Kafui sat on the sofa with the lady. They were watching football.
They both jumped immediately and started screaming when a goal was scored.
Kafui rushed to the bar and poured some whiskey for both of them which they downed and laughed harder.
Kafui didn’t know how but somehow, it had been a week since the lady had lived with him and it felt good.
She was amazing to have at home, she cared for him and took care of him, some how she made sure he wasn’t going to destroy himself.
This was the first female he knew who loved football.
She supported Manchester United whiles he supported Barcelona but when different teams played, they both jubilated.
Whenever he got home from work, she made sure there was food for him, it made him more relaxed that someone cared about him.
The only thing they had not done was to have sex, he had made sure of it.
He didn’t love her, he actually didn’t have feelings for her and he hadn’t hidden that from her.
She had accepted and understood him and that was why they were still living in the same house.
It was a weekend today, this was the first weekend together for them. He was going to be at home.
They had just woken up to finish watching a match on air. Actually when he woke she was already sitting in the hall watching the match.
She was in shorts and a big top, she had gone home for some of her stuff the previous day.
Kafui wondered if he was still a man. This was a really beautiful sexy amazing girl sitting in his hall, a woman who deserved his love and attention, a woman who stayed with him and took care of him.
But all he could think of was Afia. He wondered what spell Afia had cast on him and he hated it.
He tried to think of what he had seen at the restaurant and lit up. He rushed to the lady.
“lady, something just occurred to me, what if Afia and Elom were hugging goodbye, I mean……what if my eyes were deceiving me, what if I was blinded by jealousy. Knowing Afia, I don’t think she’ll go back to Elom”.
“Then why don’t you call her, just call her right now and tell her you are calling to say good morning”.
Kafui watched her for a while and smiled so wide, she laughed hard. He picked up his phone and called three times, there was no answer.
The smile vanished from his face, he was so hopeful. Suddenly his phone lit up and he picked it up to see.
He was sure it was a message from Afia but it wasn’t. Another anonymous message. ‘go to Elom’s house now, just go and check on him, just go and make sure he’s fine’.
He looked away from the phone and thought.
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“what’s wrong?” The lady asked. “huh, oh nothing, I’m fine’. She went back to watching her football.
Kafui thought carefully. What could be wrong with Elom, why would the sender ask him to go check on him?
His mind drifted to Trick and his boys. What if someone was going to try to kill him.
“lady, I have to go somewhere, I’ll be back soon”. He rushed out and left Lady staring at the door before she could say a word.
Kafui drove as fast as he could, he arrived at Elom’s house and honked. The dumb security man who had seen him the last time kept staring as if he was looking at a third twin.
He allowed the idiot to look at him for a few seconds. He honked again whiles the security man was standing in front of the car causing him to jump.
He rushed back in and opened the gate. Kafui drove in, got down and without a word to the security man, he entered the house.
“Elom….Elom…” hey relax, I’m right here, what did I do this time? Elom was in singlet and boxers which looked weird.
Kafui stared at Elom, the guy was fine, he didn’t look like someone who had a problem or a care in the world.
He thought carefully about what the message had said. Was whoever going to harm Elom going to do it now or was the message a prank?
“what are you doing here, the last time we met you were very mad at me, what do you want today?”
Kafui sat still. He was lost for words, he really didn’t know what to say, he felt stupid. He had followed an anonymous message to his brother’s house and was just sitting there.
“well…..yes I was mad at you but despite everything, you are still my brother, a man can’t check up on his brother from time to time?”
Elom looked at him suspiciously. “ tell me Kafui, is that really why you are here, knowing your ego which seems to be the same size as mine, you wouldn’t just come here to check on me so spit it out”.
Kafui rose, walked to Elom’s bar and poured himself a shot of whiskey. He downed it and put the glass down.
“ I guess we’ve both changed then, I don’t see what’s wrong with checking up on you”.
Kafui sat down again, he thought carefully. This time he was sure the message had been a prank, someone was playing with him.
“ ok so…I’ve come to check on you, I’ve seen that you are fine, I’m going to take my leave now”.
Elom nodded and rose with him. As they walked to the door, they both heard a female voice.
“Elom stop the tricks, where is my dress, I really need to go ……” They both turned and Kafui’s jaw dropped.
Afia was standing in front of them………having a smile that faded immediately she saw Kafui.
She was wrapped in a towel. Barefoot, hair wet……body moist….obviously she had just had a shower.
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