Tears On My Pillow Episode 23


A week later, we had finally decided to travel to Serenge.

” girlfriend what about school ?” Muma asked me as I packed up.

“you know what girl? I think I will just drop out this year. I will ask to resume my studies next year, there’s no way am going to give school 100% concentration with what’s going on.” I told her.

“Jena you remind me of our last school days.” Muma said,

“I noticed something was wrong with you and you denied every thing. how could you hide your pregnancy even from me your best friend..?”

” it was complicated girlfriend, forgive me.”

” yeah sure girl, I just wish you all the best.” She smiled

“Thanx dear, I really needed that ” i said picking up my bag. Ben and uncle were outside waiting for me. I had called mom to explain the situation, warning her not to say a thing to aunty Nelly.

Uncle offered we use his hilux. He said we needed a high vehicle if we were to go round the farms,

” your Benz is low ” he told Ben.

“Hey love ” I greeted and kissed Ben on the chick.

” hey my love.. ready? ”

“Yeah sure let’s hit the road!” I said getting in the back seat with Ben.

” morning uncle !” I greeted.

“morning Jena how is your head? ” he asked turning to look in the back.

” never been better!” I giggled.

Ben and uncle laughed, “we knew you will say that, you wont say a thing even if it was aching just to make sure you come along. ”

” mmmn forget it guys am not planning on backing out” I shrugged

Uncle brought along some man who sat in the passenger’s seat with him.

“who is he uncle?” I asked.

” oh sorry I forgot to introduce him, this is Mwale. He’s a man my friend told me can help us search for the Mwapes in Serenge. He worked at the farms there for many years and he knows most of the land owners that side.”

“that’s great ” I said and greeted him.

We bought some food and water before leaving Lusaka, then uncle shouted looking at us.

“hey are you ready to embark on the journey, what do we call it ?” he paused.. ” to find Grace” he said making gestures with his hands. we all burst out laughing.

“yeah!” We screamed together as he joined Kabwe road.

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Our journey was wonderful, that was the thing with uncle he found ways of making every thing seem so simple. He told stories about his childhood and told many jokes all the way. Let me say we all stayed awake for the rest of the 7 hours journey from Lusaka to serenge, at some point I got tired of sitting and lay on my back on Ben’s hands. we glanced at each other and he smiled looking down at my face.

“I love you” he spoke inaudible,

just moving his lips .

“I love you more” I motioned in the same way and we giggled.

“Well, love birds, i was once in love like you. ” he looked back.

“tell us more!” I said laughing.

“was that with aunty?”

“No, ” he responded bluntly

“I never married my first love unfortunately ” he said frowning .

“Hmm sorry ” I sighed.

“well you should say thank God, otherwise I wouldn’t have met you and even driving to Serenge for “to find Grace”” he teased with his new title of our trip. We all laughed again.

We reached serenge town at 19 hours, asked for a good lodge around town and the people helped us find what was according to them the most executive lodge.

Ben booked two rooms with two beds. we had our dinner orders as well before heading to our rooms.

” make sure you use different beds you two” uncle laughed.

“Sure thing uncle ” Ben answered

” rest well people” he added when we were standing by his room before we proceeded to our room next door. “we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.”

In our room I went to shower. I was enjoying the warm water falling on my body, it really felt relaxing after a long journey.

“may I come in?” heard Ben join in , before I could say anything he was already inside .

“what are you doing here love,” I giggled looking at him all naked.

“Dont tell me you dont like what you see” he teased putting his head under the running water.

“Hmm.. not at all” I laughed

“Are you sure love?” he whispered getting close and pushing me towards the wall. I swallowed hard, there was something about him that drove me wild. With him that close to me I became less in control of myself. I held his waist closer to my body and felt him moan with pleasure. We were carried away and tangled in love pleasures for 30 minutes. After we were done wiggling and turning each other around , we finished showering and retired to bed.

I prayed a little prayer of protection and luck to find Grace. Putting my head on Ben’s chest I dozed off and fall asleep.

Early the following morning we were all set to go by 7 hours.

“how did you sleep guys,” uncle asked us as we joined the main tarmac.

“great !” Ben answered smiling and winking at me. I smiled back knowing too well what that meant.

Mr Mwale directed us to the area where he knew had lots of big farms, after driving for about a mile we approached the first farm and inquired about the Mwape’s. The old man in the track pointed in the east direction.

“I heard the next farm that side was sold recently to some new owners. am not so sure of the name of the new farmer there, you can start from there”

“thank you ” Ben responded, he was the one driving and uncle sat with me in the back. Mwale was in front directing Ben, upon getting to the farm we were directed to, we found out the owner was a woman who never even stayed there, they were only workers.

We moved around to about 15 or so farms but nothing. It was even getting dark so we decided to head back to the lodge.

“we continue tomorrow uncle suggested.

“Is there any other area with commercial farms here? ” I asked Mr Mwale.

“mmmmmm, maybe those near Mpika he said, otherwise here the rest of the farms are small”

“are you sure it’s a commercial farm,” uncle asked Ben.

“am sure of what that guy told me uncle, he specifically mentioned a commercial farm only that he couldn’t pin point the exact location.”

“Well then” he sighed

“let’s head to where Mr Mwale has mentioned then, we pray something comes up tomorrow

Story continues…