Tarasha Season 2 Episode 85


‘No,’ Dave shook his head.

‘No? I thought they should be the first you would have reached.’

‘No, not yet sir.’

‘Not yet, when?’

‘Very soon.’

‘Very soon, what do you mean by very soon?’ the man narrowed his look. ‘How can you be attacked and you are saying you’ve not reported, and you are not even ready to report?’

‘Sir, it’s strictly for personal reasons.’

‘For personal reasons?’ Mr Sylvester narrowed his eyes, he now had more reasons not to believe Dave .

‘Yes, I can’t let it out for now.’

‘Dave,’ the man called softly. ‘Except you’re able to prove your claim, you might have to face the punishments attached to being absent from the office for so long without permission.’

‘Sir, I know the corporation has it’s rules and regulations but I’m not here to continue.’ Dave said. He rose up slightly and took something out, he sat back as he placed the envelope on the table. ‘I have come to tender my resignation letter.’

Mr Sylvester’s eyes widened in surprise, a resignation letter was what he least expected from Dave. ‘You must be joking,’ he said, pushing back the letter to Dave.

‘I’m sorry sir, I just can’t continue this job. My life is being threatened,’ Dave said, shaking his head as he let out a breath.

‘No, we have a strong policy here and you have to follow it.’

‘But sir, how can I continue when my life is in danger?’

‘What do you mean by saying your life is in danger? Did the NSCC send the men to beat you up?’ Mr Sylvester shouted. Though he was angry and wanted badly for Dave to be queried for his sudden absence for days, he wasn’t ready to lose another competent employee and he began to accept the fact slowly in his mind, he now regretted sending the text to Inspector Dakolo instead of protecting Dave.

Dave shook his head again and swallowed in. It was obvious to Mr Sylvester that he was hiding something and was desperate to keep it to himself.

‘Tell me, those men that attacked you, do they have any connection with the NSCC?’ the man asked again but Dave was silent.

Mr Sylvester’s phone vibrated on the table and he swiped it open with the tip of a finger, there was a pop-up message on the screen from Officer Dakolo. It read, ‘Just keep him there, I’ll be in your office in five minutes time.’


He kept glancing out through the window from time to time for signs of the EasyShoppers vehicle and would take a look at his wristwatch after every glance outside. The EasyShoppers delivery guys were over ten minutes late already and that wasn’t the EasyShoppers he knew, they always arrived on time and were never late for delivery. He was about to pick his phone to call and inform Tarasha about their lateness when he saw the EasyShoppers minivan driving towards the parking space from the road.

He quickly turned the rearview mirror to face and took a quick look at the reflection. He took out a handkerchief from his side to clean his face again. Tarasha had instructed for him to clean off the makeups after acquiring the car she sent him to, she had asked him to run more errands that’ll cause the makeups to fade off gradually and disfigure the look on his face.

The van got into the parking space a minute later and halted right beside his car. He got out before the engine of the van was switched off and waited for the delivery man or woman at the front of his car.

Someone came out from the driver’s side, a young woman. She locked the door and took some steps towards the back to check the other doors. She had a stunning look and elegant walking steps. Cole observed her from the second she placed the first leg outside, she had on the EasyShoppers customized top but a short skirt which stopped above the knee contrary to the EasyShoppers mode of dressing which included the women also putting on trousers. The EasyShoppers customized top was a round necked collared short sleeve shirt with only three buttons at the top, it had their logo at the belly side and their motto written under it.

Before Cole knew it, a gorgeous lady was standing right in front of him. He wouldn’t have been so carried away by her presence but the fragrance and concentration of her perfume was enough to sweep one away.

‘Good afternoon sir, I’m Patricia.’ the lady greeted the stunned Cole.

‘Good afternoon ma’am,’ he greeted back and shook his head gently and briefly, deciding to shake her off his mind immediately.

‘I’m sorry for coming late, I’m new to this job and it took me sometime to locate this place.’ she apologized with a kind smile.

Cole nodded and smiled back in acceptance of her apology. He looked away from her face as she was staring into his eyes in a way that made him not too comfortable.

She looked away also, realizing the impact she had on him. It was her first time of delivering goods to anyone and she wasn’t too sure if it was right to stare at the receiver’s face like she did. But he wasn’t just a receiver but a very handsome one.

‘I hope you won’t rate our service by this performance,’ she added, glancing at his face again.

‘No, of course not.’ he smiled back. ‘So how do we do it?’ he asked, looking around the car to see if she came with a man who would help with transferring the supply into the car he brought.

‘I was asked to give you an invoice and also explain somethings about our previous transactions to you. Our policies regarding our delivery and types of goods have also changed and I was asked to brief you about the changes, it will only take some few minutes,’ she said before she turned back towards the car. She opened the door to the driver’s side and bent in to pick something from the middle of the seats. Her backside was turned towards Cole and he could see the smooth curves formed in her tight black skirt. He drew in a deep breath and looked away, he could not but admit that she was richly endowed at the backside even though she wasn’t fat.

