Tarasha Season 2 Prologue


Tarasha arrives in Nigeria to work for Chief Gab, she is given Cole, Aisha & Benny; three of Don Dan’s former loyal men to work with. She starts with killing the minister of health, then the Rivers State Governor and then Chief Jubril Lawal, former minister of Defence.

Inspector Dakolo, Inspector James, Inspector Ken are all determined to see the end of this assassin but none seems to be able to tame her.
Along the line, Tarasha starts to have an explainable feeling for Henry, a Developer and seasoned Hacker. She refuses to admit that the feeling is love. She also meets with her elder brother Jeffery who makes her feel the joy of coming from a loving family again. He becomes her most prized possession.
Henry finally succeeds in convincing Tarasha to live a good life and stop killing after sacrificing himself to be imprisoned, not willing to give information about her to the police. But just when she made the decision to change, Jefa her brother is killed by a group led by the same terrorist who killed her parents, IG Rikau. Rex, an assassin who is her match is also in town and in the group of the enemies.



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The night was cold and the air was moisty, the wind swept across the land gently, transporting some dry leaves from the ground of the forest occasionally. The leaves and branches of the high trees danced gently and made melody in their own way. The rhythm made by their movement makes one easily guess that the plants were having an old school party.


Other inhabitants of the forests were not left behind in the celebration, the croaks of toads and squeaking of insects formed another melody. It was as if the living things had decided to break themselves into groups for this party, the animals formed one music band while the plants; trees and shrubs- formed another. Anyway it was obvious their different styles music didn’t seem to disturb each other.

It continued for a long period until the weather began to change, the winds became more violent and desperate. The party of the plants had been disrupted, their slow happy dance turned into a violent scene. The branches and leaves of the different trees suddenly began to clash with each other, one would think that they had the intention of killing each other. Maybe something had gone wrong in their party, one of them might have gotten drunk and began to cause trouble. The animals were not left out in the fight, some rodents and bush animals could be seen running out occasionally from their hiding place in the bush, fighting each other for a prey or a piece of food substance. The croaks and noises from the insects became louder, but it wasn’t melodious anymore. It became a harsh displeasing sound to the ear.


Soon, light appeared from a far end of the road and the forest suddenly turned quiet. Something about the light had hushed the noisemakers. The ground began to vibrate as the source of the light moved closer and the light became brighter. It was a heavy duty truck.
Cole got up from the bonnet of the car he was sitting on and adjusted the zip of his jacket properly. He also adjusted his headwarmer to cover his ears well before turning back towards the direction where the truck was coming from. He took out his phone and opened the tracker map, he saw the yellow dot at the same location as theirs, thereby confirming that it was their boss approaching.


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‘I think the Boss is here,’ Cole said to Aisha who had just rolled down the window of the car and was about to ask him what was going on.


Aisha wind up the glass and then opened the door, then she took her head warmer from the backseat and stepped outside.
Soon, the truck got closer and parked behind their car. Cole and Aisha moved towards the front of the vehicle, they could see Tarasha through the front glass, she had her eyes closed and her head rested back tiredly. Cole tried to move towards the driver’s side but then the door was opened and he couldn’t pass as thick bushes were on the other side.
Tarasha jumped out of the vehicle two minutes later, she closed the door and moved to the front where Cole and Aisha were standing. Her face could be clearly seen due to the brightness of the full moon. She was putting on a shiny black jacket whose length went below her knees, her trouser was also of the same colour and texture.
‘How long have you been waiting?’ She asked in a strange voice, taking slow steps past them.
‘Over two hours,’ Cole replied shakily, there was something terrifying about the look in her eyes and voice.
He and Aisha had been thrown into surprise when they received the call earlier that day with the boss paying them off and asking them to live a good life, they were still contemplating on what to do and wondering what could have happened to their boss when Cole received another call, she was asking them to come back with a promise of tripling their previous pay. They were confused at the second call and didn’t take any step until there was a third call, then she asked them to come and wait for her at their present location. It was at this third call that Cole began to guess what could be happening to their boss. Her voice at the first call had shown softness, the second time had shown a certain weakness but the third time her voice communicated anger and that was what it still communicated now, same with her eyes and whole body language. Cole concluded that something terrible must have really happened to her, but he thought it was concerning Henry.
They turned to the other side to face their boss at her new position, she had her back turned to them and her hands on her waist.
‘Have you taken note of anything? Is there any place we could camp here tonight?’ Tarasha asked.
‘The abandoned houses here are not too suitable, I don’t know if you’ll like to stay in them overnight.’ Cole said.
‘There are abandoned houses?’ She asked.
‘Yes, there are.’
Tarasha closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, her brother’s face flashed back into her mind. She could see him seated close to her in the bed, with smiles on their faces as they recalled their childhood events. Then she saw him in his pool of blood again, the bullet holes in his forehead with the diary in his hands. She remembered the page the diary was opened to, their mother had mentioned five Chiefs who were involved in making them leave Lagos to Borno in it. Chief Nasiru Attahiru, Chief Jubril Lawal, Chief Onwuli… The other names had been covered with a blood stain. She thought the men who sent her parents out of town deserved punishment but she was more desperate to kill all those who just killed her brother and also trace those who killed her family years ago led by Chief Rikau.


‘We have some business to settle at the Kuje Maximum Security Prison before we start with our new tasks.’ Tarasha said as she turned swiftly and walked back to her vehicle


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