Fred lay in bed quietly, reggae music played softly but he was really silent, he didn’t sing a word, despite his cool demeanor, he was fuming, he had made a mistake, just one mistake and Rasheeda couldn’t keep it to herself.

He heard a knock on his door and hoped it was Eli. He really hoped to win her back but when he opened the door it was Rasheeda.

“what do you want here?” he asked her. She looked at him, he was angry, immediately she knew Eli had confronted him. She knew Fred, he was a softie, he was going to complain a bit and stop.

“I’m really sorry, I had to tell her for some reason, she’s my best friend and I felt I owed her an explanation”.

“really, that’s interesting….because your loyalty …..or whatever the hell made you squeal, it cost me my woman”. She started walking backwards. Fred was getting loud and angry. She had never seen that side of him and it really scared her.

“Fred why are you getting so angry, I didn’t mean for that to happen but it’s happened already, you’re acting like a kid who has lost a candy”.

Fred turned to look at her and at that moment, she regretted her words, it was too late, he descended on her like a mad man, she lay on the ground screaming as he kicked her. he pulled out his belt that had so many metallic things attached to it and started whipping her

She felt blood flow from her nose but he didn’t stop, he kept hitting her, she felt him kick her tummy but her mouth was filled with blood, she couldn’t scream anymore, she started to throw up and that made it  worse.

She raised her head, trying to tell him to stop, she was carrying his baby but he kicked her in the head, momentarily, she thought she had lost her sight and her mind but she couldn’t open her eyes, she felt the world spinning and getting black before she passed out.

When she regained conscious, Fred was gone, she couldn’t move, Her clothes were tattered and there was blood everywhere, she couldn’t believe it was her own blood, she started to cry but stopped because her face was cut in so many places the tears worsened her case.

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She could barely see, she picked up her phone and pressed one and dialed, Eli was on her speed dial and she was grateful for that. When Eli answered she could barely speak. “Eli, ple….please, Fred’s house…..hurry…i…he…”  She passed out again.

Eli arrived at Fred’s house like she was being chased, she knew there was something wrong, she didn’t know what to think so Jack had sped and brought her.

She knocked on the door three time but when there was no answer, she burst in. When she saw Rasheeda, she screamed so loud Jack burst in too.

He couldn’t believe his eyes, Rasheeda knew they were there but she couldn’t see them, Jack rushed out and called an ambulance and the police. Eli sat beside Rasheeda and cried like a baby, she couldn’t look at her friend, despite everything, she was her best friend, her heart broke over and over again whenever she looked at her.

She wanted to hug her and hold her and kiss her on the forehead and assure her she was going to be fine but she was scared to cause more pain. She just held her hand and whispered into her ears how much she loved her , she told her all was forgiven and that she’ll be well soon as they both cried.

Eli clutched her stomach and screamed, there was no one around, the ambulance arrived first, the look on the nurses’ face showed horror, even they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

After they put Rasheeda in the ambulance, the police arrived and asked them some questions. Eli was drained, she could barely talk so they left the room for the police to investigate.

As they drove to the hospital, she called Kwesi. He got to the hospital before they did because he was closer. As soon as she saw him, she hugged him, she had never seen anything so horrifying in her life. She didn’t have the strength to fight anymore. They sat together, Kwesi held on to her, he didn’t know what she had seen but she had briefed him, even he was terrified. Jack had gone to get them something to eat. Rasheeda died that night.

Not all that glitters is gold, Fred proved that to us, Eli has experienced how life can be over in a matter of seconds, will it influence her decision in any way, let see in Episode 5…..


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