THE BLUE WINDOW Season 1 Episode 5


Fred looked at me and mouthed the answer to me; I said it to the teacher who looked at me suspiciously.

“Correct, Eli, you are getting better, whatever you are doing, don’t stop, you’re a good student, you just need to keep pulling your weight ok”.

I nodded and looked at Fred who winked at me.

“You guys are doing that again?” I turned and saw Rasheeda staring at us. Rasheeda had been my best friend for as long as I had been in this school, she was an amazing friend, the only thing I hated was that she always wanted to play matchmaker, and I hated it.

“We are doing what again?”. Rasheeda looked at me annoyingly.

“Eli, are you blind or are you just pretending that you don’t notice that Fred likes you?”

“Oh dear, you are such a pain in the neck, I never said I didn’t know”. Rasheeda held my hand as if my life depended on what she had to say.

“Not as a friend, are you stupid or something? The guy feels more than friendship for you”.

“ you are the stupid one, idiot, leave me alone, the guy just likes me as a friend, have you finished solving your issue with Ben before poking your shiny pointed nose in my issues?” we both laughed.

But it got me thinking, why did Ato think Kwesi liked me, and why did Rasheeda think Fred liked me, why did Jack think I was an idiot, why did my mom think I was going to be pregnant, why was the world so complicated?

“Wake up, stop thinking about Fred” Rasheeda said out loud causing Fred to turn and look at me, he wasn’t angry, he looked……pleased. He smiled at me and looked away. I turned angrily to Rasheeda

“Rash are you mad?” but she teased me and looked away.

Episode 6 coming up……..