Elom looked at the men in the cell with him, they looked very scary, most of them looked very like hardened criminals. He looked around and was about to sit when one of them yelled at him.

“herh, see you, you dey come sit, here if you want sit you go pay oh, if you want sleep you go pay, anything you go do for here, you for pay”.

Elom was a very bold guy but this new crowd terrified him.

“i…..i don’t have any money on me in here”.

They looked at each other and laughed as if he had said something very funny.
“then make you dey stand for the small corner wey you dey, if you move one step, you for pay”.

Elom nodded and looked in the next corner, there was a young boy sitting there, he looked nothing like the others but he didn’t say a word, his clothes made him look like he had been here long enough, and yet he just stood and watched without a word.

His eyes darted from the guys to Elom and back, when some of the other guys turned to look at him, he looked away. After a while when the other guys ignored Elom and concentrated on the new guy that was in, the guy walked to him.

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“I’m Ofori….” He said. He didn’t stand too close, he stood a bit far and made sure they were not looking at each other.

“I’m Elom”. The guy looked at the other guys around and nodded.

“you should be very careful of those guys, I’ve been here long enough to see some of the horrors they are capable of, I’m a thief, but all the others you see around here, they are murderers, be careful”. He said in a hushed whispery tone.

Elom turned to look at him but he looked away. Elom was much more terrified now. He thought carefully if he had to stay here or had to give his brother up.

“so” he said in a whispery voice.

“what’s the worst thing they can do here?” . This time Ofori looked at him and chuckled.

“the worst I don’t know, because they are capable of torturing a person till the person hopes for death……or they kill you”.

“oh God, how can I avoid their issues, I don’t want to be in any danger”.

“you can’t avoid the danger, look at the far corner, what do you think is happening there?”.

Elom looked carefully, the corner was really dark so he was having difficulty seeing much but he saw a man over another who seemed to be struggling.

“I can’t really see what it is, what is going on there?” Ofori  turned to look at Elom as a tear dropped from his eyes.

“it’s a very terrible place in here trust me, they allowed the guy to fall asleep then they stuffed his mouth so he could make no noise. They are going to take turns to rape him”.

“what!!!” Elom backed awat towards the entrance.

“do not move, stay right where you are, remember you haven’t paid”. Elom stood frozen to the spot.

“wh….what do……why don’t you ask the policemen for help?” Ofori looked him in the eye and shook his head.

“Because the last two people who asked the policemen for help are dead”. Elom shook his head as tears threatened to fall down his cheeks.

“Have you ever been through that ordeal?”

“Can we not talk about it?” Elom understood, Ofori had been through that torture, that was the torture he had talked about.  

“How can I protect myself from that?” he asked as he pointed at the guy in the corner”.

Elom looked at him and saw his countenance change; he saw the guy was looking at him pitifully.

“You don’t escape this one man, they seem to be in a hyped mood today, they are going to come to you once they are done with that guy”.

Elom sank to the ground but rose quickly for fear they might notice him. When he turned to look at Ofori, he had gone to his corner. Elom started to pray, something he had never done. He prayed harder in his mind and it didn’t seem to work because he saw the guy were done with the guy in the corner and sat down. They were looking at him. Ofori was right, these guys were going to rape him, he didn’t even want to imagine what that felt like. He trembled as their leader’s eyes bore into his.

“Hey, come here”.

To be continued