Tears On My Pillow Episode 24 Final


5 years later….

“Grace! Grace!” I called out.

“Grace! Hurry up baby we will be late…”

” take it easy my love we still have 20 more minutes before mass.” Ben walked in fastening his buttons.

” ok, so you want us to go on the dot right.?.” he smiled kissing my forehead.

” don’t always stress out love, take it easy at life.” He shook his head.

She came out with her pink dress and sandals

“wow ! my princess you look wonderful.” Her father complimented her. She turned around her dress flowing making an umbrella shape.

” yeah I know dad” she smiled

“mom bought it for me to wear for Christmas mass.” She announced

“wow..isn’t she a wonderful mom?” Ben giggled. .

” Yes !” she screamed hugging me. I couldnt help myself. I smiled kissing her forehead.

“ok ladies ” Ben interrupted

“shall we?” we got in the car, mom and sila who had come for the holiday joined us as we drove to the cathedral of the child Jesus for mass.

“thank you Lord ” I thought to myself.

” God is really faithful, he has turned my tears into joy, my shame into glory” my mind wondered away to how I got here.

…Flash back….

We woke up at 05 hours.

“my love I really hope we find her today” I told Ben.

“we will love I have a great feeling about today.” He smiled.

“I hope so, otherwise i don’t think I will survive leaving this place without our daughter ”

We drove to the farms Mwale directing us, he identified a lot of farms there so we never wasted time on those farms he was able to completely identify the owners.

We went round to the farms which were new or which had been sold to New owners. Around 14 hours I was almost giving up, then Mr Mwale went to talk to a certain man. we sat in the car everyone looking exhausted.

He came back smiling,

” I think we found them” he announced.

I threw out the bottle of water I was drinking.

“what was that,” I asked getting out of the car.

“That man is my old friend, we worked together at some white farms years back. He told me he’s working at a Mr Mwape who recently bought the farm about 6 months ago.”

“Let’s go then” Ben shouted. The other man got in as well and we drove for about 20 miles before the man pointed us turn on the next road to the left.

“you should be able to see a tank, just after the stretch, that’s the farm.” He directed.

We drove right through the entrance when the man we found opened the gate with small steel bars. Ben parked in front of the big white farm house.

We all walked to the door and a maid come to talk to us.

“good afternoon ” we all greeted her.

“we are here to see Mr and Mrs Mwape” uncle spoke first.

“please come in let me call them they went back to the fields 30 minutes ago.” She responded.

we were ushered into the living room. I looked around and saw a baby walker in the corner, next to where I sat was two toys. I took them my heart pounding fast. I looked at Ben who sat next to me.

“She’s here love” i whispered to him

“I can feel it, our girl is here.”

Ben held my hand as we sat in silence waiting for the maid who had gone to fetch them. The other maid passed and went straight to some room. I couldn’t settle down I kept looking around in the hope of having a glimpse of my child.

10 minutes later the Mwapes walked in..

” what are you doing here?” Mrs Mwape shouted when she saw me.

” how did you even find us ?” she added furious.

“well you people leave our house right this minute ” Mr Mwape cut in panicking. I saw Mrs Mwape looking the direction the maid went to as she spoke, then i knew definitely thats where Grace was.

“Well take it easy” uncle told them “we came in peace and We all can settle down and talk.”

“well Mr Chilufya we are not ready to talk to you people, later on this girl who dumped a baby. If that’s the reason you people are here you might as well leave the way you came” he snapped

“you see honey ” the wife interrupted

“I told you we stay in Mansa but you insisted this farm was good, this could not have happened if we stayed that side” she cried

Ben who sat quietly all this time stood up.

” please mam and sir hear us out please I beg you”

They sat on The chairs shooting eyes on me. If only looks could kill, am sure I could have died that moment

“so what do you want ?” they asked calmly this time,

Uncle led the talk . “We know what Jena did she told us every thing including how you discovered The baby was hers and moved from Chilanga. we are here to beg for forgiveness.”

They were quite for a while then I knelt down

“please aunty I know I made a mistake.”

