Tarasha Season 2 Episode 8

‘Incompetence of the highest order is what you have shown by this,’ The Inspector General barked. ‘Your carelessness and inefficiency has put the security of the whole nation in jeopardy.’ He continued. Dakolo was standing with his head bowed right in front of the table. Agent Tim was standing by the side quietly.
The Inspector General remained in a silence for a short while, going through a paper on his table. He looked up again and directed his gaze to Agent Tim, ‘Has the mode of escape been detected?’ He asked.
‘Yes sir, they took the outer escape. The one for emergency. It all happened because of their closeness to the place,’ Agent Tim replied, trying to shift the blame to Dakolo again. ‘I think they also forced out some information from the Chief warder.

The Inspector General took back his gaze to Agent Dakolo and stared at him thinly for seconds, ‘Should I consider this as carelessness or assume that you work with the Samantha Osman gang?’ He barked.

Agent Dakolo was too ashamed to raise his head, he felt so foolish of himself. He never imagined that he could be easily deceived and defeated, she had done it so easily and quickly ensuring that he couldn’t even make a counter move.

‘I give you a twenty four hours to give me a positive feedback, else you won’t like what would happen to you.’ the Inspector General threatened. ‘Now get out of my office.’
Dakolo saluted and turned quietly, he flashed a look at Agent Tim before walking out of the office.

‘How is the Chief Security Warder’s health now?’ The Inspector General asked Agent Tim after Dakolo had gone out. The warder had been found dumped outside his house gate the night of the prison escape.

‘He’s better but he still does not remember anything that happened,’ Agent Tim replied.

‘Okay, then you guys should keep tabs on him.’

‘Yes sir.’

‘You can leave now,’ Chief Rikau said and rolled his swivel playfully. Agent Tim saluted and walked out.
Chief Rikau was left with his thoughts, if Samantha Osman could be so bold to go take someone in the maximum security prison which was well guarded, it meant he had to double his own guards and security to ensure his safety.


Dakolo slipped into the driver’s side hastily, he heaved a sigh as he entered. His face met with Angela’s picture, a brief smile appeared on his face. He wondered why he was even rushing, he had been given twenty four hours by the IG and he didn’t have a clue of where to start from but he just knew something had to be done. He couldn’t just fail after his sacrifice of leaving Angela and his lovely kids behind. The thought added to his strength, even if he couldn’t meet the twenty four hours deadline, he was going to make sure he hands over Samantha Osman the law.
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Henry kept staring around as Tarasha led him into the forest. Several thoughts had been running through his mind since she parked by the bush side but he refused to believe the worst. They finally got to a large area mainly populated by low grasses, there were evidences around that the place had just been cultivated; remains of burnt leaves, and stumps could be seen at the other end of the place. There was a tree at the middle of the land. Tarasha took a two minutes pause to have a broad view of the field before stepping on the grasses.
Henry followed behind slowly, ‘Where are we heading to?’ He asked.
‘He’s at the back of the tree,’ Tarasha halted and said, pointing Henry to behind the tree.
‘Who? Uncle Jeffery?’ Henry asked, standing beside Omotara. The tree was still about ten metres ahead.
‘You should go closer,’ Omotara said and gave him an assuring look.

Henry’s steps were slow and heavy as he proceeded forward, leaving Omotara at the same spot he met her.

‘Uncle Jeffery,’ Henry called repeatedly in soft tones as he approached the tree, hoping he’ll hear a miraculous reply but the only replies he got was Jefa’s voice sounding in his head. He was just five metres closer when he noticed clearly the unique bed of sand. The sight sent cold shrills down his spine as he halted, he closed his eyes briefly and drew in a deep breath, tears escaped his eyes.

‘I brought him here myself,’ Omotara said, approaching him slowly. I buried the last surviving member of my family myself.’ She got beside him and glanced at his teary eyes, she twitched her lips and let out an involuntary chuckle.
‘How did he die?’ Henry asked, sniffing in tears, he began to move closer to the grave slowly. ‘Who killed him?’ Henry quickly rephrased his question, remembering that she had mentioned about someone killing him.

‘He was killed by the same man who killed my parents and destroyed our family,’ Omotara replied in a cold voice, proceeding towards the grave too but at a slower pace.
Henry was already in front of the huge heap of sand, squatting as he fondled the upper layer of the sand. ‘And who is that person?’ Henry turned his head to Omotara who was now standing closer and leaning on the tree. His voice sounded determined and ready for revenge.
‘The Inspector General Of Police,’ Omotara answered. ‘He killed him with his group.’
‘Who are the other members of the group?’

‘I only know one of them but he really doesn’t matter, he’s a poor specimen.’
There was a brief silence between the duo. Henry rubbed his hands on the top soil and mumbled some words passionately as if he was talking to Jefa directly.

Memories of the times he spent with the man flashed back through his mind, he recalled as the man communicated the painful death of his parents, he could still feel the pain as the voice rang in his memory, as strong as he felt it that day.

He recalled Jefa’s struggle to reunite with Omotara and how the man finally succeeded, Jefa had always mentioned to him his heart desire to be happy with someone who was a member of his family and that he found fulfilled in Omotara.

Jefa had also shown his selfless love just during the brief moments they spent together. Now the same man was lying feets under the ground level, lifeless and unable to love anymore. Jefa did not deserve to die like that and who ever killed him also deserved a painful death.

Henry rose up shakily with some quantity of sand still in his hands, he sniffed in and moved back a little to spit out.
‘They all deserve to be punished and they will be punished,’ Henry mumbled to himself but was still loud enough for Omotara to hear.

To be continued