Tarasha Season 2 Episode 93


‘Awww,’ Dave yawned and stretched noisily. He looked around where he laid and realized he was on the car seat. The darkness in the sky was fading off gradually and the workers in the clubhouse were already cleaning the surroundings. He quickly sat up and looked out through the window, his target’s car was nowhere to be found. He took a glance at his wristwatch, it was fourteen minutes to seven. He adjusted the car seat in a hurry and turned on the engine of the car. He rubbed his eyes with his palms before putting on the seatbelt. Then he picked his tablet device and turned it on.

He had followed Cole all the way from the estate to the clubhouse where Cole had decided to spend the night. After several hours of watching Cole drink, dance with and rock different girls, he decided to wait in his car until Cole was done and that was how he slept off. He got into his car around 3.30am and he woke up before seven.

The app opened on his phone displayed the new location of the car and Dave drove out of the beer house as fast as he could. He needed to get to the new location quickly, so that he could also go home and prepare to go to the office. It was a Monday morning and he was supposed to resume by 8am.

It took him more than twenty minutes to get to the new location of the car and he was disappointed to find out that the car was only rented out to Cole for the night and it had been returned that morning. He took a look at the location again and realized it was the same address he got when he tried to track him through the phone call the day before. He turned back, feeling disappointed but still with the hope that there was another opportunity for him on the coming Wednesday


‘Take care while I’m away,’ Tarasha said to Cole as he handed over the small briefcase to her. She was dressed corporately, in a black trousers suit, white inner shirt and a navy blue tie, with her face totally disguised, she looked like a black American who was on her way for a business meeting.

‘Alright boss,’ he replied. She gave him a pat on the shoulder before turning away.

He stood and watched until she went past the security clearance gates. He yawned as he turned and proceeded out of the terminal, playing with the car keys in his hand.

As he drove back to the base, he kept thinking of Patricia and their meeting the last night. He had spent his mouth with two girls he met at the club the last night but still couldn’t get Patricia off his mind while he was with them. He couldn’t take her off his mind for a second and even woke up from the one hour rest he had at home with her name on his lips. Now, he was thinking about her again and wishing that he could be with her all day. It began to trouble him, why she occupied his thoughts so much even when he had other things to worry about was becoming a headache to him.



‘Good morning ma’am,’ Lizzy looked up as she heard Dave’s voice. He had just entered into the office and was proceeding towards her and greeting the other occupants of the office. ‘Good morning Lizzy,’ Dave greeted as he sat on the seat behind her table.

‘Good morning Dave,’ she replied and continued to type using her computer keyboard like she was doing before he entered.

‘Hope you slept well?’ Dave asked.

‘Yea, how did it go last night? Did you sleep well too?’ she said, rushing up her typing so she could talk to him.

‘No, I didn’t sleep well at all.’ he replied.

‘Huh?’ she stopped typing to look at his face.

‘Yea, the guy Victor spent the night at the club yesterday and I had to stay with him there.’ Dave replied in low tones, being conscious of the other people in the office and not wanting them to overhear their conversation.

‘But then, were you able to trace him home?’ she also asked in a low voice.

‘No,’ Dave shook his head and smiled in self-pity. ‘That’s the sad story there. I slept off in the car while waiting for him and I didn’t know when he left the place.’

‘You didn’t put a tracker on his car?’

‘I did but the car wasn’t his, he lent it just for the night. I traced it to the rental service he got it from.’

‘Not too good,’ Lizzy shook her head and folded her lips in. ‘But he asked for us to meet again on Wednesday.’

‘Yes, I heard you guys agree.’ Dave replied. He stretched his hand over the table and reached for Lizzy’s palm. ‘Thanks so much, you did a great job yesterday.’

‘You’re welcome,’ she chuckled, squeezing his palm back in response to his. ‘But I think that guy is a dummy,’ she said after releasing his hands. The look on her face showed that she felt disgusted by Cole’s easiness with her.

‘Why do you say he’s a dummy?’ Dave made a serious face. ‘Do you think it’s easy for a guy to resist someone like you? Especially when you make use of your special skills in making them fall.’

Lizzy shook her head, still looking disgusted. ‘He’s an assasin, I thought he would be more hardened and careful.’

‘And who says he’s not hardened or he’s careless? See for example, why did he have to rent a car? Why didn’t he pick of the several cars?’

The look on her face changed from a look of disgust to one of uncertainty. ‘If he’s not soft like I think then he must be playing a trick on us, I was thinking at a point that he suspects me already.’

‘I don’t think so, Lizzy.’ Dave said with much confidence in his tone. ‘I strongly believe the guy is falling for you… Rather he has fallen for you.’

‘Why are you so sure?’ she asked and leaned forward. She took a quick look around, none of her office mates were looking at them. The NIS members of staff were highly disciplined and rarely poked their noses into other agent’s business but she still wanted to make sure none of them knew she was working with Dave on the case.

‘I’m just so sure that no man can resist you.’

‘Come on, stop saying that. I work with several other men who do not even take more than a glance at me.’

‘Maybe because they didn’t have a very good glimpse of you the first time,’ Dave replied, adding a brief smile.

