Afia stared at Elom who stared back at her with indifference.

“Afia, meet my older brother….Kafui, Kafui meet Afia, my friend”.

Afia stood rooted to the spot, she was definitely going to go to jail, she wanted to hear what he was going to say but did she say Kafui, did anyone keep their real names these days?

“Nice meeting you Afia” he said coldly. The stare he gave her could freeze her over.

Patrick smiled at them and walked to the dining hall.

“Let’s have breakfast”  Patrick said.

They all sat at the table to eat, Afia stared at Kafui, Sedi who misread it as attraction felt more hatred for her brother as she and Afia kept staring at each other.

Afia stared at him in terror but he stared at her with coldness. It was as if the dining hall was their battlefield.

Patrick noticed what was going on and wondered what was actually happening.

It was as if both of them were sworn enemies, but Afia wasn’t scared, she was terrified, he could sense it on her and he found it weird.

Afia excused herself though she hadn’t finished the food and went to her room, she started to pack because she needed to leave the house before she got arrested.

Tears flowed down her cheeks as she packed. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her right now.

What a freakish family. What was the probability that they were not going to use her for soup next.

She sat on the bed and cried her eyes out. At this moment she really missed her mom, her mom stood by her side through thick and thin.

She had written a letter to her once when she was married and that was all, now she feared that sending her a letter will get her traced.

Her mother would have understood the situation and covered for her but her father….he was a very strict man, he would have handed her to the police himself, her father could practically end her life.

She went on packing, these were the times she missed Korkor, Korkor would have known what to do.


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She didn’t have a phone currently so she couldn’t get in touch with the outside world.

She remembered all the good times she had shared with Elom.

She began to remember the red flags she had seen and ignored. She felt so stupid, as usual, Korkor had been right and she had insulted her and humiliated her.

She so wished Korkor would be here for her to kneel and beg her.

She would have given everything to see Korkor right now.She was frustrated, there wasn’t much she could do.

She had finished packing so she opened the door and there Elom was or Kafui or whatever he called. himself

“I thought you lived here, where are you going, did I scare you that much” Afia stared at him.

All the love she had felt for him had diminished into thin air, all she felt for him was hatred and disgust.

“where I’m going is none of your business, step out of my way”. Kafui stared at her for a while and chuckled.

“what exactly are you running from right now, what are you going to tell my sister, that I scared you so you are leaving, what exactly are you going to say?”

Afia dropped her bag angrily. “how are you even still here, what in God’s name are you doing here”.

Kafui looked at her and started to laugh. “Well I’m lost, what exactly are you talking about?”.

“Don’t act dumb, you can’t kill me here or shoot me like you planned to do that day, I saw the gun in your hand when i hit you, I …..i killed you, I saw the blood and……and you were not breathing, I know I killed you, how are you here, Elom, what happened when i left?”.

She  watched as the smile faded from Kafui’s face. “what the hell are you talking about………you killed Elom… killed my twin brother?” Afia’s eyes widened. What the hell was happening, what had she just done?

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