It had been three months since Afia became Elom’s wife, it had been fun, the honeymoon was over and they were back home.

Elom had gone to work and Afia was home, she had been in the kitchen all day trying to make dinner really special.

She had just finished when the door bell rang, she was really excited, she had missed him already.

She opened the door and smiled widely. She stretched her arms to hug him but he walked right past her to the hall.

The smile vanished from her face but she didn’t complain. She walked to him in the hall and sat beside him.

“Baby today I cooked……”.

“I just ate, I’m really exhausted, I’m going to bed”.

He rose and walked away. She wasn’t a happy woman, she had been alone at home all day and she expected to spend like ten minutes with her husband.

She went to the kitchen and looked at all the hard work she had done as tears flowed down her cheeks.

She brought down containers and packed the foods into them and into the fridge.  She headed to the bedroom to change and take a shower, when she got to the door, she heard Elom on the phone.

“yes baby….didn’t I tell you not to worry about that…..i said you’ll see me in an hour, do you doubt that…..see you baby”.

Afia stood at the door, trembling, her husband was cheating on her, it had been just a few months that they got married and he was cheating?

She was rooted to the spot when he opened the door. He walked past her.

“hun, where are you going?”.

“Listen, I’m your husband, right, I’m not your son, you don’t question where I go”.

“i….i’m just concerned since you said you were too tired to even eat”.

He turned to look at her, clicked and walked towards the door.

“who were you on the phone with?” He turned to look at her again as anger filled his countenance.

He walked towards her and slapped her so hard she saw light.

“how dare you eavesdrop on my conversation and how dare you talk to me like that”.

“I…… I was just….”

“you were just what….huh”. He said as he hit her over and over again.

He walked towards the door. “don’t expect me home tonight”.

She lay on the floor weeping. She greatly missed Korkor, if Korkor knew what was happening she was sure all hell would break loose.



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Afia stayed in the marriage for two years….it didn’t get better, it got worse, Elom started drinking, started hitting her more, stopped eating at home, started bringing his women into the house until the very day Afia couldn’t take it anymore.

She had been feeling sick, she ruled out pregnancy because her flow was still normal but she went to the hospital.

She was told at the hospital that she was pregnant. She was happy because she believed it was going to change Elom, this was his first child so yes, it definitely had to change him.

When she got home, he was in the bedroom on the phone, he was speaking ewe and she had never heard him speak ewe.

She had a secret, she had lived in Togo with her dad for a year so she understood ewe perfectly well, something Elom didn’t know so she leaned against the door and listened.

By the time the conversation was over, Afia had had enough. She burst into the room.

Elom…is this who you really are, you are a monster, what did I ever do wrong, why did you choose me, you chose me just to ruin my life?”

He looked at her with confusion all over his face. “what in God’s name are you rumbling on about?”

“You know what, one thing I failed to tell you is that I lived with my father in Togo for a year, so I understand Ewe very well, I actually speak with my father”.

“so you lied to me?” he asked as he took a step towards her.

Afia chuckled. “I lied to you, oh that’s hilarious, because you lied to me about much more major situations….Elom, so your mother is alive, and you have a wife and three kids….Elom!!!”.

She walked out of the bedroom to the hall but Elom followed her. The tears were uncontrollable, Afia couldn’t stop crying.

“you lied to me about speaking ewe?” Elom asked angrily and started to hit her. He hit her so bad that she thought she was going to die.

She raised her head and saw the flower vase so she managed to reach it when Elom went back to the bedroom. She stood in the corner of the room as he entered.

She smashed the vase on his head without thinking and watched as he hit the floor with a thud.

Blood started flowing profusely. She had killed him, she had killed the man.

Then she looked at his hand and saw he was holding a gun, he was going to kill her, that was why he went to the bedroom, to get a gun?

it wasn’t going to change anything, if the police found her here, she was going to go to jail for murder.

She rushed to the bedroom, took all her money and most of his and left the house.

On her way she deposited most in the bank through a girl in the neighborhood then she passed through the pharmacy, bought some drugs and sanitary pads and got rid of the pregnancy without thinking twice.

She went to Kokor’s house but she had moved, since she had a key, she took care of herself for a while and left. The night she left was the night Patrick raped her.

Now we know Afia’s story, find out what happen’s next in Episode 9……..