Kafui lay in bed. He wasn’t asleep, he just lay there, he didn’t feel like waking up, he just wanted to lay there.

He wasn’t a very happy man, he had lived a reckless life though less reckless than his twin brother and he always thought carefully before making any decisions.

He had been in love twice and on both occasions, his brother had taken the women from him.

It wasn’t just to anger him like he told Afia, it was because he had stolen Elom’s first love, he wasn’t crazy about her, he just liked her looks and had ended up in bed with her and Elom had sworn to get back at him for that.

Now he was here, living in the same house with Elom’s wife.

He hadn’t wedded the others in church which meant he loved Afia enough to wed her in church, technically, she was the first wife.

At first, Kafui thought he just liked the girl for her boldness and how she had been able to fight off Elom……but it was more, he was beginning to have feelings for her and that would cause a third world war.

That was not the major problem though, he saw how Afia looked at him, it was as if she was seeing Elom, she looked at him in fear thinking one of this days, she’d be talking to Elom instead of him.

He needed to stay away from her and get her out of his thoughts, he was tired of fighting.

He rose from bed and opened the wardrobe, he picked out a neatly arranged shirt and shorts and wore them.

He stretched, looked around, wore his slippers and walked out.

He almost bumped into her as soon as he stepped out.

“Efe” he said, lost for words. She was in a skimpy yellow dress which sang out praises of her body curves.



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“Efe, when did you start calling me that?” she said with a chuckle.

“you’ll figure it out with time, but from now on, I’ll always call you Efe, never Afia”.

She smiled at him and walked with him to the hall. “I’ll be going to the mall today, do you mind coming with me?” Kafui asked and immediately regretted.

He was supposed to be staying away from her, why had he invited her instead?

“of course I’d love to” she said and when they turned Sedi was staring at them with a cold look in her eyes.

“let’s get some breakfast”. She said as they all walked to the dining table.

Patrick was there when they got there and Afia started to feel nervous but it wasn’t the monstrous Patrick.

“Afia, it’s not fair that we live in the same house and you hide yourself from me” he said in the good Patrick voice as he smiled sweetly at her.

Sedi looked at her as she froze, she didn’t know what to say, she felt like her tongue had turned to lead.

She managed a weak smile. Efe went into the kitchen and came to serve them.

She placed Afia’s food in front of her and Kafui’s too.

They finished their breakfast and headed to the mall. They bought what they needed and started walking around and looking at the place.

Afia was having fun with Kafui, she liked Kafui, really liked him but she was not ready to date him, it would be awkward.

Every time she looked at him, she remembered Elom and the torture she went through at his hands but she didn’t want him to feel bad so she tried to suppress it.

They finished shopping and stepped out then Kafui halted. “You see what you did?” He asked Afia who looked at him in surprise.

“what did I do?” he looked at her for a few seconds and laughed.

“you made me forget to buy the shaving cream, wait right here, I’ll be back”.

She nodded and watched him walk away, he turned to look at her but she looked away. She was feeling a bit uneasy and sweaty but she had no idea what was wrong with her.

She felt woozy and walked to the bench and sat. She raised her head and saw Kafui standing in front of her, he didn’t say a word, he just watched her.

“let’s go home, I don’t feel too good”. She said as she looked down and saw Kafui’s shoes then she looked up, she saw the mark on his head, the different clothes, this wasn’t Kafui……………this was Elom.

She rose shakily to run but she had gotten too weak as blood spilled from her nose and mouth. She watched as Elom retreated and walked away from her before she passed out.

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