Kafui went to take a shower and changed his clothes; he looked around his empty lonely room and chuckled. He was beginning to feel comfortable there. He stepped out and sat in the hall. Adzo, the cook in the house came to him.

“Sir please what will you eat tonight?” Kafui smiled at her. She always asked him whenever he was alone in the house what he’d eat and she made sure she cooked it to perfection.

 “Yam with palava sauce will be perfect dear, thank you”. Adzo nodded and went back to the kitchen. Kafui heard a car drive and felt a chill run down his spine, he was very curious about who had asked that he be saved through this chaos but he sat still, trying hard to be a gentleman.

He heard the sound of the car die and sat still. The door opened but he didn’t turn, he heard movement for a few seconds, he had tried hard to guess who the person was to no avail. He heard a voice call out his name and froze. No, it couldn’t be, he knew he was going to turn and it was going to be someone else with a similar voice. He knew it for sure. He turned and froze.

“No……no, it can’t be you….no”.  

“Yes, it’s me, I’m alive” Afia said. Kafui run to her and hugged her.

“Oh God Afia, where have you been, I thought you were dead, everyone thought you were dead”.

Afia smiled at him. Kafui took a few steps back and looked at her. She looked much much beautiful than he had last seen her. She looked…..wealthy, she wore gold and silver ornaments, she was driving now, even her skin shone like it had been polished.

“Afia, what is going on, why are you here, and how are you……….like this”. Afia chuckled and hugged him tightly.

They just hugged and said nothing for a minute. After they let go, Kafui held Afia’s hand and led her to the sofa. They sat and looked at each other till Afia started blushing.

“Okay, so now, tell me where you’ve been”.

“You know I have limited time so I can’t talk much, I was in the hospital when Elom came there”

“I knew it, the sneaky bastard”

Afia looked at him and chuckled. “Yes Elom was there but he didn’t hurt me, he wanted to but he couldn’t, he left my room without hurting me”.

“Kafui sat up.  

You mean Elom had the chance to kill you but didn’t”. Afia nodded. “

Then who wanted to hurt you?” Afia looked at him quietly for some time.

“Your sister Sedi ordered a hit on me, she had already told me but I thought she was just talking”. Kafui rose and walked around the room.

“Sedi can’t do that, who does she even know, she doesn’t know anyone, how can she order a hit on you, and why would she do that?” Afia smiled.

“Because I found out her husband was a monster”.

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“Oh dear, Afia, really, you got the wrong guys, you know Patrick and Afia are the sweetest people you could ever come across, for Christ’s sake, they housed and fed you”.

“Yes they did….for their own reasons; you know Sedi is bisexual right?” Kafui watched her but said nothing.

“Yes she was, she wanted me and you knew it, that’s why you hated me when you met me, but your family caused me more pain than you can imagine”.

“Afia, can you admit that you are wrong and that you had the wrong people in your mind?” Afia smiled again and pulled out her phone, she pressed a few places and a recording began to play.

“so madam you want me to kill Afia………yes madam…….anything for you madam Sedi………..oh sorry but were just on the phone, calling you by your name won’t change anything……….(laughs) ok madam….I’ll  let you know when the job is done……yes madam” line goes dead.

“No no no, it’s not possible, what exactly did you find out about Patrick?” Afia looked at him for a few seconds and held his hand, his hand was trembling.

“Are you sure you want to hear the rest?” Kafui nodded.

“ okay, Patrick has a double personality, his own nice self, and the one he’s possessed by something, when he’s possessed he becomes something else and destroys everything that stands in his way” Kafui shook his head.

“No, this is not happening, I refuse to believe this, how did you find this out?”

Afia looked at him and in that moment, he saw the pain, hurt and sadness all in her eyes.

“I didn’t find out, I experienced his other side myself”.

“What! What are you talking about, what did Patrick do to you?” Afia looked at Kafui but lowered her head when the teardrops threatened to fall.

“Visiting time is over”. Kafui watched her, whatever Patrick had done to her, it was very bad.

“Afia, but we are not done talking?”

“Yes we are, visiting time is over, we might talk about what that……..what he did when we next meet”. She picks up her bag and walks towards the door.

“So now what, you work for Trick?” Afia turned, looked at him and smiled.

“No darling, Trick is my father” She walks out as Kafui’s mouth drops open.

To be continued