Kafui watched the gentleman who had just spoken  to him.

“Trick is your boss?” the guy nodded.

Kafui almost blacked out from dizziness.

He had heard of Trick, he wasn’t the kind of man Thelma had portrayed, he was a ruthless man.

His name was everywhere, everyone knew him or had heard of him since no one had really seen his face.

He was now more terrified than ever. The guy saw the terror on his face and chuckled.

“You know…..the first time I was told I’d be working for Trick, I fainted, I had heard of the man, his reputation was well known.

But when I was found, I was a pick pocket, there wasn’t much of life for me, Thelma picked me up and made me better on the order of the boss, you have nothing to worry about, you’re safe, come with me”.

He followed the guy as if in a trance, he’d go anywhere as long as he’s not left alone.

They entered a room that looked like a sound room. “please sit” the guy told him.

He sat and looked at him. “please don’t leave me here”.

He stared at him and chuckled. “don’t worry, he’s not going to jump out of the walls to kill you, relax and speak to him”.

The guy left him alone in the quiet room. He sat quietly and looked around, there was no phone, how was he supposed to speak to him.

“He sat for a few seconds and said hello. “hello Kafui”

The voice made him jump in his seat, there was so much masculinity and depth in the voice.

“You don’t have to be so jumpy, like he said, I wont emerge from the walls to kill you”.

Kafui looked around and saw cameras. He sat still.



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“how have you been treated so far, you are my guest, I hope they haven’t treated you like a prisoner”.

He sat quietly and thought of it for a while. “no, they are treating me just fine”.

“Kafui, would you like to work for me?” Trick asked through the speakers.

“what, what do you mean, i…..i’m not a criminal?!”.

Trick laughed so hard Kafui felt the room shake.

“Who said anything about being a criminal, I’m a lecturer, I own a mobile phone shop, I own a pharmacy, I own a petrol station, I own a restaurant and many other things, how does that make me a criminal?”

He laughed again. Kafui was shocked, who the hell was this man? Kafui was quiet for a while

“I’m sorry, I cant work for you…….i…….”

“yes, you’re into advertising, I know, actually I know everything about you, much more than you know, it’s okay if you won’t work for me, do you have any questions for me?”

“yes, I do” Trick was silent for almost a minute and Kafui thought he was gone.

“you have three questions, I’m all ears”.

“okay, please why am I here?” Trick chuckled again. “you just wasted the first question because you have been told too many times that you are here for your own protection but somehow you agitate my employees with the same question, next question”.

Kafui thought carefully. “how is my family really doing?” Trick hesitated for a few minutes.

“Your sister, Sedi, she was murdered……for attempted murder”.

Kafui fell from his chair as his mouth dropped in shock.

“Your brother…….he sacrificed himself for you, he’s in jail where everyone thinks he’s you, and your brother in law, Patrick, he’s been possessed by something I don’t really know”.

“Who murdered my sister?” he asked angrily.

“is that your last question?” Trick asked him.

He thought carefully, he had to figure out what to do, what to ask, was this the most important question?

He thought long and hard. “no, that is not my last question, this is my last question, I was told someone called in a special favor for my life to be saved, I want to know who it is”.

Trick chuckled again. “I see” He was silent for a while as if he was thinking of what to tell him then he answered him.

“okay, the person who asked that you be protected will be with you in two hours exactly, set your time well.

Wait for the person, won’t stay with you for more than fifteen minutes so make the time count, soon enough”.

Who is Kafui’s protector, find out soon……watch out for episode 6………….