‘Let’s just talk about the way forward,’ Lizzy said, trying to shift the focus of the discussion from her. ‘We can’t make plans here, when then should we…’

‘Hey!’ Dave interrupted. ‘I’m saying the truth about men not being able to resist you. Even I myself find it very difficult. I would have made a move if it isn’t against our job ethics.’

She folded her arms and rested her back against the backrest of the swivel, looking at Dave like he we saying rubbish and she was waiting for him to finish and come back to his senses.

‘It’s true Liz, I didn’t feel too good seeing you with him last night’ Dave said and kept staring back at her quietly. He had wanted to say he didn’t feel good seeing them kiss, but decided not to mention the details in order not to surprise her further.

‘Dave, when and where do we meet to plan our next move?’ she asked, disregarding all his comments about her. Dave always joked and flirted with her which was against the ethics but which most of the staff members were guilty of and she was sure that this was just one of those moments he decided to flirt.

‘You don’t have much to do in the office today and the subject of your present case is presently not in town, am I correct?’

‘Yes, you are. I should be leaving in a couple of minutes.’

‘Okay, can I pick you up by noon? I still need to do somethings in the office.’

‘It’s okay.’

‘Alright, thanks.’ Dave said and got up to leave.

She watched as he walked out of the office and disappeared through the corridor. Not that she had never felt a thing for Dave, she had but she knew there was no point in letting it materialize. Dave, although was the definition of her kind of man, she still believed she could find other men better than he was. She also believed that Dave, like every other NIS agents who knew her work in the Agency and how she goes under different kinds of men to get things done would never be interested in her or other female NIS agent doing the same work for her team.

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‘I’m driving towards your gate now Chief, tell your men to open the gate at the sound of the horn.’ Tarasha said aloud. Her phone was on her lap and the call was placed on loudspeaker. She was driving a Zenvo ST9, a short gun was sitting on the passengers’ seat beside her.

‘Okay, Tarasha.’ The Chief replied and the line went off.

She picked the gun by her side and fixed it into the side of her trousers as she got closer to the gate. A horn at the gate got it opened and she drove in without having to wait.


Chief Gab cleaned his eyes to be sure Tarasha was the person walking towards him. He had stayed at the entrance of the house to wait for her after he got her call and had watched her drive in and park. But as she moved closer to him, who he saw was totally different from the Tarasha he knew.

‘Good morning Chief,’ she greeted as she got to his front.

‘Did Tarasha send you?’ the Chief asked, still staring at her face.

‘I’m here myself,’ she said before realizing from the look on his face that he didn’t recognize her. ‘Can we go in first?’

He nodded and stepped aside for her to enter through the door before following behind. The voice he heard was that of Tarasha’s but the face was different.

‘What room are we using?’ she asked as she got into the main living room.

He took the lead and led her into another sitting room.

‘Tarasha, why do you look so different today? Or are my eyes deceiving me?’ Chief Gab asked without letting them settle in the room first.

Tarasha settled on the three seater sofa and pulled the stool beside it to her front, she placed the brief case on the stool and opened it. She took out a white handkerchief and a transparent bottle filled with a yellowish liquid, she poured some drops of the liquid on the handkerchief and used it to wipe her face.

‘No more unhelpful questions, can we get straight to business?’ she said, still cleaning the different edges on her face.

‘Okay,’ the Chief replied, still a bit jittery but was now sure it was her. He took out a small box hidden behind the one seater opposite her and took it closer to her, less than three metres from her. He dragged the center table to the same place and then placed the box on it. Then he punched in the lock code of the box and it opened. The box was filled to the brim with different kind of things, the combination of things there looked very strange though they were neatly arrange.

‘So what do we start with?’ she asked, moving closer to have a proper view of the contents.

‘Let’s start with the documents, I made photocopies of all you need.’ Chief Gab said as he brought out a file and handed it to her.

She opened it and began to check the papers in it one after the other.

‘These copies are not so clear,’ she said after getting midway.

‘But they are readable, aren’t they?’

‘Yes, they are but where are the original copies? I think I would need clearer copies.’

‘The original document are also here but are faded and dirty,’ he said, searching for something else among the files in the box. He pulled out a very old flat file from beneath and handed it to her. She opened and began to compare with the photocopies. The papers in the old file were also old and had began to decay at the tips.

‘I think the photocopies are clearer ,’ she finally agreed with him. She placed a knee on the ground and placed the two files on the empty side of the table, she began to compare each document to confirm that there had been no alteration in the new copies. It took her a total of four minutes to finish with the confirmation. She returned the old file to the man and rose to her feet. ‘Don’t you think these documents will implicate you too?’

‘I’ve spent years in prison for these crimes already and I’ve also paid with my properties and reputation.’

‘So why didn’t you present these documents a long time ago?’

‘Present them to who?’

‘To the police or whoever was processing the case?’

‘I had to face accusations from several agencies including from the then NDLEA and EFCC but Chief Elvis’ party was in power then and he was connected to so many of those in these agencies, they would have found a way to cover him up because he also keeps a lot of their own secrets.’

