Afia tried to wrestle herself free but she couldn’t, she was about to scream when the road cleared.

There was a very modern building standing right in front of them. She looked at Kafui who let go of her hand and walked towards the building.

In her fear and panic she hadn’t noticed the other cars packed when they arrived, she hadn’t noticed that there was a footpath, she had just been terrified.

There was a man at the door and before he opened the door, Kafui held Afia’s hand.

Not like he had throughout, this time it was gentle, she was sure it had to do with where they were.

When they entered she was amazed, whoever had thought to do this was amazing, the place was beautiful.

They walked to the bar and sat. Afia looked at Kafui curiously. What was this guy up to?

“Kafui, why are we here?” He asked her to order for a drink and ordered for himself.

“I want you to tell me exactly what happened with Elom”.

“To what end, you are going to kill me anyway”.

Kafui looked at her and chuckled. “no I’m not, because the bastard is still alive”. Afia rose in shock and fear.

“What do you mean he’s alive?” She started to retreat.

“Come here” he said and held her hand. “you do not have anything to be scared of, I’ll protect you”.


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“why would you, you are his twin, why would you protect me from him”. Kafui looked at her,looked away  and back again.

“Tell me what exactly happened” Kafui was silent as he listened to Afia. When she was done he didn’t look her in the eye.

He just ordered more whisky. “Elom is the most vile man I’ve met and it’s unfortunate that you had to meet him, I’ve lost count of the number of times he tried to ruined my life.

I’m however happy that he didn’t die, you don’t deserve to go to jail because of him, if you want something to eat you can order, I’m not very hungry”.

Afia looked at him thoughtfully.  “when did you find out Elom was still alive?” He looked at her and chuckled.

“On my way to tell Sedi what you had done, he called me, he didn’t mention that a woman had been bold enough to make an attempt on his life, it will be a shame for him to admit that”.

“So why did you keep mistreating me?” He looked at her and smiled.

“I was teaching you patience, next time a man makes an attempt on your life, run out, don’t try to kill him”.

“There won’t be another time”. She stood and went were the dancers were and started dancing.

She was interesting to look at, Kafui watched her along with all the other guys.

She felt liberated. She wasn’t a fugitive of the law anymore, she would go to her mom’s place first thing in the morning.

After dancing for a while, she returned to Kafui who hit her with the question she wasn’t expecting.

“Are you aware you are still married to Elom?” Afia frowned. She hadn’t thought about it, the thought of it made her mouth bitter and made her feel nauseous.

“I want to go home” she said to Kafui who nodded.

It was dawn, Afia was lying down, she couldn’t sleep, It was as if she had exchanged one burden for another.

She had to meet Elom, the man she had tried to kill, they had to meet and discuss terms of their divorce.

She wasn’t going to stay with him as a husband for another day.

She heard movement in the hall and rose. She walked on tiptoe and leaned against the wall.

“you little whore, I’m going to kill you” She heard Patrick say. It was in the voice she had heard him in the day he raped her.

She saw Sedi retreat. She retreated and looked again. Her eyes bored directly into Patrick’s, he looked at her unflinchingly.

A knowing smile crossed his face, she could see it all, that was exactly how he had looked at her the night he attacked her.

She run to her room and bolted the door. About a minute later she felt someone push her door and knock.

His wife had looked scared of him, who was going to protect her, Kafui was asleep, it was up to her to defend herself.

Who was at the door, find out in Episode 4…..