Tears On My Pillow Episode 22


………. Ben……….

I cried, some of the guys started walking away.

How typical, instead of helping me. People can easily abandon someone desperately in need.

I glanced at her again and she moved her head.

” love?” i called her.

“Am sorry I didnt mean to push you.” she winced in pain,

“my head” she whispered

“i know my love stay put for a while” I held her sighing in relief.

The owner of the hotel came.

“what happened here?” he inquired surprise

“well the guy who paid you to use your room tried to rape this poor girl was caught” one of the guys told him.

I cared less about what they were saying, all i wanted was to help Jena.

” can you stand up love?” i asked her after some few minutes.

“i think so” she answered.

I held her as i helped her up.

we slowly walked to the car and i decided to drive her to the hospital.

” where are we going?” she asked me.

“You need to see a doctor love”

“no am fine Ben ” she objected. ” Please lets just go to my room i will be fine.” She looked at me.

“well, I will take you home instead.”

“okey ” she lay her head on the seat.

we drove home in silence..

” Am so sorry Jena I didnt mean to hurt you, I let my anger control me. forgive me my love.”

“It’s fine my love, its not your fault, its my fault i didnt tell you about Jim, i thought i could get something about my daughter, am desperate Ben, I have lost hope of finding her and knowing my own aunty is contributing to my suffering is unbearable.” she was still shaking from fear of what happened.

I held her after putting ice on the part she hit the wall. I gave her some pain killers and took her to lay down on the bed.

“please my love dont do that again, dont ever expose yourself to such danger, I dont know what could have happened if i didnt follow you.”

“forgive me” she held my face for me to look at her.

“I will never hide anything again. l just want my baby with us, I cannot go on like this love” she cried and I comforted her.

“You are right about your aunty. I thought she has changed, how unfortunate it is that she’s in touch with the Mwape`s and even helping them hide. To make matters worse, she blows the story out to everyone even lying that you sold the baby. how dare she? I frowned. “she is so heartless, am sorry to say this Love.”

I told her about how I discovered aunty Nelly was friends with Mrs Mwape on FB.

” love, listen ” I explained to her, I found out about her friendship on facebook and I asked a certain guy from Russia to help me track her location using her Facebook address, God willing he will be able to give me the location in a couple of days.”

“It’s alright the most important thing is to find our baby” she responded.

Jena told me that we had to tell her uncle, according to her he wasnt involved in her aunty’s evil deeds. we both agreed to call her uncle and asked him to come over my place.

” why is that?” he inquired.

“Well uncle ” i explained,

“because the issue is serious and we cannot risk anyone finding out what we know by coming to chilanga.”

I also told him about a spy, he sounded concerned and he promised he would start coming right that moment.

“I hope this night mare comes to an end soon my love” I whispered to her.

“I want us to be together, happy and live a normal life, free of all this drama.”

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I had fallen asleep after talking at length with Ben about aunty Nellys betrayal. I knew aunty Nelly was not so caring about me, but the past months I had the impression she had changed.

How possible is it that my blood relative would have so much hatred for me I couldn’t just understand.

I stayed in bed, my head still aching. I thanked God Ben rescued me from that jerk Jim, he almost succeed raping me, just the thought of his body on me made me shiver..

“God” I prayed, “may you let this pass away, I promise to live a better life, will always strive to live a righteous life, please send your holy spirit to help me. Thank you for the gift of life, thank you that even when I don’t deserve it you gave me a good man. Bless him all Lord I pray and prolong his days that he may reap in abundance of blessings all the days of his life, bless and protect our daughter, I pray from my heart hear me lord”

“Amen. !” I heard Ben answer as I completed my prayer.

“Thank you my love for praying for me” he smiled.

“love, uncle is 5 minutes away let’s prepare to Welcome him.” He leaned forward planting a kiss on my forehead.

” sure” i said standing up. I felt a bit dizzy and held my head. Ben quickly rushed and held me.

“are you ok? ”

” Am fine love, I just felt a bit dizzy.. am sorry he said again…

“stop apologising already will you…

Uncle came a few minutes later and we sat in the sitting room. I served us juice.

