Kafui was silent as the police car drove off, he didn’t tell Sedi or anyone.

If she knew what was happening, she would ask so many questions and wonder how Afia is connected to Elom so he just told her he’d be back and had gone on to call his lawyer.

Kafui thought of Elom and felt hatred he had never felt, he couldn’t believe Afia was dead, he had been with her, he had gone to the mall with her, how could she be dead.

How could Elom do this, he was very sure it was Elom else the police wouldn’t have picked him up.

He had left earlier and he hadn’t even been allowed into Afia’s room because she was still unconscious.

He heard the blaring of a horn and didn’t know how or what had just happened.

He just felt the car somersault as his head bumped into parts of the car and he heard terrible noises, screams, bones breaking, at a moment he felt blood across his face and felt a metallic object pierce his side, he let out a scream and passed out.

When he came to, the place was quiet, he had been off for like three minutes, there was blood everywhere, the policeman by his side had been torn terribly in two places with one side hanging in the seat belt.

He was already dead, everyone around him was dead.

He was bleeding terribly; he didn’t know what to do. He turned and saw that one side of the door was already open but he had to climb over the half cut guy to get there, he looked at the guy for a while and started throwing up.

He closed his eyes and climbed past the guy. Every movement felt like a metal had been dropped on him.

He managed to get to the door and stepped out then he fell to his knees, he raised his shirt to look at the gash at his side, it was really bad, no wonder he couldn’t stand on his feet.


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He crawled towards the road and realized no driver wanted to pick him, he knew if he stayed long, another set of cops would arrest him.

He also felt no one wanted to pick him because they saw the police car down there so he tried crawling away from the scene of the accident.

Finally, a car parked when he hailed it and the driver got down and helped him into the car. He passed out as soon as he landed on the seat.

When he came to, he was in a hospital, he had been treated and stitched up fine but he was in terrible pain.

He looked around, he knew he couldn’t stay in the hospital for long else he’ll be found out and re-arrested.

He tried to get down and fell. When he raised his head, the nurse was looking down at him, he hadn’t even seen her enter.

She was going to scream at him for getting out of bed but surprisingly she smiled at him and helped him up.

“You patients are so naughty, who asked you to get out of bed?” she said with a smile.

She had the brightest smile that made him feel painless. She helped him onto his bed, told him to stay there and left.

He was surprised, that was totally unlike them, most nurses he had met weren’t nice.

He turned on the television in his room and watched the news. Suddenly he saw his face on the screens, the accident was announced and it was announced that he had escaped.

The police will be on his tail because he was sure everyone was watching the news and someone from the hospital will call the police about his whereabouts.

He had to leave. In his rush, his wound started bleeding but he couldn’t stop, one advantage he had was that the hospital was a very private one so wasn’t crowded.

With the help of that, he walked unnoticed until he saw about three policemen walking towards his ward, they hadn’t seen him so he turned and walked towards the car park, he was sure someone had called them.

They wouldn’t have figured his whereabouts out. He went to the car pack and looked out.

There was one more policeman standing beside the police car.

He had to get to Elom, he had to at least kill him, after all he had been charged with murder, so he might as well kill his jackass of a brother who had dedicated his life to making him miserable.

But how was he going to elude these policemen. Things got worse when he turned and saw the other policemen searching the car park, he had been caught, he knew it…

Suddenly, he saw a car drive to his side and the side door open….. “get in”.

It was the nurse who had helped him up. He got into the car and she drove off, he lay low so no one will see him. As they drove off he wondered why the nurse had helped him.

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