Tears On My Pillow Episode 5


I woke up early as was the trend. Moving out of my Pyjamas, after cleaning my face, I stood in front of the mirror. It’s funny how I never took time to look at myself. I was of a medium height not short nor tall. I looked at my body shape, it was good. A flat stomach. one wouldn’t know for sure that i was ever pregnant. My boobs were still pointed like those of a virgin. I turned and glanced at my back, my behind was perfect.

I giggled a little. “why is it that i had a wrong perspective about myself?” I wondered to myself. I was definitely beautiful. I recalled the moments with Ben….

He had taken me to his room, it was nicely decorated with rose petals. The aroma of the flowers was wonderful. I stood there at the door after he closed it behind me.

“What’s this Ben ?” I asked surprised.

“This my Jena, is a way of me saying I love you.”

I smiled at him, it was the first time Ben told me he loved me.

” thank you” I said feeling all shy. He came close to me..

“that’s all ? Thank you? ” he faked being hurt.

“Mmmm ,what did you expect Ben..” I chuckled shyly.

” ouch! That hurts” he teased. “you are supposed to tell me if you love me too..”

“oh well,” I shrugged

” I don’t know how to say it Ben. we have been going out together even if it is in hiding, you have been good to me and I like you, so I guess you know I do.” I shrugged rubbing my hands together.

Ben held my hand..” you do what? My love just say it” I bow my head down.

“hey, hey! don’t tell me you are shy with me.” he said holding my chin and lifting my head up our eyes met. I can confess I felt some strange hormones arising.

“I love you.” he said again getting closer to me. I smiled at him and before I knew it Ben’s lips touched mine. I flinched a bit not really knowing what to do. It was like Ben read the line, he stopped and asked if I was ok.

” Ben I have never done this, I mean kiss anyone or anything else.” I murmured

” I know Jena, I will teach you everything as long as you permit me.” He smiled pushing my top aside a little bit and running my shoulder as he kept his eyes at me.

My inner voice warned me not to but my body said something else.

Ben kissed me again and this time i responded. He removed the wrapper I had on revealing my underwear. I let him remove my strapped top I had on and I stood there naked before him.

” you are beautiful Jena” he marvelled” your skin and body are perfect” he added seriously admiring me.

“you are making me feel shy.” I looked down my hand across my body.

” Don’t feel like that because it’s true.” he lifted me up like a groom lifts his bride on their wedding day. laying me down on his bed, he took his time caressing my body and openly admiring my me. we kissed as his hands worked through every part of my body. He was so gentle with me I had no idea I was going to feel that good. My body clung to his and he kept whispering how much he loved me.

Minutes later we lay back on our backs panting. I had never felt such pleasures my entire life. Ben was the love of my life and making love to him was epic.

“hey, so…?” I asked him..

” what ? ” He answered in a low tone.

“nothing ” I changed my mind and didn’t finish my question.

“So I love you and I want you by my side forever ” he completed his statement.

” but I want you to work hard at school so that we two can have a life we deserve.” I leaned on his chest his fingers closed with mine.

I smilled as I held him tight putting my head on his masculine chest. If i had to bet I would say there was a 99 % chance that’s the day I conceived Grace.

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I was brought back from day dreaming when Chisha called my name on the other side of my room.

“am coming!” I answered quickly grabbing my wrapper and a sleeveless top. I headed out.

After 2 hours of cleaning the house I took a bath and asked Aunty Nelly if there was anything I could do.

“why? You have other plans? ” She asked me.

” yes Aunty I wanted to go see Nancy in the police camp” I lied again.

“before you go, clean my car i want to use it this afternoon am going for a kitchen party..

I cursed in my head, my aunty really knew how to treat me. After doing all the chores, bathing her kids and even cooking relish for lunch she still wanted me to do some more work. I got the cleaning agents and water bucket before heading out to the garrage to wash her mercedes Benz. Opening the doors I started picking up all the items she just threw on the seats and down I opened the compartment to put the small items in and some papers fall off my laps. I picked one and noticed it was a letter. curiously I opened it..


Am writting my second letter to you, I hoped you would respond to my first one. What’s going on my love? I miss you I have a feeling something isn’t right there.

call me on this line…. I love you

Ben. ”

I shivered a little, after reading all the letters.

” so all this long aunty kept the letters? but why? ” I didn’t understand. I opened the next one, the third untill I read the 5th letter. I could feel the desperation in Ben’s words with each letter. I couldn’t help but cry. I knew deep down my heart Ben loved me and if he was to know we had a child he would surely be happy and love our daughter as much as I did.

I was stattled by little Mapalo when she walked to the car. Quickly i wiped a tear from my eyes. I lifted Mapalo, put her in the back seat and went back to cleaning the car.

I made a mental note to call Ben later in the day.

Story continues…