” so guys” uncle started. “what’s going on..? What’s this issue of someone spying on you.”

“It’s true uncle” i explained,

“no wonder all the efforts we have put in have failed. Someone is informing the Mwapes of what we are doing”

“so do u people have an idea who it is then? ” he looked at both of us.

We looked at each other and we both nodded.

“we might have something uncle..

, though we are not so sure” Ben responded

“Tell me who it is already ” he rushed us.

“we are suspecting aunty Nelly ” Ben told him.

” what? Are you serious? ” Uncle asked looking at me.

” now I see this search is blinding you both, now you start accusing the person who raised you. how dare you Jena?” uncle snapped looking at me seriously.

“But uncle please hear us out” I cried.

“I know you people raised me and I will forever be grateful. just think of it uncle, what will I gain in accusing aunty Nelly. she’s dad’s own sister and has kept me all this while.” I sniffed.

” it doesnt even make sense to me as well” he answered..

Ben opened Facebook and showed uncle that aunty were friends with Mrs Mwape. He explained about Jim and everything that happened some hours before he came. All the time uncle sat in silence as Ben concluded his explanation.

” that’s why we called you here instead of us coming to Chilanga. The fear was that if what Jim said, which is infact making sense, is true. Then we would have risked failing everything again.”

“Am so ashamed right now. Jena am so sorry you have suffered at the hands of your aunty, believe me I had no idea what was going on. No wonder she was always asking what was happening but did nothing at all to help solve the situation. Don’t worry ” uncle assured us…

” I won’t tell her a thing from now onwards we only deal with this the three of us.” he then left

But not before Ben explained his plan of using his friend to track Mrs Mwapes location.

Two days later Ben came to campus.

” Love I have good news for you ” he smiled excited.

” what is it ? What happened ?” I asked curiously.

“well that guy just text me that He located Mrs Mwape. He told me she must be located in some Northen parts of the country Serenge or Mpika somewhere there, according to him. He couldn’t say the exact location because of poor demarcations in our country but it should be some commercial farm area.”

“Well my love” I hugged him excited.

“that’s something for sure”

” yeah Jena soon we are going to find her.” He chuckled with a smile.

I was so excited I cried.

“oh my baby, soon I will be able to hold you again, Thank you God!” I shouted tears falling on my chicks.

“Thank you Ben” I said hugging him again.

“she’s my daughter too remember, am not only doing this for you but for us all.” He smiled.

“yeah sure” I sighed sitting down on my bed.

We later that afternoon called uncle and we met up at east park for lunch as we discussed the progress.

“This is good guys” uncle said excited after we narrated the development.

“now all we need is to take a trip to Serenge. ” He pointed out.

“am going with you” I spoke up

“No leaving me behind this time around.”

“but Jena..” Ben almost spoke up.

” stop already Ben, forget it am not remaining here. I need to be there when we finally find her.”

“It’s okey” uncle supported.

“she can come too, besides we need her to talk and reason with the Mwapes she’s the one with scores to settle with them”

“Won’t they sue me uncle?” I asked worried of what the Mwapes reaction when I surfaced to claim my child.

“They don’t have a strong legal case” uncle explained.

” I talked to my Lawyer friend, he told me that unless they had reported you to the police the time they found out it was you who left the baby. but instead they ran away, which could be viewed as kidnapping.”

” what if they signed adoption papers already” I asked.

“no way, they needed the mother’s signature to authorise that or the signature of some authorised legal personnel. I doubt they did all that, cause if that was the case they couldn’t have gone through such trouble of hiding.”

“Well let’s hope that’s the case” said Ben.

“otherwise whatever it takes we will still end up with our child”

“don’t worry ” Ben looked at me,

” God has given us a second chance, we will be a complete family soon.”

We concluded our meeting and before we could start off. Uncle received a call from aunty Nelly, he ignored it and told us he’s failing to cope with her any more. every time I look at her I can’t believe I Married such a person. how possible is it that a woman who even has children would not understand what you are going through? anyway? ” he added.

” don’t worry immediately this is over. she’s going to hear from me. I hope she has a better of explanation for this.” He remarked.

Story continues…