‘Well, I think he’s about to face this accusations now.’ Tarasha said as she walked back to the seat and placed the file on her briefcase.

‘Tarasha,’ Chief Gab called in a soft voice.

‘Yea,’ she raised her brow.

‘I want the Vice President dead, not taken to court or accused of these crimes.’

‘You don’t want him dead as much as I do. What if his secrets are exposed and he dies also?’

‘I don’t care if his secrets are exposed, he has enough power to turn things to his favour, all I want is his last breath.’

‘Well, I don’t care to expose his secrets or disgrace him for your sake. He’s going to die but all these evidences will be used to pull him closer to his death.’ She said as she walked back to the box. ‘What else can I get from here?’ she asked, now looking into the box.

‘I’m taking out what I need to take out already,’ he replied her. He took out another file and placed it on the old file which she had returned to him. He handed a neater file from the box. ‘Those are the new copies of the documents here,’ he said placing his finger on the old file he placed on the ground.

‘What are these documents all about?’ she asked as she opened the file and began to go through it.

‘Those ones are just extras you may need, they’re proofs of some monies gotten from the shipping and sales of drugs years ago. They could get me implicated again though.’

‘Then, I probably shouldn’t use them.’ she said, closing back the file to return it.

‘They also contain agreements with some Doctors, Pharmacists, retired officials of the NDLEA and NAFDAC.’

‘Some Doctors and Pharmacists?’ she asked with her brows raised, holding back the file.

‘Yes, you seem to take special interest in Dr Danjuma and his wife and that’s why I’m giving them to you.’

‘Alright.’ she said and took the file to her briefcase. ‘Tell me, what else do you know about the Danjumas?’

‘The Danjumas? I know nothing else about them except that they are doctors which have special records, Danjuma himself once submitted a research on wildlife and their similarities to humans in response to a particular stimulus while his wife Lydia worked with a team of Pharmacists to manufacture the cure for an epidemic.’

‘You know nothing else?’

‘Nothing else.’

‘What happened to their kids after the doctors were killed?’

‘I don’t have an idea. Elvis told me then that the plan was to wipe every one of them out, but I don’t know what they eventually did to them.’

‘Okay.’ Tarasha said and moved her gaze to the box. ‘What other things would be useful for me in there?’

‘You can now go with the whole box, they contain bottles and packs of some of the drugs, Chief Nonso recovered them years ago from Onwuli’s house after his death.’

‘Okay,’ she squatted again to look into the box.

‘Tarasha, why are you so interested in Dr Danjuma’s family?’ Chief Gab asked. The tone he used made it obvious he had kept the question in his mind for a long time.

She looked up at his face in silence for a while and then slowly got up. ‘Their case is one which can incite public sympathy, if it is presented together with these other proofs, we could inspire anger in the hearts of the masses and keep the Vice President under pressure. That could distract him and hasten his death which might not be taken grievous like it should by the public.’

‘That’s true. But there’s really no proof for his hands in the death of the doctors,’ Chief Gab said, looking up thoughtfully. He bent down and began to search through the files and documents he had removed for himself from the box. He took out a torn book whose size was lesser than an A4 sized paper. ‘This book is torn and incomplete, a part of it which isn’t here contains some documentation about Dr Danjuma and Dr Lydia.’

Tarasha collected the book being handed to her and looked keenly at it, it was a part of the book she got from the Senate President’s house; the one she read and she found how her parent’s death were planned.

‘Where can I find the other parts of the book?’ she asked, being sure that there had to be some other parts because the portion in her hand could not complete the one she had with her before. They had about fifty pages difference between them.

‘I think the Vice President has one and then the late Senate President, I’m not really sure of how many parts it was divided into.’

‘But the documents you gave to me, what do they contain?’

‘Those documents only contains the legal agreements and signatures which will prove that certain events occurred. But the events which occured can only be found in the other parts of this book,’ Chief Gab replied, pointing to the book in her hand as he mentioned the last word.

Tarasha stared up thoughtfully for a moment, then she kept her gaze on his face. ‘Were you not a part of the group?’

‘Yes, I was.’

‘So why should I need a book to retell the events when I have a living witness.’

‘Oh,’ Chief Gab let out his deep breath with his shoulders dropping. He didn’t expect that she would turn it around and wasn’t willing to tell her the stories with his mouth. ‘They’re somethings I would never say to you, I’m too ashamed to say them. But I’m sure you can find out so much in the book.’

‘I don’t need you to say much, I only need you to tell me what else I need to know about the Danjumas.’

‘I’ve told you already. There’s nothing else I know about the Danjumas’ private life or our involvement with them but there was a senior Doctor who carried out what we expected from Danjuma.’

Tarasha widened her eyes as she heard his last statement, ‘Is he still alive?’

‘Yes, he is alive.’

There was a sudden note of victory in her mind. If the senior Doctor was alive, it was all she needed to get the Vice President without struggles. She was a hundred percent sure it would work beautifully and that it could not be stopped by whatever the Vice President tries or even Rex.

But the enemies also had a plan to distract her, something else was coming her way.

To be continued