Sedi dialed her brother’s number again, it went straight to voicemail. She was freaking out, she didn’t know what was wrong with her brother.

She had seen on the news that he had been involved in an accident. She paced up and down and sat in the hall.

The television flashed and she sat glued to her seat, it announced that Kafui was wanted for the murder of Afia.

She jumped up and rushed out. She drove like a maniac out. She heard her phone ring just as she pulled it out to make a call.

“I was just about to call you……….what do you mean……you didn’t finish her off……then who did?”she listened for a few minutes and cut the line without a word.

This was all so confusing. She had sent someone to kill Afia and yet the person said she was already dead when he went so could it be that Kafui killed her?

She doubted it, Kafui couldn’t hurt a fly. How could he harm Afia? She thought deeply.

It meant that she had seen the policeman she thought she had imagined but if he was real why hadn’t Kafui tried to get her or call her, was he truly guilty?



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Thelma, the nurse who helped Kafui drove into a house and parked.

Kafui sat in the car stupefied,  looked around and back at Thelma.

“are you coming down or what?” she said and laughed.

He alighted slowly, he was scared. Who was this lady, this wasn’t a house, it was a mansion, maybe he should have just gone with the police instead.

He followed her quietly and halted when they got to the door. She turned to look at him and smiled.

You have nothing to be scared of, come on in”. He nodded nervously and followed her in. The outside was a joke compared to the inside.

It was really scary because he didn’t think Thelma had that kind of money.

There were about six men sitting in the magnificent hall. He felt the price of the chandelier was much more than his whole house.

The men rose when Thelma entered. “hi guys, tell the boss I brought him”. Kafui retreated but Thelma held his arm.

“welcome Kafui” one of the guys said to him. “how…how did you know my name?” Kafui asked, he had heard of Mafias and crime lords and other kind of people who knew everything about everyone and he felt like a dead man.

“Are you staying the night?” one of the very cute guys asked Thelma who looked at him with suspicion.

All of the guys laughed and left the room into various rooms. One of them returned and whispered into Thelma’s ears.

She smiled and nodded. “come with me”. She said and walked with him to a big bedroom. It was heaven compared to his place which he had always been content with.

“What is going on Thelma, you’re not telling me anything, just taking me from one place to the other, why am I here, who is this boss of yours?”

She looked at him for a few seconds and smiled. “ok, I’ll be honest with you, I’m not a nurse, I work here, no one knows the boss, when I sent the guy to speak to him, it was on the phone, none of them knows the boss, we just receive instructions from him on what to do and just do it and get paid”.

“Wait what, why then did you bring me here, you assured me I’m safe and yet you haven’t even met the person you work with?”.

“If he wanted to kill you, he would have asked me to do it at the hospital, but he only told me to bring you here”.

“I’m not sure Thelma”. He said and tried to walk out.

“well that’s what’s going to get you killed, he wants you to stay here, unless you want to go to prison”.

Kafui thought hard, who could have ordered him brought here, he suspected Elom but Elom didn’t have this kind of money, even he was richer than Elom  and yet he couldn’t afford a tenth of what he saw in here.

“Thelma looked at him and shook her head. “there’s going to be a massive clearing in the days to come, you better stay here, no one will restrict you, but you are far safer here”.

“what do you mean a massive clearing, what does that even mean?”

Thelma looked at him “a lot of people are going to get killed, you are here because of a word spoken for you, the others won’t be so lucky”

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