Kafui smiled at Lady and rushed out. He sat in his car and zoomed off with smiles on his face.
He didn’t want to think of the fact that Afia could turn him down, all he could think of was telling her how much he loved her and leaving it to God.
Within some minutes he arrived at Elom’s house, Elom was watching a movie when Kafui entered the house.
“Oh God, you seem to be frequenting my house these days…..what do you want now?”
“I want to see Afia”. Kafui said as he stared at his brother.
He knew his brother wasn’t good enough for Afia so he felt no guilt anymore.
“You want to see Afia… why would that be?” Elom asked with a smirk on his face.
“None of your business, just tell her I’m here to see her” Kafui said.
He was scared if he didn’t tell Afia how he felt now, he wouldn’t be able to
Elom looked at Kafui for a few seconds and went back to watching TV.
Kafui went close to him and sat.
“Elom,  you are my brother and I’ve sacrificed so much for you….but this thing I feel in my heart….I can’t let it go for you….I’m in love with Afia and I want her to be my wife”.
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Elom looked at his brother for a full minute,  he hadn’t said a word, he just looked at Kafui, his face expressionless
Kafui wondered what the next move was going to be, was Elom going to slap him, was he going to beg him, was he going to lose his temper and beat him up……was he going to cry?
He watched as Elom ‘ s face softened and   he started to laugh. He hugged Kafui fiercely and laughed.
“Oh dear, I wonder how you didn’t take one trait of boldness from me, I guess you gave all to me”.
Kafui sat down looking stupid as Elom laughed.
“I’m lost, what are you talking about,  and how come you are happy that I want the woman you want to get married to?”
“You still haven’t figured it out….dumb as,  I wasn’t challenging you, I was helping you, Afia doesn’t want me, she wants you”.
“But…..but..” Kafui stuttered. He didn’t know what to say.
” Yes I was trying to get you jealous to the point where you’d admit what you feel for Afia”.
Kafui looked at Elom for a few seconds and started laughing too.
He hugged Elom fiercely. He was wrong, Elom had truly changed…he had done all this for him.
” where is she….I want to tell her I love her….where is she?”
The smile on Elom’s face vanished.
“She left brother,  she said Lady told her she was expecting your child….that she was pregnant for you”.
Kafui froze for a while.
“Wait….who did what?” Kafui asked as tears welled up in his eyes.
He rose to his feet and rushed out of the house
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