‘Didn’t you come with any man who can start moving the foodstuffs into my vehicle while you explain what you’re supposed to?’ he said, still struggling to keep his eyes off the sight before him.

‘I didn’t come with any,’ she finally rose out with a small bag and turned to him. She brought out a book from it, ‘That’s part of the details I’m supposed to brief you about. The delivery officials would stop coming with people to help in the carrying of the goods anymore except it is paid for.’

‘Oh, I see…’ Cole hummed with his mouth ajar. His eyes wandered to the top of her shirt and two of the three buttons were now opened, he could see drops of sweats and a tiny necklace around her neck. He looked up and realized that they had been standing under the scorching sun, the only reason he hadn’t felt it too much was the cooling effect of the car Air conditioner on his body which was now vanishing and his body beginning to feel the impact of the sun. ‘Can we sit in my car while you explain to me,’ he offered, looking into her eyes once again.

‘Yes, I was about to suggest that.’ she gladly accepted.

‘Okay.’ Cole quickly walked to the driver’s side and got into the car. He opened the door to the passengers’ side for her to get in.

‘Thank you,’ she said as settled in. Her short tight skirt stopped halfway her thigh as she sat, revealing too much for Cole to see. She began to explain immediately, ignoring the fact that Cole’s eyes were prying her laps. ‘So this contains records of all your transactions with us,’ she said as she opened the book to show him.

Cole took a brief glance at the opened book but his eyes did not stay there, it kept scanning up and down her revealed thighs. He could feel a rush in his blood and something rising under his trousers. He closed his laps together to prevent the bulge he could see forming slowly. She kept talking but his mind was far away, he wondered why many companies uses ladies as marketers and even the sex appeal strategy in their marketing and adverts. He was angry about the situation but there was nothing he could do about it, the marketing strategy had an effect on him and it was taking over his senses. This lady beside him was damn sexy, one of the sexiest he had ever met.

‘Hope you understand,’ she stopped talking and stared at his face. She closed the book, putting a finger in between to avoid losing the page.

‘Oh Yes,’ Cole nodded even though he couldn’t recall a word out of all she said.

‘Okay,’ she opened the book again to continue. She adjusted her seating position and crossed her legs. Cole twitched uncomfortable at the new sight of the view. His body trembled and he adjusted his legs.

She continued to speak and this time he tried hard to listen and began to hear some of what she was saying.

‘We also have a new mobile app,’ she said and took her tablet device from her lap, putting the book in the position she took the device from. ‘It’s very easy to use,’ she said and leaned closer to him.

Cole could not concentrate anymore. He could feel her breast pressing hard against his shoulder and the scent of her perfume filled his nose, making him want to have a quick exploration of her body at that moment. His eyes wandered away from the phone to the tiny necklace around her neck. He tried to look in through the opened buttons but couldn’t see much except for the top of the twins. His eyes then wandered to her face and remained there while she continued with her navigation on the mobile app.

‘Sir, sir!’ Cole suddenly heard her calling. She was still leaning towards him and now looking directly at his face. ‘You’re not listening,’ she complained.

Cole’s heart throbbed at the echo of her voice in his mind and the movement of her lips. The pink lips were as sexy as her body was. He felt like taking her lips in his and engaging her in a deep kiss but he feared what could be the result, he could be accused of assault and would that way cause unnecessary problems for himself and his boss.

His eyes were searching deep into hers and hers was too. Both of them remained that way in silence for close to a minute. Then something happened which Cole could not explain, her lips had brushed his softly, he knew for sure that he didn’t initiate it. In a twinkling of an eye, her mouth had covered his. He could feel the softness of her lips. He wrapped his hand around her body and pulled her closer to himself, enjoying her expertise in the kissing game.

She broke away after a minute and both of them stared into each other’s eyes for a couple of seconds. Then she climbed over him, placing her knees by either sides of his seat. Her mouth met his again as she ran her fingers into his shirt, taking off the buttons from the middle.

Cole responded to her every touch and move, temporarily forgetting that he was on an assignment. His hand reached for the switch in the middle and he placed a finger on it to adjust the power seat. His finger remained there until the backrest got to a comfortable level for the action that was about to happen.

He allowed her take off his shirt completely disregarding the fact that they were in a public environment. The window glasses of the car were tinted so he had nothing much to worry about. Her fingers ran under his singlet and she dragged it up, a brief smile formed on her lips as she saw his well formed abs. She reached for his abdomen with her lips while his hands ran up her thighs.

