They arrived at the restaurant and sat down, after the incident on campus, Korkor had decided to pay attention to Elom, watch out for more red flags.

“yesterday, we were talking about your family, we didn’t finish”. Elom smiled causing Afia to feel butterflies in her tummy but Korkor could see the icy stare behind the smile.

Elom wasn’t good for Afia, not at all. She watched in disgust as Elom watched a lady pass by and wink at her, he thought he was being subtle but she had seen him.

“Hun I want us to go somewhere”. Korkor said to Elvin.

“you mean all of us or just us?” Elvin asked. He wasn’t too surprised, he had noticed from the incident on campus that she was pissed, he was just hoping she wouldn’t take it out on him.

“I mean you and I, let’s go somewhere private”. Elom laughed rudely but Afia saw nothing wrong with it.

They excused themselves and left. The drive away from the restaurant was a quiet one.

“Babe what’s bugging you?” Elvin asked Korkor who sat for a few minutes before answering.

“how long have you known Elom?” Elvin looked at Korkor, his fear had come to pass, the fear he had that he was going to answer some tough questions had actually come.

“erhmm, I’ve known him for two years”. Korkor sat up and looked at Elvin.

“two years, just two years, do you know any of his older friends?”

“No baby, we are his only friends”. Korkor sighed.

“Baby park the car let’s talk” Elvin parked the car by the side of the road and looked at Korkor.

“What do you know about him?” He asked Elvin who chuckled.

“Really honey, I don’t know much about the guy okay, just what he has told us, he’s not really an open book, he’s a bit secretive and hot headed”.


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Korkor pondered over what he had said for a while and turned to him.

“I know Elom is possessive, quick tempered and a womanizer, you could have warned me so I protect Afia”.

Elvin sighed. Yes, he also knew exactly what Elom was, he was honestly beginning to get worried.

Elom wasn’t a pretender and that was why he hadn’t bothered to tell Korkor anything, he thought Afia will notice the kind of guy he was and leave him but it looked like Afia was coping just fine.

It really bothered him a lot but he didn’t want Korkor to notice it.

“Babe don’t be like that, your friend is a big girl, she should be able to take care of herself”. Korkor sighed again.

“You have no idea who Afia is, she decides to see only the good in people, she believes everyone has a good and bad side, so she chooses the good side”.

“Well that’s a dangerous ideology to go by, but right now, looking at you, there are so many ideologies running through my head, like the ideology of the softness of your lips, the ideology of ……..” He leaned in and whispered things into her ears causing her to giggle.

He started the car and drove to a hotel. They checked in and Korkor decided to take a shower.

After the shower she threw off the towel and stood in front of Elvin who looked at her like it was his favourite meal.

She walked towards him and started touching him as he peeled off his shirt and threw it on the ground.

They started kissing and touching when the phone rang. Korkor stretched her neck and jumped up.

“It’s Afia”. Elvin nodded as she answered. “sweetie whats up……what!…….no babe calm down…………tell me you didn’t……… girl, what the hell where you thinking, where are you, we need to talk………….ok, coming”.

She cut the line and looked at Elvin angrily. “What did I do?”.

“What did you do, you didn’t talk, Elom proposed marriage to Afia and she said yes”. Elvin’s jaw dropped open. “Oh no”

Was Korkor able to knock some sense into Afia? Lets find out in Episode 7……