THE BLUE WINDOW Season 2 Episode 8


Fred sat with Henry, he was sad and had asked Henry to come with him.

“Man, there’s something I need your insight on, no one knows what’s going on but I’m going to share with you.

Are you aware Eli is my girl?” Henry looked at him in surprise

“what do you mean Eli is your girl, I don’t understand, how can she be your girl?” Fred rose, paced and sat back down.

“What the hell don’t you understand, I said Eli is my girl and you say you don’t understand”.

Henry looked at him for a while and chuckled

“have you ever ….you know..had sex with her?” Henry asked looking carefully at Fred.

He was a smart guy, he would have known if Fred was lying.

“She’s my girl, what do you expect”. Henry remained silent for a few seconds and turned to him.

“I see, what do you need my help with?”

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“you have been with more girls than I’ve been, I don’t know much about them, Eli has been acting weird these past few weeks, she doesn’t usually answer my texts, when I call, she picks up once in a while, when I invite her over, she gives me excuse after excuse, I feel I’m losing her and I don’t know what to do”.

Fred said with a worried look on his face. Henry looked at him and smiled.

“You know what, stop calling her, texting her, inviting her over, she’ll come around, women are like that, sometimes all you need to do is give them a dose of their own medicine and they’ll come running back”.

He watched as Fred’s face lit up.

“Are you sure it’ll work out?”

“Just try it, you owe me”. Henry said and watched his friend walk away after he shook hands with him.

He felt sincerely sorry for him for he knew exactly what had gone wrong, firstly because he has seen Eli and Kwesi kiss in his car and secondly because he was Ato’s younger brother.

Ato’s brother had found out the secret Eli was trying to protect, what was going to happen now? Find out in Episode 9