Someone’s phone began to ring but none of them responded at first, until it rang the second time. Cole suddenly recognized the tone as the customized ringing tone he saved for Tarasha. He quickly held Patricia’s hands and stopped her from taking off his belt which she was about doing. He set up and picked his phone with her still on his laps, he confirmed that the caller was Tarasha as he looked at the screen.

‘Hello boss,’ he said, releasing a deep breath as he gestured with his fingers for Patricia to move back to the other seat.

‘Cole, where are you now?’ Tarasha’s voice sounded loud from the other end. Cole finger quickly found the volume button and he reduced it.

‘Still with the EasyShoppers delivery woman, she had some issues and came a bit late.’ he said and flashed a look at Patricia. She frowned at him for telling his boss that she came late when he had earlier promised not to judge by her performance. ‘She also said she needed to explain somethings about their changed terms and conditions and that’s what she’s doing right now.’

‘Cole, is everything alright?’ she asked, sensing that something was wrong with the way he was breathing in and out.

‘Yes boss, there’s nothing. We’re done already, what’s left is to move the goods into the car.’ he replied.

‘But why are you sounding like…like you just had a duel with somebody?’

‘No boss,’ Cole said and chuckled in an attempt to convince her. ‘There’s nothing like that.’

‘Then hurry up, remember that you have very limited time and you have some other things to do.’

‘Okay boss,’ Cole replied. The call ended and Cole locked his phone instantly. He closed his eyes to take in a breath, then he placed his palms on his lips and exhaled from his mouth. He opened his eyes again and turned to Patricia. She was staring at him, her shirt and her skirt ruffled a bit. Her thighs were more exposed than they were before and she was sitting with her legs turned towards him but he had no time to waste. He looked away and searched for his shirt. The rush of hormones in his body had reduced and his attention had gone down. He began to wonder why he couldn’t resist her as he put back on his shirt. She didn’t need him to tell her anything before she sat right and also started to straighten her top and skirt.

‘So do you have any questions about the things I explained to you?’

He flashed a quick look at her as he buttoned his shirt, ‘No.’

‘Okay then, I think you can now start to move the goods into your car.’ she said to him.

‘Move them into my car?’ Cole stared at her.

‘Yes, I explained to you already that you have to request for that and you’ll be charged separately and you already agreed that we should add it to the charges from next month.’ she replied him and then opened the door.

‘I agreed?’

‘Yes,’ she turned to give him a look.

‘It’s okay,’ he said and also opened the door to his side. Both of them stepped out simultaneously.

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The thin yellow line continued to spread on the map until it got to a certain point and stopped. A small blinking green circle formed at the point indicating that her tracked object was in that location. Tarasha zoomed the map to read the address of the location, she right clicked and copied the text.

Cole’s response had gotten her suspicious, he sounded like someone who had done something hectic when he spoke to her and the explanation he had given her was not convincing enough. She at first thought that he had been caught by the enemies and was being forced to give her those answers like he did. She didn’t know what to do about it at first, she did not place a tracker on his body before he left. But she remembered almost immediately that she could be able to track his location using the IMEI of his phone and decided to do just that. It took her about eight minutes to locate the place the phone’s IMEI was stored and began to track it since then.

She minimized the tracker app and opened the NSCC application. It took some seconds to finish loading, she logged in and input the address details she got from the tracker app to locate and connect to the source of cameras in that area.

After a couple of minutes, her request was processed and a DVD selection page displayed, showing the various views from the different cameras on the streets. She selected one in which she could see a car which looked like the one she sent Cole to get. It expanded where the car was when shown from the front. She continued to switch until she got to one which showed Cole and a lady putting the EasyShoppers top. Cole was seen closing the boot of the car. Then the EasyShoppers woman passed a book and a pen to him and waited while he signed on it.

Tarasha minimized the app. With all she could see, everything was going on perfectly well and there was no cause for alarm.


20 minutes earlier (During Cole’s exploration with the delivery woman)

Dave was not surprised when he heard a knock on Mr Sylvester’s door and the man asked for the person to come in. He was already tired of going back and forth on why he wasn’t going to tell the man the reason he was attacked as stated by the attackers and was waiting for Dakolo to show up, so the knock was a relief to him.

He didn’t look back immediately until the man almost got to his seat. He quickly looked back and feigned surprise. Dakolo stared straight into his eyes intimidatingly. Dave turned back and shot Mr Sylvester a quick look of a betrayal feeling, like to ask why the man had summoned the police on him.

‘Good afternoon Mr Sylvester,’ Agent Dakolo greeted.

‘Good afternoon sir,’ Mr Sylvester said and turned back to Dave. ‘Agent Dakolo was here to see you earlier today and he’s back again for you,’ he said to Dave and looked back to the Inspector.

‘Yes, Dave.’ Dakolo said as Dave turned to look at him. ‘Both of us have got things to discuss, don’t you think so?’

Dave was silent.

To be continued