“what do you mean a mistake?” Mr Mwape answered.

“A mistake is not someone dumping away a new born baby. that’s not a mistake” he scoffed.

“I know better now uncle” I pleaded tears running down my face.I really messed up I was desperate and young. I could not reason properly. I wanted to complete my education so badly. I couldn’t tell anyone because I was afraid, my boyfriend was away in Russia and I never got in touch with him.” I explained all the details crying through the explanation.

” please forgive us” Ben helped me.

“we know you love that baby but we need her back. There’s nothing else we can do but to plead for your understanding and Mercy. we really appreciate the fact that you kept her and loved her all this time only God will reward you ” he added.

“Well , we have heard you ” answered Mrs Mwape. “but I think it’s too late now, the only thing we can do is allow you to be coming to see her here. Otherwise forget about taking her with you.” She shook her head.

“No way we are leaving our daughter here” Ben answered seriously.

“we came to reason with you and ask in the most polite way possible to give us back our baby . so please just let her go already.”

“oh so you think you can come here young man and order us around aii” retorted Mr Mwape.

uncle stepped in

“please people let’s do this without any fights. we understand your position here” he said looking at the Mwapes…

” but these two are the parents to this baby and they need her back please if you will accept our apology and give them back what’s their’s already. we don’t want to end up in the court’s over the issue. you didn’t obtain this baby legally so you don’t have a good chance of winning in court.”

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After hours of talking and arguing Mr and Mrs Mwape finally gave in,

” let them have her honey ” Mr Mwape told the wife

“Only God will vindicate us. let’s not push this anymore.”

“I hope you raise her well ” she answered looking at me and Ben.

” she’s a sweet little Angel” she said tears in her eyes

“I loved her since the day she came in our lives and I love her still, please just promise you will be bringing her for me to see her grow.”

“we will I promise” I told her. ” thank you so much for having her and loving her. God will surely reward you in ways only him knows best.”

She had gone to the rooms and brought Baby Grace.. I exclaimed with joy seeing her again, I ran and got her hugging and kissing her

“I missed you my baby” I said crying with joy. Ben came and hugged us both we stood tears running on our faces. Everyone else in the room shed a tear, it was a moment of overwhelming joy and happiness. we said our good byes. I broke down as I hugged Mrs Mwape who also cried. I understood her pain and I prayed God would give her kids one day.

The following day we drove back to Lusaka and then Chilanga, aunty Nelly looked puzzled to see us enter the house with Grace.

“you finally succeeded ” she grinned, instead of smiling.

“well my dear,” the husband told her.

“God is faithful we managed to win despite your great efforts to make this mission impossible. so do you care to explain what the hell it was that led you to obstruct us and prevent Jena from getting back her child? ” he asked her as she figited around.

Aunty Nelly started crying apparently she had no reason at all,

“well then uncle concluded may God reward you for having such a bad heart. You are not worthy to be a mother. You disappointed me” he added before leaving the house.

A year later I went back to school after making a memorable wedding with Ben. mom came to live with us and helped me with Grace as I went to school everyday. my husband suggested I don’t go back in the boarding.

I graduated 4 years later and am now working at the supreme court here in Lusaka. So here I am happy with my complete family.

Indeed he’s a God of many chances. I looked at my smiling Husband.

“where is my wife at?” he giggled.

am back now ” I smiled back.

we held our baby Grace’s hands as we entered church.

Later in the evening my husband was browsing through some company files on his laptop.

” hey love, you have a minute? ” I asked sitting next to him.

“of course my love” he answered

” I will always have time for you two. what’s up.?”

“well, I wanted to let know that you are going to be a father once again, am 2 months pregnant”

” seriously?”

“Hmhm” I nodded with a smile.

“oh thats great news my love !” he jumped kissing me

” thank you for making me a proud father once again.” he kissed me again before running out.

“Let me tell Grace the good news before she sleeps.” He ran out. I shook my heard laughing as I watched him disappear to Grace’s room.

……… The end…….

Story By Tisa Phiri