THE BLUE WINDOW Season 1 Episode 10


It had been three weeks, I was sitting with Kwesi, I hadn’t told him about Fred and I yet, we had had sex three more times, same poking, same flesh, nothing else.

I remembered how Rasheeda had chased me around for information, I had lied to her, I was too embarrassed to tell my best female friend that the sexual experience that we had talked about.

The way we had imagined there’d be sparks and there’d be dwarves singing wedding carols and nymphs dressing me up for my Prince had ended with frogs singing a dirge.

I told her it was just as we had imagined, amazing, so much fun so she also had a reason to tease us.

It made Fred feel wonderful when Rasheeda teased but me, it drove me nuts, I had a boyfriend that I didn’t feel boyfriendly about.

“What are you thinking about?” Kwesi asked snapping my thoughts back to reality.

“erhm, nothing, just feeling a bit tired”. He watched me quietly. “Are you sure, you don’t look okay to me”.

I turned to look at him, he was so cute, the cutest guy I had seen in like three weeks but the cutest among the people around me. “I’m fine”.

“Come here” he said and dragged me closer to him. He looked at me and for a second I saw something in his eyes, before I could think of what it was I felt his lips on mine, gentle and soothing at first then it became an exploring dance between lips and tongues.

I felt the spark, this time totally different, my bones were melting, my heart was running faster than the rest of my body except my brains, they had just decided to ignore me, my body however was the most active, ignoring the part of me that wanted to stop.

I felt my hands on its own accord wrap around his neck as I kissed him back with passion. I felt my breathe supply running out, I didn’t want to die of kissing so I pulled back and looked at him as if I had discovered a secret passageway to heaven.

What the hell just happened but no, Kwesi wasn’t going to let me think, I looked at him totally lost as he lifted me like a child and laid me on the bed.

No no no my mind screamed but my body, oh that was another story, it was eager to experience and explore all the new things I was feeling, I was in very big trouble.

This is just the beginning, Eli is going to have two men in her life now, who is going to fall off, Fred who is unable to spark feelings within her or Kwesi who took too much time to tell her exactly what he felt?