Eli found herself at home, how she had managed to get there she didn’t know because she couldn’t even see clearly, her eyes were flooded with tears.

She lay on the floor and cried her heart out. “How could Kwesi do this to her, was it as punishment, wasn’t it too harsh? Would have been less painful if it was with a complete stranger but her best friend?

She felt she was going to die from the pain in her heart. It was her fault, if she had been completely honest with Rasheeda about her relationship, this wouldn’t have happened.

She jumped up when she heard her door open, it was Judith. “Auntie Eli” She pulled her close and hugged her, she hugged her back more fiercely.


Kwesi sat on the floor of his room, he had told Rasheeda to come later so they could talk. He remembered Eli, she looked so beautiful and grown, how could she have come there at that particular time and heard that, was it his punishment from God?

What mess had he put himself in, he would have preferred to have that baby with Eli ……but Rasheeda? Damn it, he had messed up big time.


Rasheeda entered Eli’s house and walked to the main porch. Eli’s house had been a no go area since they had been friends. Her mother was very strict but this was a different circumstance. She hadn’t seen her friend in years and as a best friend, she needed to know what was going on.

She needed to know where she had been and what she had been up to. Lucky for her, Eli’s mom wasn’t there so she just shouted out Eli’s name. When Eli stepped out, her eyes were bloodshot.

They hugged each other fiercely. “Eli, where have you been, you told Fred you were travelling but you couldn’t tell me?

“i told Fred, no, i didn’t tell Fred anything, how would i have told Fred and not tell you, i didn’t even tell…..Jason, i see you guys are together”.

Rasheeda giggled. “Yes we are, it’s amazing, i love him Eli, for the first time in my life i’m truly in love”. Eli smiled.

” i hope he loves you back and makes you happy”.

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Rasheeda hugged Eli again.”you have no idea, he’s crazy about me, all his friends know me, he takes me to places, I’ve never been this happy, anyway, enough about me, when did you return, where did you go?”

Eli sat as Rasheeda sat beside her. ” i traveled for reasons beyond me, i arrived just this afternoon, how is school, how is everyone?”

“By everyone don’t you mean Fred?” Rasheeda asked as she looked at her friend. Something had changed about her, she had become much more matured than the Eli she knew. She wasn’t the same happy go lucky girl she knew, something had changed but she didn’t know what it was. her face was devoid of any emotions, she just stared back at her.

“i meant how is everyone, if i meet Fred, i’m going to tell him it’s over, i don’t have time to waste on childhood stuff”.

Rasheeda looked at her in surprise. “Childhood stuff?, that was just two years ago so why do you say that?”. Eli looked back at her for a while. Rasheeda was a good friend but it was no secret that she was the naughtiest girl in school, she loved her anyway.

“Rash, there’s something I need you to know”. She raised her head and saw Kwesi staring out at the window and looking at them. Rasheeda also looked at her silently.

Suddenly Judith stepped out. “sweetie go back in, I’ll be with you in a minute.

“Eli…..did you…..did you?”. She raised her head again and saw Kwesi had drawn closer to the window, yes he had seen Judith…. She wondered what was going to happen next?

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