The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 32




I groaned in bed getting up. Scratching my head lightly, I realised I didn’t take a shower before crashing after watching a movie last night.

I yawned still feeling a little tired. My gun shot wound still hurt a little, I would have to be extremely careful while taking a bath.

In two days, I’ll go see the doctor to remove the stitches and bandages.

Just out of curiosity, I put on my slippers and opened the door.

Just as I expected, man in a hoodie watching my front view. It was just one car left now though.

I groaned again. He’s already trying to take control of my life. Again.

I stepped back slowly trying to go back inside.


I screamed in pain as my forehead made contact with the door. It’s been a while since I did that.

I rubbed it softly to get the pain to subside. I carefully locked my door before getting ready.

“Wait a minute…”

I trailed off with a gulp checking my alarm clock. It didn’t ring, that only means….

“Oh my God it’s nine am!”

“f**k! sh*t! How could I f****ng over sleep!”

I scolded myself and quickly took off my clothes.


I moaned roughly touching my wound. I hissed as the pain multiplied before finally reducing.

“Maybe Mr O’Cornner might give me a pass, I did get shot.”

I smirked deciding not to rush. I’m still in the healing process so I’m going to take my sweet time to get ready.

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It was approximately half an hour past nine when the cab I boarded dropped me off at work.

I stepped out, paid him in cash and walked towards the building.

I’m taking a huge leap but it’s not like Mr O’Cornner is going to yell at me. He did ask me to take the day off so technically I’m doing him a favor.

I smirked once again before walking into the building. As always, I took the elevator to my floor making a mental note to see Mr Dax later on.

I was at least three feets away from my office when I heard grunting, screaming and yelling.

By the time I twisted the door knob standing at the doorway, it became clearer.

Mr O’Cornner was furiously yelling at someone over the phone. He is definately not in a good mood today. I’m so dead.

I muttered a few last prayers about to walk in.

“You f****ng piece of sh*t!”

He yelled, I shuddered and halted.

“Or maybe I’ll wait till he calms down. He’s a busy, busy man. I won’t want to get in the middle of whatever that is.”

I smiled at my decision planning to walk away.


Van mumbled behind me making my heart do a little back flip.