The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 81



I summoned up courage to walk up to him standing besides his car.

“I see you haven’t gone yet. I thought you would say something before leaving. I understand why, I guess you were busy.”

He cleared his throat and automatically opened the car.

“No, I didn’t know he was waiting for me outside.”

“Oh a surprise visit.”

“It’s not like that. He just wanted to talk and clear somethings. It was actually nice. I feel much better than I have in years.”

“So you’re happy there’s hope of being with him?”

I cringed my nose at his words.

“Being with him?”

I repeated the last part.

“Yeah. I’m sure you must know he’s planning to leave his wife soon so I guess you two can hit off right where you left.”

I choose to ignore the sarcasm in his tone.

“You’re once again assuming things you don’t know without asking. He wanted to talk and let things out. Apologise and give me closure which I needed to fully move on. I kept comparing my present with my past because of him but now I think I can move on and maybe see where we….”

I paused at the use of the word “we.”


“Yeah. You know after what happened in your office I thought…. You know it’s stupid. I shouldn’t be explaining this to you ..”

“No, I want to know.”

“I kept comparing what was happening between us to what happened with Van. The kisses, dinner and everything but after what just happened I just want to see where it takes us or maybe I’m reaching for the sky and you didn’t mean any of your words or actions.”

I exhaled with a gulp waiting for a response.

“I don’t even know what’s happening between us. This is all so unexpected. One minute I’m cursing at you annoyingly and the next minute I find myself thinking about you, wishing you were here. I have no idea how it happen and now we’re kissing and I don’t know if it’s all a scam or if you’re joking, regretting events. I just don’t know ”

I added with a frustrated groan.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?”

I asked feeling naesous. He refused to utter one word.

“I love you Elena.”

He retorts in the most husky voice ever leaving me stunned.

“No, I don’t regret it. I mean every word and action.”

He added before leaning in to plant a kiss on my lips . I curved my neck kissing him back even though we were in the middle of the road.

We pulled apart smiling at one another.

“So…what next?”

“Nothing. I just want to take things slow. I’m not rushing anything.”

He pecked my lips once again.

“For now, let me take you home.”

He opened his car door letting me inside. I shunned a voice trying to make me compare this event with anything that happened with Van in the past. It’s time for a new beginnings. I have a good feeling about this one.

Damon reached out and held my hand before igniting the engine.