Kafui drove like a maniac, at one point he almost hit a man crossing the road but it didn’t deter him.
He had to get home And find out what the hell Lady had done
He arrived home and entered without knocking.
Lady was sitting in the sofa, watching TV  munching on popcorn and laughing.
She turned when she saw Kafui. “Oh hey love ,  you are back, hope your day was good”.
” hey love, what does that even mean, tell me something,  I’m told a Lady,  told Afia, the woman I’ve been in love with since I met her…that she’s expecting my child…..would that be you? ”
“Me, why would I do that,  Am I not the one who told you to tell her you love her?” Lady asked.
“Are you sure” Kafui asked
Lady rose to her feet and stared at Kafui sternly.
” what do you think of me, do you think I go around telling lies?”
Kafui looked at her, she looked serious, she was being honest,  who had said she was pregnant for him then?
He apologised to Lady and went to his bedroom.
He dialled Elom ‘ s number but there was no answer.
He clicked, stepped out and drove to Elom’s, when he arrived Elom looked at him and started laughing.
“What is it now? ” Elom asked in surprise
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“I need to see Afia, lady said she didn’t say anything about expecting my child”.
Elom looked at Kafui for a while.
“Okay….Afia will kill me but…..let’s go see her”.
They used Elom’s car as Elom drove, Kafui wanted them to get there as fast as they could. ….he couldn’t wait to tell Afia that he was innocent of the accusations against him.
When they arrived and pressed the doorbell, Afia stepped out, saw them and went back inside.
Elom went to her and after a few minutes,  they both came out.
“What do you want Kafui,  I waited for you patiently, it took a while but I waited,  I don’t blame you, you didn’t know I was in love with you so you brought a woman to your house and got her pregnant”.
“Wait….which woman are you talking about…the one in my house….Lady? ”
“Who else have you impregnated,  oh so there are more?” Afia said and shook her head.
As she walked away, Kafui held her hand and looked into her eyes.
“Please come with me, please, let me clarify this once and for all”.
After some persuasion from Kafui and Elom, Afia agreed to go to Kafui’s house with them.
When they arrived at the house it was getting dark….
They entered the hall and where hit with a whiff of good food.
Lady heard the door and stepped out.
‘Is this her?” Kafui asked Afia who just stared at Lady.
“Madam, are you expecting Kafui’s baby or not?” Afia asked Lady.
She looked at all of them for some time and answered.
“Yes, I am expecting Kafui ‘ s child”.
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