When Korkor arrived at home, Afia was waiting for her.

She looked flushed and excited but Korkor wasn’t happy at all, she could see that her friend was getting into trouble and it hurt her that she had to deflate her friend’s excitement.

She looked at the ring Afia was wearing and forced a smile and sat beside Afia.

“sweety, how was your day?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“my day was amazing, look at the ring Elom gave me, that guy is such a darling”. She said whiles stretching her hand for Korkor to see the ring.

“it’s beautiful my dear, but let’s talk” she said as she held her hand. “Don’t you think this thing is going too fast, I love you very much dear and I don’t want you to get hurt, can you be patient for a while?”

Afia looked at her for a while, snatched her hand back and chuckled.

“Elom was right when he said he sensed a bit of envy from you, Korkor it’s not my fault that Elom chose me, neither is it my fault that he loves me so much that he wants to get married to me immediately, and you stand here talking about loving me, I’m sorry dear but i am not giving up on Elom so you lost”.

Korkor stared at Afia like she was seeing her for the first time, she was in shock that Afia could actually spew the venom she had just heard.

“Afia, what did you just say, that I envy you, I’m jealous, reality hasn’t hit you yet, you haven’t realized yet that I’m very happy with Elvin and wouldn’t have preferred anyone else?”.

“Yea you would say that now that I’ve seen your intentions, I’m so very ashamed of you”.


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“Afia, can you hear yourself being stupid right now, do you remember how I’ve been right about every guy you’ve been with, I can easily tell you Elom is the worst sweety, don’t be blinded by sweet nothings, I have no reason to envy you, we take care of each other and when something works for you it’ll work for me so what are you talking about?”

Afia looked at her for a while. “it’s amazing, some of our mates once told me you envied me and I shut them up, apparently they were right, listen, you can’t compare your Elvin to Elom, you call that a man, Elom and I are getting married in three months after we’ve seen my parents since both his parents are dead and he doesn’t have any family, you can decide to come or not to come, your absence won’t change much, if you had the power to decode guys, more men wouldn’t have dumped you than me, go on with your Elvin, I’m actually moving out of your house, stay with your Elvin, you guys can decide to wish us well or not, like I said it won’t make any difference”.

“Thank you” Korkor said as she watched Afia rise and go to the bedroom to pack her stuff.

She couldn’t help it as the tears flowed down her cheeks, she and Afia had fought, too many times but never like this, she had never said such hurtful things to her, for her to believe she envied her was much more insulting and hurtful than anything.

She also cried because her friend was going to jump into a hole and she couldn’t stop her.

But with the insults she had just received she didn’t think she was going to talk to Afia ever again.

It wasn’t just this insult but all the other insults that had scarred her over and over again.

She watched as Afia stepped out and slammed the door in her face.

She sat on the floor and cried bitterly for a friend lost.

Elom and Afia got married three months later, Elvin and Korkor were not in attendance and Afia was nervous, she had already signed the papers, she was now Elom’s wife but suddenly she was feeling odd.

She missed Korkor and she was beginning to think of the things Korkor had said but she knew it was too late to back out, it was a little too late……Her nightmares were just about to start.

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