standing under the big bright lights in his castle, he asked a servant from Ogyakrom: “Why do the people riot?”

13. “They have no electricity. They are losing their food and their jobs,” replied the servant.

14. John shrugged his shoulder and replied: “Let them use their generators.”

15. Bemused by the king’s flippant response, the servant lowered his gazed and muttered to himself: “Wow! What a John!”

16. The prophet ended the parable saying: “Verily I say unto you, unless our leaders are forced to taste this bitter 24 OFF/12 ON pill, their response will always be lacklustre.